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  1. Looking to buy a used Etrex 30 in Canada. My wife had one but it went missing and she really liked it, so I'd like to find another one.
  2. Haven't tried that one yet but it's crossed my mind. How do you do it on these units?
  3. First thing I do on anything electronic is run the latest updates.
  4. No, It's not being used in a vehicle. It doesn't matter where I am. if I select a different geocache or coordinates after finding one, I have to re-calibrate the compass. Today I discovered a new issue that after using the wireless transfer between this unit and my wife's Etrex 30, my screen freezes and I have to turn it off and reset it. After spending $400 on a unit, I expect better performance than the unit it's supposedly replacing!
  5. Okay, so far I've had to re-calibrate the compass every time I select a new cache or enter a set of coordinates. Why??? it's frustrating!
  6. You do have to bounce back and forth for screens on the Dakota 20, but I really liked mine when I used it for Geocaching. My only complaint is that the 3-axis compass was a PITA to calibrate with alkaline batteries.
  7. Do you find GPS performance affected by the type or quality of rechargeable you use?
  8. What do you consider to be the best rechargeable batteries for a GPS? What milliamperage?
  9. Thanks, I'll keep that it mind. How thick of a piece?
  10. For those of you with a an Oregon 600, has anyone tried the Garmin NiMh battery pack? Besides for being able to charge in the unit, any advantage? Can you use regular NiMh batteries in it and be able to charge them in the unit?
  11. I had questions about mine as I've had to recalibrate my units more than a few times. As I was informed (on this forum) that it was necessary as the battery voltage drops to have to recalibrate the 3-axis. I've had to do this on a Dakota 20, Etrex 30, Oregon 450, and I suspect I'll have to do it on my new Oregon 600. Just my experience.
  12. I find as the battery power drops, the compass does need to be recalibrated, no matter what unit it is.
  13. I do this all the time when loading a new pocket query on the Dakota 20 or our Etrex 30. I Haven't lost a cache yet since doing this method.
  14. Oh sure... take away the one bit of power I have left! lol No thank you! I've already gone through two of those units and returned them both. I had better accuracy and reception with my Dakota 20.
  15. So what does the wireless transmission do? SO far, I've never had to use it.
  16. So, wife is bugging me for her own GPS. I'm leaning towards either the Etrex 20 or 30 for her. I personally like the 3-axis compass in my Dakota 20, but how critical is it? It looks like the compass is really the only big difference between the two units (and almost $100!)
  17. How do you find the reception in trees/valleys? Any better with GLONASS?
  18. Looking at getting one of these units, but I've been hearing about firmware issues. I like the idea of being able to use GLONASS, but can't quite justify the expense of the Garmin 600. Thoughts, experiences, and opinions appreciated.
  19. Just the way the Gov't likes to keep people. I do find that a lot of local Geocaches are not marked accordingly as a "Geocache". No, that's not to stop some mad bomber from labeling one as such, but maybe it'll at least stop the general public from making unnecessary calls to authorities.
  20. They do! (Returned two, aint gonna be a third!)
  21. Is there a big difference with units with an external antenna vs internal? If so, which units would you recommend?
  22. No hide is perfect and not every GPS is going to drop you on top of the cache. The hide could also depend on the accuracy of the GPS of the cache owner (why smart phone should NOT be used for hides!). No, youre not going to find every cache that you go out and try to find. That's just part fo the game. That being said... I've recently gone through two Oregon 450's and went back to my Dakota 20. I found the accuracy on the 450's to be terrible and unreliable. That Dakota put me on caches far more reliably than the Oregon's did. i still have to search, and there's always a margin of error, but at least i'm not being told to travel another 20m to ground zero when I'm standing over the cache!
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