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  1. What will the cost per coin be? I would be interested in a few...
  2. If this is still active I would love to adopt a coin to move along!
  3. My story is from our first night cache. We were in a park in a nearby city, it is kind of on the borderline between the good and bad areas of town. We were following the reflectors when suddenly the park (it's a big one) gets surrounded by police! They start shutting off streets and flying down the road, my wife and I had our kids with us and we were a bit (understatement!) nervous so as we hightailed it back to where we parked my wife spots the cache...and stops to sign it for all of us! Come to find out there had been a robbery nearby, as the suspect was fleeing he ran a red light and got in an accident, so they DID end up catching him! Probably my MOST memorable night caching.
  4. well we drove up from Arizona and made a special detour to attend this exhibit! when we got there we were told it cost 15 dollars per person to enter the wildlife sanctuary, inside of which is the exhibit! we were thoroughly disappointed because we just couldn't pay 30 dollars to go into this place the cache page mentions nothing of this fee to get in, so to those who are planning to go be prepared to hand over a leg and arm to get in we are logging an attended on this due to the effort put into getting to this event, as we are from Oregon and were driving up from visiting in Arizona. we would have loved to have gone in!
  5. My wife and I were doing a series at a local college, climbing around in the bushes and trees by the entrance when security pulled up. The gentleman got out of his truck and asked what we were up to, after a quick explanation of caching, he just chuckled and wished us luck...followed by telling us this was the only one in the series he hadn't found yet! On our way out of campus he stopped us again to ask if we found it, unfortunately we hadn't...he said "dang, I was gonna ask you to go back so I could finally log this one"
  6. I recently purchased a GPS 300 by Magellan on eBay...I have read through the forums and I can enter my coords, and everything else I need to do...but I can not get it to lock onto enough satellites to track, I can get it to lock onto one, sometimes two...but it needs a minimum of three to get a fix. Any help?
  7. I found one, thanks for the points in the right direction.
  8. Ravyn82

    Magellan GPS 300

    I just bought this on eBay...is it a decent model? I am just starting and I hope I bought something good...got it for $30 so you can't beat the price...and they say it works great, they just don't use it anymore. Opinions appreciated. Ravyn
  9. I am new to caching, and I don't yet have a GPS (stupid verizon, locking it on my blackberry ) I am in Michigan and need to find one cheap, both my wife and I are full time students so...not much extra money around. Also, if anyone wants to loan me one for a few weeks until I find one I can afford I certainly wouldn't stop you
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