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  1. The Lake Denton SCUBA Cache in Avon Park, Florida. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC38XA2
  2. I'll just add to what others are saying with my own HUGE thank you!! This was an incredibly simple, effective workaround.
  3. My 2 wheeled cachemobile deep in the Everglades at the Southern terminus of the Florida Trail.
  4. I am the owner of a cache located in a small preserve in SW Florida- Matanzas cache- GC3CE. I placed it back in March of 2001, and quite a few people have sought it out since then. A few months ago, it was pulled by the rangers. Their concern was that it's placement was detrimental to the surrounding flora. It was hidden under a boardwalk on a support beam and could be reached without leaving the boardwalk, but honestly, I think most folks hopped off the boardwalk (No hand rails or other impediments to leaving the boardwalk, and absolutely no signs or instructions in the entire park to stay on the boardwalk- actually plenty of non-boardwalk trails in the park) to peek underneath and spot the cache. Where folks would look, there was no plant life, just a sandy/muddy spot that was there prior to my placing the cache. There was a small game trail nearby that some cachers would apparently walk down when seeking the cache. Anyhow- I spoke with the land steward about a suitable spot for it's replacement. They are not at all adverse to a cache in the preserve, but wanted it in a spot away from the game trail. They said under the boardwalk was fine. So... I replaced the cache in a different spot, and within 2 days received an email from a different ranger who had reconfiscated my cache from it's new spot. This time I was told that her concern was that the decking of the boardwalk was hot in the Florida sun, and that a cacher might burn themselves laying on the decking seeking the cache. I was also told that someone might injure themselves stepping off the boardwalk to look underneath... In order to find a suitable spot for the cache, agreeable to park management, the ranger and land steward have agreed to meet me next Wednesday at the preserve and we can find a new spot that will hopefully be detrimental to neither cacher nor environment. Lee County Parks and Recreation is currently putting together geocaching guidelines for caches placed within their jurisdiction, and I would love to come to this meeting with some suggestions for them as to what might work. I would really appreciate any guidelines that have been implemented elsewhere, or ideas that other cachers might have in this regard. It seems like the only thing they're pushing right now is a transparent container. I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Thanks in advance!
  5. For your gear, carry a lightweight coiled cable lock. Loop the cable through a sleeve of your jacket, the chinbar of your helmet and lock to the bike. They make fairly heavy cables- you dont want these. Get one of the really lightweight plastic coated stranded metal cables.
  6. I have one that is hidden really well, but in a somewhat heavily travelled little preserve. It was found during a sponsored cleanup of the preserve by a 10 y.o. and his dad. Wound up being a large part of the local newspaper article about the cleanup, dad and son signed the logbook and replaced the cache, and all has gone well since then. I really thought a 10 y.o. kid would have to go back with friends, etc. and that my cache would disappear, but it has been about 6 months now, and all is well.
  7. Definitely not a complainer! Regarding downloading, once I discovered easygps www.easygps.com , I havent manually entered coords since. It is great!!
  8. The wife, yes... She's right y'know. The dog, on the other hand, loves when the GPSr and ammo box is loaded in the truck. We're going on a hike!! No dorkdom whatsoever!
  9. One thing I've found to be invaluable is the DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer series. They make them for just about every state now, and they have almost every road, as well as Lat/Long on the page edges. While you could never use just the book to find a cache, you can mark the coords close enough to find the best driving route to get you close.
  10. Yep- I lurk... I also cache alone almost always, sometimes Jerry the Wonderdog joins me. I've gotten a LOT of good information from this forum over the years, but really don't post. It's funny- in the real world, I'm somewhat outspoken, but I hesitate to post as it seems there are always those who will reply just to attempt to make the original poster question the validity of their opinions. I get nothing but joy from geocaching, and hesitate to do something that could place an albeit small, but black cloud over my feelings toward my hobby.
  11. I've been reading a lot about EasyGPS, and finally downloaded and installed a copy. I've played with it a little bit, but I feel certain it will do a lot more than I have already discovered. Could those of you in the know please post the functions of this program?
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