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  1. We did thanks to your help! Here's the video of our adventure Geocaching on Route 66
  2. Thanks a lot for the help! We will go for Route 66. And sorry for having posted in the wrong category
  3. Hello to all Californian geocachers, I'm am in need of your knowledge of your local area... I'm coming next month to Los Angeles, for work, with a geocaching colleague. We would like to find 400 caches in 24h. Which is the best trail to achieve this (it's not very easy to figure out if trails are made for cars, bikes ...) We will be renting a car and probably be around Torrance. Thanks to jet lag, we should be able to start our day real early. Thanks to anyone who can tip us! Have fun caching, Mirage Breton
  4. Well! I think I just feel like kissing you! Thank you!!!
  5. Hello everyone! I failed to find such a topic so I'm being quite daring here and I'm starting one... I have a few trackables roaming around and I would appreciate to have a world map with all of them pinned at their current location. Does that even exist? If not, is there a way to make such a thing work (with auto-updates, of course)? Whatever the answers, I wish you all a very happy New Year!
  6. 39th country two days ago! Vietnam! This gentleman just laid caches in Saigon a few weeks ago which was a good thing 'cos I DNFed the first one... As a French woman I keep the Europe countries for last... for my old days
  7. I flew to Cairo last September. The Airport is blocked by tanks and a curfew is in place. I really advise NOT to go there now or in the near future... It's a real mess. We slept within the airport area and were told to leave our phones on in case we had to leave quick with the shuttle. Plan B (meaning no shuttle to the airport) was to run to the terminal (in high heels), take shelter in the plane and fly the hell out. Just another day at the office...
  8. Geocaching in Seoul is great if you go to the Olympic park. Plenty of caches including a cute (and short) Wherigo. The park is splendid, too!
  9. Interesting! Thanks for taking all this time to explain!
  10. Do you mean that geocaching on that island means you can "grab" three new countries ? :blink: SHOCKING! :blink:
  11. The French part being called Saint Martin (and not France) is proper because it is neither a French region nor a French "department". I don't know about the Netherlands though but it does seem odd that this part has two names.
  12. Just look at the mess with the Dutch Antilles and a few other countries What mess are you talking about? I might go to Saint Marteen in December, is there something I should know?
  13. The Wayfarer Events have got off to a great start! After Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur, it's up to New York to make its mark in the Big Logbook! See you there!
  14. I'm off to try and find a cache in my 36th country... Off to the Bat Cave, um, sorry, the Batu Cave in Kuala Lumpur! Will let you know if I made it...
  15. 18 days!.... I'm so great! I just can't get over "having to do a cache". I guess I have a problem with authority...
  16. I "discovered" the 2-week limitation right before this year's WWFM. I realized there were none in my city (closest was at 60km) despite our strong geocaching community. As it was turning out I was off that day I decided to organize a short event (my first). It was 5 days beforehand. Sure enough it got blocked. However, now that I know about it, I agree with it. Organizing an event shouldn't be about doing it for you but for the others (well ideally it should be for both). They should therefore have some time to arrange their schedule accordingly (not all have 9 to 5 jobs). Concerning "meet & greet" vs. full scale events with caches, I venture that both are valid. I have fond memories of caching events (we draw the FTF beforehand so people go around in teams and chat rather than make a dash for it on their own) and great memories of gathering around a drink on cool winter evenings when no one really care to set out in the snow. Looking down on "meet & greet" would be an error, imho. If we had to wait for a full event with 20 caches published to meet, we wouldn't be meeting that much... On the subject of social networks events: I'm definitely against it. I'm currently organizing a string of international events. After having cached in all different countries I now wish to meet the cachers there, discuss caches, trade trackables and share our common love for the game. I'm a woman. Do you really think I'd like to meet with strangers, in a foreign country, that I've "found" on Facebook...? Not really... As it turns out, the "will attends" have quite a few finds, have already attended events, all talk of trackables and caches... Makes me think they're geocachers and we're going to have fun... Groundspeak has its rules but it gives a frame for sound organization. I would not be surprised if it gets more restrictive in years to come.
  17. On the subject of unwillingly logging twice a cache. It happened to me lately and I kept seeing in the stats: "found x caches including x-1 containers". I was puzzled and didn't know on which cache I had made the mistake. Then I found that on GC-Project, you have a duplicate cache function. It then shows you exactly which cache is logged twice so you can delete one log. Cool!
  18. Hi all you geocachers! I'm starting this topic to let you know of a new kind of event,adventure, madness attack, silly idea I'm having... I travel a lot (well, too much) but I never seem to be at the right place at the right time to attend events abroad. As much as I like geocaching overseas, I'm a sucker for the fun of events and I'm all too happy when I bump into another cacher in another country. I'm therefore launching the "WAYFARER EVENTS": a, hopefully, long streak of "meet & greet" events worldwide to meet local cachers and connect them with a common logbook they can decorate at will. Three events have already been published: Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur. New York City should follow shortly. This is only recent so any idea is welcome. Also, if you should attend and you would like to make a suggestion, I'm all ears! I've set up a website with a few more informations. Hope you like the idea and see you soon! That's the logbook! And the little person is NOT me.... Happy caching! Mirage Breton
  19. Ouch, that's a lot... Is Montreal any closer? I go there sometimes too. I will also add Washington DC sometime in the future... Maybe I should add a "wayfarer geoevent" topic now
  20. I've posted the Jo'Burg event but not on your dates, I'm afraid. Up until now, there are 3 events: Hong Kong, Johannesburg and Kuala Lumpur. There are "will attend" on each one! Next one up might be New York City. I'm a bit worried about the potential number of attendees... I have to find a big enough place! The whole thing is starting next Saturday: you can follow the adventure here: Wayfarer Geoevents Can't wait! BTW thanks for all your answers, it did help me with planning the whole thing.
  21. Jo'Burg is potentially in October but I do go there fairly often. Last year, I went there every month for the first half of the year. You're right about Singapore, there are a lot more caches there, I've already found a few. So I suppose there are more cachers too... I already have a "will not attend" on the Kuala Event so it may be our guy I'm just waiting for schedule confirmation on the 20th of September to add more events.
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