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  1. Long time ago I did pocket queries and loaded them to my PDA. I am trying to do the same but with a Xoom tablet and have had no luck. Anyone have any suggestions or has done this?
  2. Long time member and haven't been active in quite some time. So I log into the site to log a TB and I can't find squat and miss the simplicity of the old site. Please put a simple and direct shot from the main page to log a cache or a TB. I would like to just log and leave, it shouldn't be this difficult to find/log. Just my request from a long standing premium member. Thank you.
  3. If the Legend Color has maps you're good to go. They are not needed but are nice to have. Beyond that it is just more frosting.
  4. A few times. I have to travel across Utah, Wyoming and Colorado tomorrow night so it will get a big workout.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Everything is working properly but the detail of the map source map and the block I ACTUALLY fall into are off a bit. All is good. I was able to get a good deal for the V so I traded up from the legend.
  6. I can't seem to figure this out. When I load up the maps on my V it only seems to give me the detailed side street mapping for the first block of mapping data that I select. All the other data seems to be more like base maps. I have not got a memory full message or anything.
  7. I can't seem to find or figure out how to delete all waypoints. Help please.
  8. Just like Golf, I wouldn't call it a sport as much as a skill.
  9. I have been using the Etrex for years. You don't NEED to have all the extras. You can download and upload waypoints to the Etrex. I have recently purchased one with all the extras but to tell you the truth it really doesn't find things any better in real world practice. Sure it has WAAS for that greater accuracy but you still have to take into account the accuracy of the hiders coordinates. Bling is nice but in the end the Etrex will do you just fine.
  10. I have some new ones that will be arriving any day. I would volunteer to donate one for this Frankenstein experiment. LOL
  11. This is not correct. I have had a yellow etrex for over 4 years (now a back-up unit) and the advanced skyview has always been there, even with the original firmware. Unfortunately, I can't help with the OP's problem, since currently the unit is on the AT with my wife. When it came out, when I bought mine, it was not available.
  12. Do you have the latest (kind of old now) software update? Check the verion (software) you have against the Garmin website. That new view was apart of the latest update.
  13. 5'6" 175lbs... no change since geocaching. Not overweight, just short and "thick" as I have been called... not sure what "thick" is supposed to mean LOL!
  14. I already bought the Legend and tree cover really isn't an issue for me here in the desert. Finally got WAAS to work. I had to go further west into the valley floor between the mountain ranges but I got it. It seems that the WAAS are low on the horizon for me and if I'm within 5 miles of the range I can't get them.
  15. Word of caution, be patient with trying to figure out your GPS. There is alot of stuff in that thing and it will frustrate you for a while as you learn to use it.
  16. Followed the directions from the link, no luck. I put gps on the roof and will leave it there for the day. See if it ever finds 35 or 47 as it says on the link.
  17. A V is simply not in the budget. The only reliability issue I have ever found (researched) is the batter springy which is a simple fix. Durability of my other Etrex's (literally around the world) has been outstanding.
  18. For the heck of it, I bought the GPS III to give it a try since I could return it and wanted to compare. I found the III to pick up and hold satellite better than my original Etrex gps. Accuracy was the same. Since the III wasn't any kind of an improvement over the Etrex so I headed back and exchanged for a Legend. With this unit I found the accuracy to be a bit better than Etrex/III, not much but it was consistantly better. The III still held the satellites better than either Etrex or (Etrex) Legend. I imagine this is due to the external antenna. For my own curiousity I will see if an external antenna. As for what I was told about WAAS not really being available here in northern Utah... After more checking and enabling the WAAS on the legend I can tell you nope, nada, nothing! No WAAS for me.
  19. Thank you everyone for all the info. I appreciate it and hope that I didn't come off as trying to defend the gps III+ I just wanted to really discuss it. Thanks
  20. I know GPS III Plus doesn't have it. I was looking to get one with it until I was told it is not so good here in Utah. My understanding was that WAAS worked of stationary fixed points on the ground to adjust for variance from satelites. from: http://www.garmin.com/aboutGPS/waas.html It is brand new in the box. They actually still make them or at least there are a whole lot of them around that they continue to get shipments.
  21. So even at $140 it's not worth it? From others here in Utah I was told we really don't have much in the way of WAAS towers. Initially that was high on my list of must haves. Does come with maps.
  22. Didn't have much luck doing a search. I have the opportunity to buy a new in the box Garmin GPS III Plus for $140. Thoughts on this unit? Cheapest I found it for online was $259 and reviews for this unit have been outstanding 4.75 out of 5 or higher. I know it is an older unit but if it's a good unit then that's all good. I'm not after bells and whistles. Feedback on this unit, quick please.
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