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  1. When you hide caches, you will of course want to get notified when anyone finds them. Otherwise there is no reason to hide a cache, and you should not do so. There may also be issues with your caches that you ought to know about, and these few email notifications are worth it. I wouldn't be without them.
  2. We found two, Sherpanalle and I. Well, Sherpanalle actually found three, a mystery I did find a couple of days ago, she found today while I was logging on my iPhone. We too celebrate Christmas at Christmas eve, so Christmas day is a very quiet day in Norway. We live 500 kms north of the polar circle, and have no sun these days. That means short hours to go geocaching. We also had one DNF because of the snow and lack of light.
  3. There is one problem that might be bigger for you than these minor technical issues: Many european geocachers write their cache descriptions, hints and logs in their native language only. Esp. multis and mysterys can be a bit more difficult to find, than originally intended.
  4. Well, of course I would never immerse the iphone in water, but it keeps my iphone dry and healthy long enough to use it in light rain and snowy weather. In heavy rain I prefer not to be outside, nor my phone. When I am out geocaching, I prefer to keep my iphone in that case, well enough protected to not stop functioning if it starts raining while I'm out. So my opinion is: Better with the Otterbox than without
  5. I have to agree with lee_rimar, and can't simply believe the young lady's story. It isn't possible to simply break an iphone just like that. First of all: the iphone isn't stuck in a piece of plastic in the box in a way that makes it difficult to get hold on. You just take it out of the box with ease. I believe that the young lady have made herself a favorite story to tell the 'curious', or to the Apple/iPhone critics she meets every day, just to fire upon their stubborn hatred against the iPhone and/or Apple. An iPhone owner would never have believed her story. People enjoy all sorts of 'funny' games.
  6. I don't think you can expect to run a macro made for GSAK to run on GCStatistic for Mac. I use Mac as you, but I run windows under vmware and use GSAK for the statistic. How do you register FTFs when you use GCStatistic?
  7. There are always equipment available to protect your iPhone against rain, snow and dust. It really works, I've got one. For my own sake I've decided on the 60CSx for it's accuracy and good reception of signals. I will still use the iPhone for cache info, hints and logs - even maps, but I can probably save some battery on my trips by using the Garmin. It is probably not the best gps for kids, but it is surely rugged.
  8. I have access to those six with the two others greyed out when I am not navigating to a waypoint, but as soon as I start navigating, only the last four are visible.
  9. I'm trying out a 60SCx, but cannot get it to show me the full menu in compass mode. The manual shows 8 different choices in the menu, but I get only the last four of them. I would try to choose between the course pointer and the bearing pointer, but it is not possible for me. I have the last version of software and firmware in the gpsr. Am I doing something wrong here?
  10. Can't you all see that this geek is a troll enjoying all the fuzz on this forum? Ignore the fool, and he will soon get bored. If he logs any of my caches I will just delete the logs with no words said or written.
  11. Bought a yellow etrex in 2001 and have had it since... mostly used while kayaking. Then bought an iPhone 3G in April this year (2009), and after that I began with geocaching. Now considering GPSMAP 60CSx or Oregon 300.
  12. I have the iPhone 3G, and it is perfect for paperless geocaching with the Groundspeak Geocaching app. I also have an old Garmin eTrex, it is not even close to the iPhone in this game.
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