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  1. I don't know about the 600 but adjusting the brightness on the 660 is done by pressing the on-off button momentarily. Does the 600 have an SD card slot? If so load you POI's on then SD card the you can delete all.
  2. Rather than copying the files from the CD to the HD and running setup from the the HD, why not just run setup from the CD. Then you can choose HD install during the installation.
  3. Your the man. Hey y'all, if your not registered, your missing out!
  4. We know you are working very hard, Clyde. We all appreciate the exceptional program you have developed and the dedication you show in keeping it on the edge. thanks for your support.
  5. City Select V6, Great maps, autorouting (point to point). BTW it's the only software for the 60 that does this. City Select, that is!
  6. The wandering needle happened to me only a couple of times. I found that if I have it recalculate, it stops the needle movement. Also try holding the compass level when tracking off road. That might help.
  7. Look under File, preferences, pick garmin 60cs, check the bos 'use usb'
  8. Get all the bells and whistles that you can afford. As you get experience you will find that you'll use each one. The alternative is to buy bare bones and have to upgrade when you want more.
  9. GPSr's are receivers. Receivers generate rf in the amplifier stages. That is probably causing your problem. Increase the distance between the two to decrease the interference. Also, the external antenna is super sensitive.
  10. Why buy a GPS at all? Get a topo map find the coordinates and get the cache! Just kidding, of course. But if you are going to buy a GPS in the class of a Garmin 60C, then you should not skimp. Get all the capabilities you can for a few bucks more. You may not need the capabilities now, but as you do more caching you may find that they are useful later. It's better to buy what you don't need now then to find that you need the capabilities later and have to spend more money. That person had a good point too. You don't need satellites to use the compass. That point alone might save your life someday. We get pretty brave when we use a GPS maybe even throw caution to the wind. Get the 60CS, if for nothing else it may give you peace of mind. Have you ever bought something and then thought, darn I should have bought the other. You wont have to worry about that.
  11. It won't do it automatically. email Garmin tech support, telling them when you purchased v5. I purchased v5 about the same time you did. Garmin told me to order the update cd, then email them when I got it. I did, and they gave me a 25 digit code within 10 minutes for v6, at no cost.
  12. With City Select you can load many locations in the GPSr at the same time. When selecting the mapset you can pick New York City, Seattle, Roswell, NM, then load them into the GPSr. As long as you load them all at once, no problem. When you load a new mapset it will delete the old.
  13. I agree, even in a little city like Roswell, NM, many good changes have been made.
  14. You need to spend the $130. City Select is the only way to autoroute point to point an the 60CS. Here is what Garmin says: Faster processor, with auto routing, turn-by-turn directions, and audio alerts along city streets or trails when using MapSource® City Select® or 24K Topo software (optional software)
  15. You can put this area in, draw a square: Lawton, OK on the north, Abilene on the west, Shreveport, LA on the east, Austin on the south. This whole area will fit in the 60CS's memory.
  16. I had to do that to mine as well. I have not had a problem since. How do you do a master reset? I have a 76CS running 3.42 and still have lock-up problems on the day-view of the calender (something that's supposed to have been fixed according to their update notes). From Garmin; Master Reset Warning: The Master Reset sequence will delete all routes, user waypoints, and tracks from memory. View the software version by completing the following steps: Press the Menu key twice to access the Main Menu. Select System Info, and press enter. The software version will be displayed on screen. For Software Versions 2.05 and above: With power off, press and hold QUIT, MENU, and ROCKER DOWN. Press and release POWER. Release ROCKER DOWN. Release QUIT and MENU after 5-10 seconds when the welcome page is displayed. Memory is now clear. Place the unit outside with a clear view of the sky until satellites are acquired. (The unit will display "3D GPS Location.")
  17. Import the gpx file into GSAK, then from GSAK, export the file as an MPS file. Then import the MPS file into MapSource.
  18. Ver 3.4 has been tested, the 3.4.2 is a beta so you take your chances. I find that the beta is still worth using because it worked on Garmin tech supports GPSr and has the latest changes. There is always the chance that something will not work right on the tested version and the beta version. Garmin must be confident that it works or they wouldn't have released the beta. I'm using the beta and haven't noticed any problems. To check your version, turn the unit on, menu, menu, setup, system, menu, software version.
  19. Does not do temperature. Choosing whether F or C must be for display on maps only. Perhaps the maps used for boating display temps. So you could choose how you wanted the temps to display on a map. Or maybe the same firmware used with this model is used on another that does temp.
  20. I would reload the latest version of the firmware, then see what happens. If the line stills appears on start and shutdown, I would call Garmin tech support. That doesn't appear to be normal behavior.
  21. It's getting power from the battery. The GPSr requires more power than USB can handle. Actually USB could power the 60C but the mini USB connection it has does not carry power. Only the full size USB connectors carry power. It would be pushing the envelope, so to speak, to have a 60cs powered by USB. USB connected to a computer is limited to 100 ma. If you were using a 60cs with compass and the backlight on it would probably exceed 100 ma. It also calibrates the altimeter each time it is turned on. I guess you could turn off the compass and backlight each time you hooked to a computer and set the altimeter not to calibrate, but that would be a pain. Perhaps Garmin took that into consideration when the decision was made to use the mini USB
  22. It's getting power from the battery. The GPSr requires more power than USB can handle.
  23. Not only what Pecka said, but the 60 has larger screen, better resolution, no thumb stick, it has an external antenna connection. Buy the 60c or 60cs.
  24. I went down to Target and bought a Gameboy Advance SP bag for my 60CS. It holds the GPS, extra batteries, the cables for USB, extenal power cable, and my external antenna. It's padded and only costs $14.00. Can be attached to your gear.
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