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  1. replying to myself I worked out this morning that if you change the column headings you can bring the data in GSAK I had to delete the date columns (couldn't work out how to get those to work correctly) I changed the column headings to userdata,user2,State/County,Latitude,Longitude,url,user3,user4,status,placedby,container,ownername might not be the most descriptive column headings, but they work... thanks for the script.... and a little bit more working (playing) around with this... to send it to a GPSr (atleast the Garmin eTrex) GPS->send waypoints->(uncheck defaults), change waypoint name to %macro (all the waypoints will show as a macro) and change waypoint description to %user %user4 (for me that would be the PID and marker) thanks again for the script....
  2. script works great! can get the extracted information to the spreadsheet (csv file) stage, can that spreadsheet be opened in GSAK or something similar to get it to the GPSr? tried to open it, but GSAK keeps crashing on me, not sure if it is a setting I am missing or it just can not be done. I tried File->Load->(load option)->text(with first line field structure) thanks
  3. I have caches placed on University land. I started at Public Affairs, sent to Instructional Media, then to Maintenance. The Head of Maintenance took up my cause, talked with his staff and Campus Police. So everyone knows what is going on. Gave me the ok and I inform him about new caches that I have placed. Was told that I actually did not need permission since campus is public land, but I do have the permission anyway, and public land may be different in different places, so get permission!
  4. the waypoints on the cache description page show up on the small map, is there anyway to have them on the larger map? Or is there anyway to have the waypoints downloadable to the GPSr or file so they do not have to be entered individually? (since there are some caches with multiple waypoints, this would save time.... tnx st_moose
  5. Guess the title says it all... I have a couple of caches that I started with geocoins, and the last time the cache was found, there were not coins. Do I just place a note? even thought the cacher who found the cache already did that? or what do I do? Looks like an option of 'missing from cache' is needed thanks
  6. Try rebooting the computer. At least that works for me when I encounter that error. Windows XP, Firefox 3.6 with Garmin etrex Venture HCx and Garmin Nuvi 1250
  7. To enter a waypoint click on Mark on the main menu, that will mark your current location. Then scroll to the line with the coordinates. Once it is highlighted you can change the numbers which change the coordinates. Then to view your new waypoints click on waypoints instead of caches from the Find menu.
  8. ok, confused on the new listing of caches. When I was working on entering information for the caches (before posting this question), I had 4 traditional caches, then tried to enter the last as a puzzle cache, but was unable to because the page indicated that I needed waypoints. I just edited the puzzle cache page and did not have to enter waypoints. Since none of the waypoints options were traditional caches I did not know what to do, thus causing the confusion. Hope these caches pass review! thanks
  9. I am working on placing multiple caches on property owned by the same group. My thought is to put the coordinates in/on the caches, 4 caches, 2 caches will have the degree and 2 caches will have the minutes for the 'final'. Is this a puzzle or a mult-stage? I was thinking puzzle, but that requires waypoints, so if this is a puzzle, what waypoints do I use for the final? The 4 caches that contain the degree and minutes? thanks
  10. I am new to the whole geocaching/benchmarking thing too but will try to answer. When you log your benchmark find that is a rod or disk use 'found it'. When you log your benchmark find that is a cupola, dome or tower use 'write note'. In both cases after you log your find there is a button, (upper right) on your log page to upload photos.
  11. Is there is usual distance between a Witness Post and a Benchmark? There is a witness post near my home to which I can not find the benchmark, (of course, it is still winter, so the benchmark may be under the snow/mud/leaves). The nearest benchmark that shows on the geocaching page of benchmarks (which are from USGS, right?) does not show a benchmark in the area (well the nearest is 2 blocks away, which I have found.) The witness post includes an address to contact the State Land Surveyor in Rolla, MO (has anyone had success contacting a state office for help with information about a benchmark?) Any suggestions where online to look for information? thanks
  12. I logged my first NGS benchmark that was a structure (a water tower in this case, because it was next to a 'regular' NGS disc) and I was wondering how others would log the benchmark. Mostly I don't understand how a surveyor would use a structure as a benchmark thanks
  13. So I have to be a premium member to get the waypoints?
  14. Trying to create a route, I select Kansas city, MO to Columbia, MO select search select save route changes, OK to the 'Are you sure....' dialog box create a GPX (as I am not a premium member) open GSAK no waypoints What am I doing wrong? thanks
  15. I am a newbie here, so please bear with me.... my Garmin Venture HC was working fine until about 10 found caches ago, about a week. Now I have found a few caches, marked them as found on the Garmin, uploaded the information to GSAK, they are marked correctly in GSAK as found, but when I turn off/on the Garmin, some of the found caches are showing as not found. I deleted all the waypoints/geocaches on Garmin and reloaded, same result. Showing correctly on GSAK but not on the Garmin. The strange thing (at least) to me is that the founds were working just fine until about a week ago. I have tried a few macros, do not know if that is what is causing the issue. Have used DupeNukem, RemoveDups, LogCache (only once, as I don't think it worked correctly, or was what I wanted) and 60CXx POI (first time today, so I doubt that this is causing the issue, though it was today that I noticed the issue, so maybe it is) any ideas thanks for the help mike
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