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  1. Post copied from the geocaching Australia forum Australian Forum These coins will only be offered to Australians in the first run, but I would like to find out any interest if I was to make a version in a different metal for overseas. ADAcache
  2. I can vouch for coins for anything as I have had 2 runs of the same coin made and the speed and quality are great (Even if they have to be shipped to overseas addresses)
  3. Mabey a quick post to the country sites would add to the international feel of the league. I had the link added to the Aussie site and that is why it has produced a few members from there. Without doing some research I know that belgium has an active site, but my flemish is terrible.
  4. I just joined up on the frappr page, Lets we how long it takes for the first cry for help
  5. Sign me up in the Canberra, Australia area. There is a smallish community but most of us are active bug placers, and to lose one isn't very nice.
  6. Thanks for that. I will try again later
  7. I would take a few if they get made. I have just gone through the process of getting military challenge coins made so if you need any advice on how to proceed let me know. My preference would be for trackable aussie coins through GC
  8. I have been trying to get into the forum.geocaching.com.au but the page currently doesn't exist. is it just from overseas or is it in Aus as well.
  9. I am currently in a location that has several large palaces and would like to see a waymark for palaces everywhere
  10. Thanks for the reply. I will check out the other forum
  11. I am planning a holiday in Bruges in November this year, and would appreciate any assistance in avoiding local pitfalls. I am planning to spend about 12 days based out of the Bahaus Hostel and wondered how accessable caching is if I hire a bike. Also perhaps a general list of must do caches given the time limit. Thanks in advance ADAcache Caching for Fun
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