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  1. Thanks a lot for this information! I removed the coordinates now. Good to know, how the cartridge save works! Thanks and regards Krümelbrot
  2. Hi, yesterday someone tried my cartridge, but aborted. Later on, he had a look at the GWS File. At the end of my Wherigo, I show some coordinates of the bonus cache in a dialog. This dialog can't appear at the beginning or something. The final zone containing this dialog is invisible and inactive. The GWL file confirms: He never entered the final zone. Why is the GWS File containing ALL informations about the zones? Perhaps there's something wrong with my cartridge? I can reproduce this behaviour in the builder... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! Krümelbrot
  3. Does anyone know if they was fixed in 2.7? We just checked and it has not been fixed. Thanks! J2B2 Is this bux fixed already? I tested the multiple choice buttons with oregon 550. There it works. But what about colorado devices? Any experiences? Regards Krümelbrot
  4. Hi, how do I prevent cartridges to be played in the emulator and not in the real world? I know: I can ask ingame for some questions which can just be answered, if you are at the location. But if I don't have such questions: Is there any option I can use to prevent the cartridge to be played and finished in the emulator? Thanks and regards Krümelbrot
  5. Hi Ranger, thanks, that worked for me. I figured out, that all detail parameters of the cartridge are not updated, if I upload it again, e.g. the cartridge name, description, start location, etc. are not written again after I uploaded it again. Perhaps a bug? Or just works as designed...?!? BTW: Why do I have the option to set a version number, if the application is doing that for me? I set version to 1.2, but at the Wherigo page its set to 1.5! Thanks and regards Kruemelbrot
  6. Hi, I published my first Wherigo but noticed a bug. So I fixed it and want to upload it again via the builder. If I publish the cartridge again, I get a "success" feedback, but if I have a look at "Cartridges You've Created", I see my old one, but not the correct version. I tried several things: Modify cartridge name, delete all fields, modify start coordinates....nothing helped! The old cartridge is still there and the new doesn't appear. What's going wrong??? Regards Kruemel
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