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  1. i've created this videos for montana developer team ^^ i believe they fix all issues in next FW release
  2. first video, repaint error in dashboards using it with more than a menù http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74-PHe8MpAU secondo video, error with menu personalization...icon swap while move..and icon sometimes disappear ( right page menu ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOOjW7f0qJw Andrea
  3. BUG : if there are 3 homepages with 3 different dashboard...moving between pages with <- and -> cause repaint error...
  4. it work but when you move between different homepages with <- or -> .. dashboard repaint fails .. artefatcs and layer error FW 3.40
  5. i love my montana unit..i'm only hoping in a stable firmware, no more
  6. sure ? i've an Oregon 400T with 4.20 FW version, Edge 800 with 2.20 FW version for oregon 400T there was a Beta page with "beta software".. then the official page with the final release ( every 5-6 beta releases ) .. beta page : https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/downloadsUpdates.jsp?product=010-00697-02&cID=145&pID=14904 official page : http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4051 they should made a 100% stable bug-free version first ... develop a lot of beta versions with new features ecc.... then release another 100% stable version... (xcuse my bad english )
  7. i undestand this... but ( i'm a developer ) .. when i fix a bug i can't create a new bug in different places..brand new problems in working existing procedures. when i compile my source code i must complete a full beta testing cycle before publish my program... montana's developer must flag FW as "BETA FW"
  8. It's incredibile..every time i use my montana after a new FW release..i found new orrible bugs. NOW route/trip planner ( "Pianifica Percorso" in Italian ) stop working..every time i select an existing trip when i select "Map"..montana shutdown; if i create a new trip...same thing. I've created a new shortcut for map change...but again..it don't work, same active maps....no changes after 4-5 minutes of playing inside shortcuts menu...montana lock for 2 seconds then CRASH.. it's incredibile i'm an developer too...and i can't understand why every time they release a new FW there must be new problems.
  9. never happen to me..but i've another problem with calendar : prev and next arrows sometimes don't work....mhhhh
  10. my montana is ok, no hardware issues
  11. ...Android smartphone internal GPS sensivity ? try it under deep tree coperture... Garmin Montana GPS receiver it's incredible
  12. Zagg markets a screen protector for the Oregon series and Dakota series, both of these units have resistive touch. Perhaps Zagg doesn't know these units have resistive touch? With standard screens protector it's impossible to break the unit 1. wrong product Or 2. uman error.. .i don't believe in a Montana's defect
  13. i'm not find this on Zagg webpage, but the adesive-solution result in strong stress for non-gass surfaces..glue (et similia) based solution are usually used with glass surfaces only like IPad, Iphone ecc (capacitive touch) For my montana i've used standard cellular screen protector and installed it underwater for a "bubbleless" installation ^^
  14. I don't believe you did this with a ZAGG brand screen protector. The adhesive on the ZAGGs is many times stronger than on most protectors, so much so that the act of removing a fully cured ZAGG will so stretch the ZAGG that you can't put it back on. ZAGGs must be used on gass-type screens with "capacitor touch" ( like Iphone etc. ) NOT "resistive touch"
  15. i've placed and removed my screen protector 5-6 times ( on Montana ) until I put it correctly; no problems here, screen is perfect I do not think that the screen is so fragile in Montana, we're talking about a screen protector..with a bit of attention you do not create damage
  16. i've tested my Montana 600 completely undewater for 5 minutes, no water inside battery compartment..all ok!
  17. they answer me today..developers write me they are following forums ( and yes, this thread .. ) for a complete users error log original : We do read several of our user forums including this one and are working with several of their forum members on some of these issues. Thanks Garmin Montana Software Team
  18. stupid question...the lens is clear ?
  19. "3) The 3D view position indicator arrow is often in the wrong place. Test: toggle between the main map screen and the 3D view screen. For some reason this prompts the error more often . I'd say about 1 out of 10 times that I open the 3D view my position indicator is a city block or two off of my actual position. When I toggle between the main map screen and the 3D view screen the ocurrence jumps to about 7 out of 10." 2.50 and 2.60..same problem in both FW
  20. I don't have any line on my pictures taken in low light mode. Well it does show up in "Standard Mode" in less than ideal lighting conditions. How would a user know when the cutoff is to switch to low light mode and when to keep it in Standard? I wouldn't want to get back from a hiking trip only to realize I should have switched to low light mode because some of my photos have lines through them. Hopefully the good folks at Garmin can get this resolved in a future update. Maybe greasing the skids with a few emails from other folks wouldn't hurt either. LowLight mode is an ISO amplification, a voltage amplification for the sensor...this could create a vertical line in high-constrast situation ( light spot for examples ) .. can you send me a photo with this problem ? i'm a naturalistic photographer ( as you've seen in my mail )and sometimes this happen in hight ISO photos ( vertical stripes ).. i think could be normal
  21. i've montana 600, i can't shot any photos ^^ can you send me the firmware for manual upgrade ? thanks !
  22. Nosoulangel@hotmail.com Thankyou !
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