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  1. Hallo zusammen, bin grade dabei zwei neue Caches publishen zu lassen. Den ersten habe ich grad problemlos erstellen und submitten können. Bei meinem Multi komm ich aber beim Erstellungs-Formular nicht über Schritt 5 mit der Cache Größe hinweg. Ich bekomme ständig die Fehlermeldung: "Please correct the following issues: •Please provide a valid Cache Container Size" und das, obwohl ich natürlich eine Größe angegeben habe. Hattet ihr dieses Problem auch schon einmal? Woran könnte das liegen? Liebe Grüße, Fjordi-Lisa
  2. Hi there, I am Fjordi from Austria and I will be living in the Waynesboro area from February - July. I have already noticed that there are lots of caches to look for and I can't wait to start on my first tour. But nevertheless it would be nice to meet some cachers from that area So maybe some of you are living around Waynesboro? Happy hunting, Fjordi
  3. It is for sure a great experience to meet a bear, but I am so glad, that the most dangerous animal in our woods ist maybe a tick It would scare the s*** out of me, when I met a bear...
  4. Wie gesagt, dass ist für mich die Grundvoraussetzung So hab ich das mit mir selber vereinbart - wie das jemand anderer handhabt, ist mir eigentlich egal
  5. Finds: - Austria - Germany - Italy - France - Turkey - Belgium - Netherlands 12 in total No hides so far
  6. I have only cached during night once. It was after an event and we were about 10 people. It was great fun (not only because I found the cache ) In the last few months nightcaches became really popular and there is one not far from where I live. I would love to try it, but definitely not alone But I can imagine, that it is a really exciting and creepy experience (as long as it is not prohibited).
  7. Und nachdem es ja nur Guidelines sind, muss es jeder für sich entscheiden Ich habe ebenfalls bei einer worldwide Challenge ein Foto gepostet, das ich vor zwei Jahren bei unserem ersten Cache in der Nähe unseres Zuhauses gemacht habe. Für mich ist die Grundvoraussetzung, dass ich das Foto im Rahmen von geocaching gemacht habe, und nicht in meiner Zeit als Muggel. Das Foto ist aber so toll, dass ich mir ziemlich sicher bin, in nächster Zeit niemals mehr so ein Motiv vor die Linse zu bekommen. Ich könnte auch einige Virtuals (unter anderem im Disneyworld) loggen, aber zu dieser Zeit war ich noch kein Geocacher, somit wird erst geloggt, wenn ich auch wirklich bewusst dort war.
  8. When I view a cache page now, I see the date, but the avatars have disappeared? At least I can only see the "sad smiley" like, nobody has chosen an avatar...
  9. Oh, they are both sooo cute! I wish you a lot of fun with your new team member! That is our JRT, who joined us in January
  10. I do not have a Jack Russell Coin, but I purchased a small "track me" coin, which is now attached to the collar of our Jack Russell "Idefix" LINK What about a simple TB with a toy dog attached? And then you could put the story of your dog onto the TB's page? I am sorry for your loss...
  11. Got a good chuckle out of this: The Driver--had it easy. The Stamp--"Hold it still so I can hit it." The Hat--Did all the work! I can't imagine he kept that pace up. Thanks for posting--got my morning off to a good start. *lol* That made my day THANK YOU for sharing it! I would love to try it - but I might get bored after 50 caches or so. But who knows... maybe I will find myself in the very same situation, when we travel to the USA in August 2012 (seems to me, that we might have the chance to hit the Route 66 powertrail... )
  12. I can recommend: PAMUKKALE in Turkey We have been there during our holiday in January.
  13. Wow, I just read your post and your story really gives me goose bumps. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. That's one of the moments when geocaching becomes even more than just a hobby.
  14. I have experienced that with a mystery cache, which held a TB called "no TB left". The clue was to spot that. Once you clicked onto the TB, you could get the coordinates from its listing. So why not?
  15. I am glad, that I do not own a travel tag for myself - I really do not want to know, how many miles and fuel I spent for caching But since January, at least our dog is trackable.
  16. I have found 307 caches since May 2009 - so it is clearly not about the numbers, when we go caching. But nevertheless I have logged 3 caches, where I didn't find the whole cache + logbook. - a part of the canister attached to a tree, which had been felled - the lid of the cache hanging from a small bridge - the cache was visible in the water below - a broken box and a logbook on the ground (the cache had been archived some days before, which I hadn't realized) --> btw: I signed the logbook According to our local reviewer there are three aspects for a cache: location, location and location And that's what I want from caching as well. So when I find the box damaged, only a part, the lid or the logbook and the owner gives permission, I log the cache as a found. Only if I do not find anything, I log a DNF. It is not my fault (and in most cases not the owner's fault), when the cache is damaged or partly missing. The owner wants to show a special location by hiding a cache there, at least, that's what I expect, when I go for a cache or hide one. But I definitely won't visit a location, not even look for the cache and post a "hey, didn't find the cache, but log it because I have been there".
  17. @Never Summer I absolutely agree with you! If I lived in an area with high caching activity, I might think about placing a PMO Cache as well.
  18. So let me get this straight: after everything you experienced on your first visit...not only did you return, but you brought a friend with you? Not going caching with you any time soon! No. My friend doesn't live in the area and comes for a visit every couple of weeks. She was missing some other caches next to those anyway and she wanted to see the location herself and have a look, if she could find the cache. I stayed in the car and waited for her ro return. I warned her, I did not look for the cache again and in the end she posted a DNF too. But as we were driving in the same car (in hers, btw) I had no other chance than going with her again
  19. Just some weeks ago, I went for a FTF together with a friend. We searched for about 30 minutes and stopped, because the location was simply disgusting: under a bride (spider webs and mould everywhere), somebody had used this place as a toilet, there were smelly animal bones around and when we took a look into a plastic bucket, we nearly throw up when we lifted the lid (who puts a bucket with fecals in the middle of the wood?? ) We logged a DNF and wrote into the log, that this was a "did not want to find - Cache" - and that the location was simply digusting. There are so many nice and wonderful places around here, and nobody needs another strange container under a bridge. I returned a second time with another friend. She couldn't and didn't want to find the cache either. She logged that as well - honest but friendly.
  20. It is clear, that you are disappointed, because your cache has not been approved. But honestly: I suffered from cancer last year (at the age of 21...) and I would not want to answer such questions about cancer. Such a cache would really scare me off - and that is not what I expect from my hobby. Of course, that is my personal situation and my feelings in my special situation about it, but I think I am not the only one with this opinion...? Why don't you create a TB with the mission to raise cancer awareness? That would be a great message!
  21. Pamukkale - Turkey "The Tree" GC2BVRN (can you see my boyfriend? ) I reall like this one
  22. Geocaching in Venice: GC1DC7X
  23. Ok If you like any of them, just send me an E-Mail on fjordi@aon.at and I will send the pics back in their original size. GC13XV7 Our own cache GC20JB8 GC21VKK
  24. About 2 weeks ago, I went on a short caching trip with a friend of mine. Just some "cleaning up" in our neighborhood. We went for a cache, which my friend had already found last year. I didn't have a look at the listing and didn't print a sheet. We looked for the cache, she gave me tips where it had been, when she last found it, but we didn't succeed. I decided, that I would log a DNF and a Needs Maintenance Log. On our way back I found the logbook in the grass. Only 15m away from the huge tree, where the cache should have been. I took the logbook home, uploaded a photo of it to my DNF log and asked the CO, if I may log the cache (in the meantime it had already been archived, because there had been many DNF before). I didn't receive an answer so far and that's why I didn't log it as a found - even though I still have the logbook at home
  25. So according to you, only PM are reliable? I don't know how the situation in your areas is, but I have met a lot more cacher without a PM who are much more careful than some other cachers with a PM.
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