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  1. I had one that really irritated me the other day. It was supposed to be one for kids to find and some local cacher thought it was a good idea to put a couple of condoms in the container. Thats exactly what I wanted to do on a beautiful saturday afternoon...have the birds and the bees talk with my 7yo step son when he wanted it cause of the cool colors on the wrapper!
  2. This is just hilarious! I made a mistake once and logged a DNF under found it once, realized it and had it deleted. BOO Hoo my numbers dropped by one. why play if your just going to cheat?! I would get no satisfaction in that myself!
  3. That is why I always try to have my geo bag with me. usually just a spare tupperware, log book, and plastic baggies. It may not be the best cache you find after I replace it, but at least it keeps it active until the CO can repair it.
  4. I log it when I find it even if it takes a minute to find, if I look for a minute and DNF I log a DNF. Personally I like knowing that a cache I placed is as challenging as I thought it was. There is no shame in a DNF!
  5. I would do this one in a heart beat. I remember one a while back where you had to free climb approx. 125' up a grappling hook/rope that the CO had placed. REALLY COOL!
  6. I run a NP group out of Cheyenne called Wyoming Ghost Hunters. Everyone in the group has paid for the equipment and we DO NOT charge to perform an investigation. The hardest part of a group like this is getting our name out to the people who need one done. So I am guilty of putting my cards in caches, but NOT in exchange for swag. I just hope that someone who may need some help or answers might find it. I have been wondering if this is ok too!
  7. When I first started caching back in NC someone contacted me and asked if I would like to join him in the hunt. We ended up caching for 1 1/2 years before he PCS'd to another duty station. Go for it!
  8. Welcome to the addiction known as Geocaching!
  9. US ARMY 2002-2007 31C/25C Manpack Operator 3-321 FAR Afghanistan 2003-2004 Abu Ghraib Iraq 2005-2007
  10. There have been Quite a few times (as Im sure we all have) when I had a PERFECT location for a cache, only to discover that it would go against the guidelines in some way. Suck it up and drive on. Find another lamp post to place your film canister or bush to throw it in. There is always another place to put it. A high saturation of caches in an area and limitations on how to place it can force you to get more creative, and that is exactly the type we all itch for! I hope you do the right thing!
  11. I lived in NC for 5 years and started caching there and completely agree with DieJob. If you know there are ticks in the area prepare for it. It is nice for people when a CO places attributes, but I always spray like crazy before going out if it is not a LPC day.
  12. Deciding whether to go detecting or caching is my biggest problem on the weekends! Garmin GPSMap60CX for Caching and Tesoro DeLeon for detecting!
  13. I knew the know it alls would get me the answer Thanks!
  14. I am sure there is a post on this already, but I did a search and came up with nothing. How would I go about applying to be a cache reviewer for my area?
  15. I used to use a PDA to bring all the info with me. This is the program I use. You can also googlel paperless geocaching with a PDA and you will get some good results. Palm Pilot Paperless Geocaching Sept 2007 CacheMate Displays detailed cache information from GPX or LOC files (requires PC) List by cache type Geocaching hint decoder Easily record found, not found, etc caches for quick logging online As far as a master database of finds, I use Geocaching Swiss Army Knife as you can make multiple data bases (micro, Small + ect..) www.gsak.com It is free to download but has a nag screen if you do not pay for the software. Hope this helps.
  16. Thanks for the help everybody! I got the CX and am not regretting it!
  17. IS there really that big of a difference between the older 60c which I can buy for about $180 new and the 60cx. I used to have a 60C and loved it, but what if any are the benefits and differences of getting the 60cx besides the memory card?
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