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  1. Hello all, I also like Challenge Caches very much (and so do a lot of geocaching friends of mine)! I would love to see them with their own icon. Why not use the "old" challenge icon for that? And further more would it be very easy for Groundspeak to identify them (from the normal mysteries), because they have to have the word 'challenge' in the cache name. so, please Groundspeak, go for it! And I promise it will be well receive in the cacher community (definitely better then the last challenge approach :-) have a nice day! friesede
  2. Hallo, ich würde gerne (außerhalb von der GC Webseite, also z.b. in Google Earth) alle besuchten GCs eines bestimmten Travel Bugs (oder Geocoins) sehen. Sprich kann mal die besuchten GCs irgendwie mit Koordinaten z.b. als gps auslesen? Danke für eure Ideen oder Anregungen. friesede
  3. Hello, I like to see what Geocaches my trackables have already visited (e.g. as an overlay in Google Earth). Is there any way to get something like a list of coordinates/Geocaches for a travel bug (may be in a gpx file)? acutally it must be similar to the list (tracking history) you see on any travel bug website. Thanks for any ideas! friesede
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