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  1. We've got some good caches around... if you're able, there's a really neat night cache. It's "pajama cache" ( GC1C1T1 ). You'll need a flashlight & bug spray, but if you're willing to go out after the reception, its worth it! I've got a couple of finds off that list Darick posted.. and a couple of them are on my to-do list, so I'd 2nd those suggestions Have fun!
  2. I attempted to geocache in the Land Between the Lakes area, as well as Grand Rivers KY (within 2 hours of nashville). I had techincal difficulties, meaning my gps! So, i'm jealous!
  3. I haven't seen this one yet, but, it's really close to the airport, zoo & one of our malls. All of the logs seem to mention "this is huge!" so, its on my to-do list! GC18ZME *edit: typo!*
  4. My username here is the same as my twitter username, but, honestly, unless I actually know someone, i tend to decline, so if you add me, don't feel rejected! LOL! I use the twitter function-thingy on here... I just got a smart phone, so I haven't cached really since then... but, I send a text to log my find, which is linked to my twitter... which i (didn't mean to) link to my facebook... Since I've only got about 50 caches to my name, I'm not too irritating to my followers! (& if i am? Unfollow!) I get more responses on my facebook... usually from people saying "what does THAT mean?!" I'm new to using a "real" gps (i started out on my geomate junior)... so, i haven't figured out how to log & then sync & blah blah blah... the texting system worked well with the junior, so I haven't gotten too far beyond that little comfort bubble yet! Maybe this summer is the summer to learn!
  5. I'm on team phone/notepad! Otherwise, I use a napkin from the glove box & scribble away!
  6. I hit up the party store last summer & got a bag of about 1000 carabeeners for like $10! Im fine with leaving several! I've also had good luck in target's clearance sections. At valentine's day, I got a bag of 10 little heart shaped rings for about 25cents! They're constantly rotating their dollar section, so I check it when the clearance signs go up. I collect penguins, so i've only traded for penguin items I find... but, we've come across hello kitty band-aids (a friend in the army was at training camp, so he took those back with him!) & a talking ned flanders figurine! Those we busted into the good swag to trade for (thermometer zipper pulls are excellent for these trades!) In our hometown, a local photographer leaves 4x6's he's taken & printed. One was of Bill Clinton! LOL!
  7. If this were facebook, i'd click "like"! My husband is a professional photog... I'll see if i can figure out where he's stashing the pics from our last trip to the bridges for your friend to see what's in store! :-)
  8. Last time we were at disney, the tour guide at MGM said they've changed it to stand for "Mickey's Gotcha Money!"
  9. In Omaha, I very highly recommend the Upstream Brewing Co. in the Old Market area... actually, anything in the Old Market is fun to see/do! It's really close to the Henry Doorley, which is a VERY impressive zoo... but, its an all day event! (We're zoo-holics, so I have lots of basis for comparison! KC Zoo is OK... HD is better!). The Lawrence of Arabia steamboat was $$ but really cool... really worth the money. (That's a KC attraction). And, if you head into downtown KC, go to the public library... it's worth it for the view! (google it. lots of pics). In KC, we ate at the 75th street brewery, VERY yummy! A bit pricey for what it was, but, excellent food! And KC BBQ... well, that's a loaded question & a half! We were overly impressed with Jack Stack, near Union Station. WAY too much food... & so good it's hard to stop eating!! (Jack Stack was recommended to us by some locals... 75th street brew pub was a google find). We tried to do some caching when we were near Union Station & there's caches to be found... we had problems with time constraints (don't make set dinner plans that are 45 min away! I'm just saying... doesn't work!) & then my poor little geomate junior didn't like the uber-tall buildings blocking it's signal! In my humble opinion... Des Moines is much more impressive than Omaha! I'm sure Omaha-ians would argue this... & i'm probably biased... but, i'm sure its true! We've got the bridges of madison county just south of us... GORGEOUS in the fall. We did a caching day & found a really cool virtual cache, with a view that I'm amazed to find in Iowa! (GC2532) & there's even a cache at John Wayne's birth place! Yup. Iowa FTW! ;-)
  10. I just wanted to say "congrats" to the apisphere/geomate jr guys... I saw the little guy hanging in the GPS aisle at target the other day!! w00t!! (In my world, if its at target, its worth buying!). I was so proud, it made me wanna buy a 2nd one! (and since I was alone, i had nobody to share my joy with!) Way to make it to yet another market!!
  11. i have the HTC Touch pro 2... not a droid... So far, it looks to me like i can get cachemate on my phone? I'd love to find an app (cuz i need 1 more gadget in my arsenal!!), but my options are looking very non-existant at this point... (I've used cache mate, but, between my geomate jr & my delorme, im hesitant to spend the $ on it when i don't REALLY need it....)
  12. I'll sing the praises of the junior! I got one as my first gps (my only previous caching experience was someone else's blackberry). I used it for about my first 40-ish finds... I upgraded to a Delorme PN 30, which i LOVE, but I still take my junior along as well. My junior is very accurate, very easy to follow. Yes, they are pre-loaded caches, but with the upgrade cable, you can get up to a 4* difficulty now, so unless you're climbing mountains, you're not going to miss out on much! The main things you don't get are members only caches, & the descriptions, hints, etc. I'm a texting fiend, so I've learned how to text for the info on the caches that I do try with my junior. This weekend, we went on a road trip to Kansas City... since we had no plans, except 1 night's lodging, I didn't even bother with my delorme. KC is a large area to try & load caches for! Instead, I just took my junior along, with its pre-loaded cache list & away we went! Its nice to just power on, have an arrow pointing to the 20 nearest caches & I can pick which ones to find, based on the direction we walked! I'm a fan. I'll recommend it til the cows come home... and I'll keep using it right along my fancy-schmancy delorme :-)
  13. A major flaw that will most definitely keep me from buying this unit. Things that the Jr. needs to be fully funtional, Mark or exclude ALL of a persons found caches (I know I cant keep track of all of my finds anymore.) Include premium member caches for us premium members. Allow up to 5 manual coordinates (Pushes for multis) I wouldn't call it a major flaw... And i certainly wouldn't let it keep you from trying the unit... There's a reason its got a such a loyal backing going on here! ;-)
  14. If you've run an update with the update kit, everything up to 4* will be in the junior. There's a few exceptions to this (member-only caches, for example), but the majority of the time you'll be able to hold your own against the big boys of the gps world There's several threads on here about the junior... search for them, & find Warren (geomate jr) & he often provides his contact info if you need more assistance. He works for apisphere, so he's our resident expert! Enjoy it! It's a great gadget! Well worth the money!!
  15. Same as everyone with a non-mapping GPS does, I suppose." How do those with a non-mapping GPS get to the starting point? thanks It only shows the 20 closest to wherever you are. So, turn it on & the closest cache will be the first thing you see! We tend to study the map on here, pick an area that seems to have a few caches clustered together, then head to that neighborhood. Its more about spontaneous geocaching over planned-out outings
  16. Is it greedy to ask for better geosense/ better luck (which ever term you want to use!!) I was planning on asking for a new gps, but I got a bonus at work, so I bought myself a treat!! I think my geocaching wish list will be the accessory pack for my new toy I saw online.
  17. we have a party store called 'nobbies' (not sure if its a chain or not), but i went in to get some goodies... and they had oriental trading company stuff, still in the bulk bags that they'd come in!! At least put your own labels on, sheesh!!! But, yeah, I got a bag of like 500 keychains for about $8. I've also had really good luck in target's dollar section. it's always going to 75% off. I've gotten multipacks of pencils for 25 cents! they're the cool push the lead thru the bottom kind, with dinosaurs on them!
  18. My husband isn't the biggest fan either! He goes along & tolerates my new found obsession.... and he's a photographer, so he's usually more concerned with the scenery than the details! I've even tried a group outing with his best friend who does enjoy geocaching! Since I seem to be allergic to nature... and about the klutziest person EVER (who can say they got a scar while reading a book in a lawn chair?! ME!!!!) he has to go with me! (But, if someone else is willing, he won't turn down their offer to take me instead!)
  19. I prefer to think of large expenses justifiably... one time out with the gps? $200. 4 times out? its down to $50. 20 times out? $10! (My friend always tells me that these things aren't an expense... their an investment!!)
  20. My toy has lead me to over 100 caches so far. Works just as well as my 300 dollar toy, just not as much information. i've enjoyed playing with my toy as well!! And i've found the arrow to be extremely reliable! No complaints here!
  21. I finally get to hit #50 today!! (it was supposed to be 2 weekends ago, but there were issues!) Anyway, its not the #50 that's exciting, but the caching-company! We have very close friends that we see maybe once a year... and this will be the first time geocaching with them!! They've been doing it much longer than we have, so, I'm letting them help with a 4* micro that (judging from the logs!) appears to be a real bear to find! Can't wait!!!
  22. its not so much that you load something in... its more that it does exactly what it says: the junior is preloaded with caches.. The update kit just gets that list as up-to-date as it can at that moment.
  23. I just got my pn-30 yesterday.... and since they're basically the same (minus the barometric altimeter or electronic compass), maybe one of you can help me? I'm probably just over-thinking this one... but, where do i go to manually input the waypoints? we were working on a series over the summer with a friend & since my little geomate junior doesn't allow input like that, the friend was in charge of the coords we found. But, he's since gone back to ohio, taking my coords with him!! Anyway- sorry if im hijacking your thread! I was just excited cuz I got mine yesterday too!!
  24. if you're using a palm anyway, you're all set! That's what I've been doing.... I download the PQ into the palm, then, find the GC code from junior in the list on the palm! Granted, I've got a decent memory for things like the name & area that I saw on the map, & narrowing down my list quickly. But, yeah, its been a decent system for me!
  25. mahini, I believe you made a good decision. We have a PN-40 along with our geomate.jr. Between the two of them, you have your bases covered. another day of waiting! dumb ol' columbus messed up the estimated delivery time!
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