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  1. State Of Emergency Declared In Victoria Over COVID-19 https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/state-of-emergency-declared-in-victoria-over-covid-19/
  2. First frustrated person who hates "field puzzles" will hit it with a hammer or smack it against a rock, just to get to the log.
  3. New South Wales: Cities (C) and Areas (A) Victoria: Cities (C), Rural Cities (RC), Boroughs (B) and Shires (S) Queensland: Cities (C), Shires (S), Towns (T) and Regional Councils (R) South Australia: Cities (C), Rural Cities (RC), Municipalities/Municipal Councils (M), District Councils (DC), Regional Councils (RegC), Towns (T) and Aboriginal Councils (AC) Western Australia: Cities (C), Towns (T) and Shires (S) Tasmania: Cities (C) and Municipalities (M) Northern Territory: Cities (C), Towns (T), Municipalities (M) and Shires (S).
  4. The leaderboard has almost nothing for me except links to sites like these. https://www.instagram.com/bettycampbell_19879htv/ https://www.instagram.com/carollopez_19772flj/ Not sure why your site is pimping pornography to me at work, but I can tell you it's not appreciated.
  5. Alas, the closest Clue 1 cache to me is 50km away. The next closest is about 60km in the opposite direction. Regrettably I won't be able to collect clue 1 to start the game as they are not within any reasonable distance from me and while I appreciate a drive, 100km round trip isn't appealing when petrol of $1.50 / litre (about $6.00 / gallon). Love the idea,. Don't like the implementation.
  6. Why not show both, one marked as the original and one as the corrected? Then you can see the art and the solved / actual locations. Best of both worlds especially if you can search by both or either.
  7. https://www.geocaching.com/p/default.aspx?u=Bundyrumandcoke
  8. I applaud your attitude and sentiment. Alas, I have stocked ammo cans and 2 litre containers with hundreds of dollars worth of trade items over the years just to watch it all dwindle to a few calling cards and a stick or two. I no longer take or leave anything in geocaches, but any new geocache I hide I still stock. Don't be surprised but do prepared to be disappointed when the geocaches you stock up are emptied and left with nought but a memory in short order.
  9. The challenge is not to validate what you're doing or where you're posting from it is to validate who you are and what your intention is. Email validation is almost useless as any bot can perform a self validation. IP addresses (as noted) are not satisfactory. You need to engage with the user to confirm that the reason they are here is to do what you are expecting. Any failure on their ability to convince you otherwise means you do not get in the door. I would not let someone into my home because they had a form letter (validation). I would not let someone into my home because they look respectable (IP address). I would only let someone into my home if I knew why they were there, what they were going to do and how they were going to do it. Apply the same logic to your site and the problem is almost entirely eliminated.
  10. As Groundspeak cannot speak for other listing sites, yes, the message needs to go far and wide as Groundspeak can only speak for listings contained on their site. I wonder if the QLD Police Service understand that the agreement they have with Groundspeak is non-binding (or even completely unknown) against other listing sites?
  11. Agreed by who? It's a bit presumptuous for a group to agree on behalf of the entire community as to what they will do with their geocaches. What happens to people who don't read a forum and who have no idea that they've agreed to something they didn't agree with? While this doesn't personally impact me or any of my geocaches, I think it important to understand with what authorities this was agreed.
  12. Too bad that experience doesn't include the basic "rules" of the game, like cache permanence and saturation guidelines. They're geocaching.com site listing rules, not the rules of geocaching in general.
  13. Very geocaching.com focused. Geocaching is not about geocaching.com The rules (for example) do not apply in the game of geocaching, only those which are listed at geocaching.com There are many other cache types out there which geocaching.com do not have and there are sites where locationless and virtual caches are wildly popular.
  14. waypoint name country state owner GC1HZR6 Tractor Trav AU QLD 09JDC GC1HZRA What A Rippa AU QLD 09JDC GC2GVQ4 RIP Rock N Roll Troll AU QLD 09JDC GCPRDA Cool and Green and Shady AU WA 3 Generations GCPZRP Bond with the worms AU WA 3 Generations GC1P8TH Hansen Hill AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1PF19 Childs Play AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1Q6M5 No Dog In This Gully AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1QF90 The Gully Of Geocaching AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1TRTB Two Summits AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1TVZM Dry Waterfalls AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1WQPY Sheltons 3 AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1WVB0 Rocky Road AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1WZAQ StickWhip AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1XC8F Clean Slate AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC1XH5W Tree Mail AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC20CQR Alexandra Fountain AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC24FCC Spring Creek AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC266VC Steaming Ahead AU NSW 379Jonti379 GC26G2K Vallejo Views AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC26G3E Between a cache and a hard place AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC26G4T Mount Howitt Earth Cache AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2A9J4 Keeping The Time AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2BZMP Oh No! A Micro! AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2C2P0 Kronk It Up! AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2EZGF It's All Over! AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2G447 Campers Crater AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2GHN8 Down By The Billabong AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2H10K Barron Falls AU QLD 379Jonti379 GC2P91M The Pledge AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2P91Q The Turn AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC2P920 The Prestige AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC36P80 Eppalock Numbers AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC39AKX Meeting At The Mall - Flash Mob Event III AU VIC 379Jonti379 GC10T6Y 38 degrees south AU VIC 38 degrees south GC10W08 Piney Ridge AU VIC 38 degrees south GC2EKWA The Real Seal AU NSW 3BoysAndaToy GC22AF9 Ninnipicc AU VIC 3D'sRwe GC27ZRC Fire Stealer AU VIC 3D'sRwe GC28ZQ5 ExStream Crossing AU VIC 3D'sRwe GC2A7Z2 Been There Dundas AU VIC 3D'sRwe GC331WG Legless & Off the Rails AU VIC 3D'sRwe GC2WGT7 Tennis for Giants AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC2X2MT Panning for Caches AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC2Z4Z5 Pointless Park AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC3035Z No clues in the name AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC30AF6 Coloured Caches: Red AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC30AFG Coloured Caches: Blue AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC30P0M Coloured Caches: Yellow AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC393Q3 The Treasure of Hillarys Boat Harbour AU WA 3ForTheHoard GC2WW9G Hidden Blast AU NSW 3InOne GC2XBP2 Concrete Crappa AU SA 3InOne GC343T0 Burning Birdie AU NSW 3InOne GC3508Y Footballer on Suspension AU NSW 3InOne GC3A6M1 3D views AU NSW 3InOne GC28ZF9 Rakali on the Run AU VIC 3blackducks GC2BXHZ Postman Pat and His Black and White Cache AU VIC 3blackducks GC2CB2V Maze Mayhem AU VIC 3blackducks GC2CMPJ Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader AU VIC 3blackducks GC2D1NV The Possum Superhighway AU VIC 3blackducks GC2F3YD Star of Kamesburgh AU VIC 3blackducks GC2FV4M Monkey Business AU VIC 3blackducks GC2HE9G Sunset at Sails AU VIC 3blackducks GC2HKEX Bluestone Bridge AU VIC 3blackducks GC2HKF2 Bent Thomas #2 AU VIC 3blackducks GC2NZC3 Little Shock of Horror AU VIC 3blackducks GC2ZR2C Latte's and Long Lunches AU VIC 3blackducks GC17ED5 Bullrush Lagoon AU TAS 3daygrowth GC17EVC Dells Troll AU TAS 3daygrowth GC17EVY My Turf AU TAS 3daygrowth GC17V1T Mary St Wetlands AU TAS 3daygrowth GC17W0C Fentons Mouth AU TAS 3daygrowth GC19K1Q Dicey Puzzle AU TAS 3daygrowth GC1DGJK Bluff Shell AU TAS 3daygrowth GC1WTJV A Lockley Story AU NSW 3l diesel GC2KWKW Fossil Fence Post AU NSW 3l diesel GC311VW Campbell’s Hole Volcanic Dykes AU NSW 3l diesel GC2G8TT Fitzroy Memories AU NSW 3stars GC2MN3R Crash Bang Bang AU NSW 3stars GC37JDW Gilbert Postbox and trackable hotel AU NSW 3stars GC1X0VM Sallie's View AU VIC 3up GC20Z97 Annie, get ya gun - reloaded AU VIC 3up GC21BYD Spotty Sports AU VIC 3up GC220C9 The Darker Side AU VIC 3up GC2819C Wash your back Stony AU VIC 3up GC285EN Big Grey Corvette AU VIC 3up GC33TAT Whisky Business AU VIC 3up GC34765 Just another hole in the wall AU VIC 3up GC2NBC3 Ozi Warrior AU VIC 5 ozitrekkers GC2EAHH Shouldn't Have AU WA 50-50 GC2KC7Y pine trees Geocoin stash AU WA 50-50 GC2MVR3 LOW-RANGE PLAYGROUND AU WA 50-50 GC2XWV9 ROY G BIV AU WA 50-50 GC2NJ32 Pandanus at Pelican AU QLD 520exc GA3828 Rubber ducky..errr..froggie AU ACT 5LittleJacks GA3852 Angry Frog AU TAS 5LittleJacks GA3853 The evil Emperor Bufo Anura AU NSW 5LittleJacks GC35W5X The Great Green Machine AU ACT 5LittleJacks GA1194 Salmo salar AU TAS 5commer3 GA1198 Salvelinus fontinalis AU TAS 5commer3 GA1204 Oncorhynchus mykiss AU TAS 5commer3 GC1B61Y Barrows Loop AU TAS 5commer3 GC1NG3N Local History AU SA 5grains GC206T3 Schools out AU SA 5grains GC206V5 Tally Ho #1 AU SA 5grains GC2084R Early Water AU SA 5grains GC2084Z Community History AU SA 5grains GC2085B Wainmast AU SA 5grains GC2E80C Not quite AAMI AU SA 5grains GC2E80P On Yer Bike AU SA 5grains GC2E81E Possums Pines AU SA 5grains GC2G95M Tally Ho # 2 AU SA 5grains GC2G95V Tally Ho # 3 AU SA 5grains GC36NVT Chewy AU SA 5grains GC38M1B Gross AU SA 5grains GC1QMAZ 5m1thy & Sam's Cache In The Cove AU NSW 5m1thy GC1VNBR Oatley's Old Cache AU NSW 5m1thy GC1VND3 Cache in the Vale AU NSW 5m1thy GC3A8M6 Land to Sea AU NSW 6 Weeds GC22R0Z Our First Cache AU ACT 63scoot GC28WD0 Uluru/Ayers Rock AU NT 64EH GC2F5GP Lest We Forget AU NSW 64EH GC2J7CJ North Melbourne – Kangaroos AU VIC 64EH GC2J7CK "Join in the Chorus" AU VIC 64EH GC2Z503 Everyone Goes Zebra Hunting AU VIC 64EH GC2Z504 Zebra Hunting On The 1st of July AU VIC 64EH GC2Z505 Seen Any Zebras Lately? AU VIC 64EH GC2Z506 Shhh, there they are...ZEBRAS! AU VIC 64EH GC2Z507 And That's How You Go Zebra Hunting! AU VIC 64EH GC3AXJP Leap Year - 2012 AU VIC 64EH GC1533J Hiker's Hide AU SA 66hiker GC15KGZ Little Fishy AU SA 66hiker GC15KHK Stoke the Fire AU SA 66hiker GC175NA Hikers Haige AU SA 66hiker GC2ND0H Strawberries and Cherries AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC2PZGH 'Phar' Views AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC2TFVM The Laurels AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC2WEJK Maddingley Park Gates AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC2XZJH The Cross on the Hill AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC339Z0 Flying High @ Bacchus AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC33H49 Eynesbury Gateway AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC33H4K Ornamental Lake at Eynesbury AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC33H4Y Eynesbury homestead and Ha Ha Wall AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC33H7Q Eynesbury Timber Header Tank and Rural Buildings AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GC39AMJ Open Cut Reviewed AU VIC 6Hinemoa2 GA4020 Flat Frog AU VIC 80degrees GA4038 The Sistema Twins AU VIC 80degrees GA4039 Bison Frog AU SA 80degrees GC21R9H Possum crossing AU VIC 80degrees GC225F0 Norris Rocks AU VIC 80degrees GC24W34 The HUMP AU VIC 80degrees GC2C2TH MCC CAMO AU VIC 80degrees GC2DKXK Banana Alley AU VIC 80degrees GC2EKWF Big. Yellow. Art. AU VIC 80degrees GC2F9M8 'Os' at the Hill AU VIC 80degrees GC2FKD0 Jungle Sounds AU VIC 80degrees GC2FY36 An A2 Engine AU VIC 80degrees GC2FY3C Edwardes Park Lake AU VIC 80degrees GC2GY6M Two Ferrules AU VIC 80degrees GC2GZGV Bundoora Grasslands AU VIC 80degrees GC2H6GV Parliament Station AU VIC 80degrees GC2H6H3 Cooper's Back Fence AU VIC 80degrees GC2JAZG Westgarthtown Cemetery AU VIC 80degrees GC2JB02 Westgarthtown Settlement AU VIC 80degrees GC2JH3D One for Mary AU VIC 80degrees GC2KFTJ SHS on Ford AU VIC 80degrees GC2NA9C High on Merredin AU VIC 80degrees GC2NMA7 Will Will Rook AU VIC 80degrees GC2NQC5 Our Wedding Bells AU VIC 80degrees GC2PDQJ Donuts @ TTTM AU VIC 80degrees GC2RMM4 Tally-Ho Lake AU VIC 80degrees GC2T268 Bundoora Canoe Tree AU VIC 80degrees GC30M7F The 3rd Leap AU VIC 80degrees GC30P0Y Phosphate House AU VIC 80degrees GC30P19 An Urban Farm AU VIC 80degrees GC313BG Wooden Works @ Greensborough AU VIC 80degrees GC325VQ Igneous One AU VIC 80degrees GC325W7 Our Uno AU VIC 80degrees GC33R1N Wales Quarry AU VIC 80degrees GC34BNT Homemakers Delight AU VIC 80degrees GC3563M Readleap's Stables AU VIC 80degrees GC3564Q Stables Playground AU VIC 80degrees GC35GZ5 Norris Rocks 2 AU VIC 80degrees GC3AFZ7 Bluestone Watergate AU VIC 80degrees GC3AXCY Norris Pines AU VIC 80degrees GC2E5P9 No Snow On These Cedars AU NSW 92nty6 GC2Z6M5 Windmill AU NSW 92nty6 GC30NYZ Goin' Up Stream AU NSW 92nty6 GC30QG1 The Vines, Orchard Hills AU NSW 92nty6 GC30QGT Star Gazing AU NSW 92nty6 GC30R1H Going To School On This One AU NSW 92nty6 GC35E5Q Pining for Kingswood's Frog AU NSW 92nty6 GC35W7M Jordan springs AU NSW 92nty6 GC35ZNB Play Time at Jordans AU NSW 92nty6 GC373M4 This is Sparta AU NSW 92nty6 GC373MW This is red hot AU NSW 92nty6 GC2QMB4 Mark of Mastery AU SA 93dt GC2PRY8 Flowing Waters - Stockyard Creek AU SA 94 Snapper GC2QF1E Bugs Bunny AU SA 94 Snapper GC2QMJE Skippy AU SA 94 Snapper GC3BHMZ Foxtrot AU SA 94 Snapper GA2681 Water Fence AU WA Xinders GA3081 Urban Challenge 2 AU QLD Xixau & Shenzi GA3860 Luigi GEOvanni AU WA Xinders GA3862 GEOseppi De Frog AU WA Xinders GA3955 Mervyn AU WA Xinders GA4079 GEOseppi De Frog II AU WA Xinders GA4080 The Little Prince AU WA Xinders GA4086 Baby Kermit AU WA Xinders GA4088 HuGEO Hot Lips AU WA Xinders GC1073H Picton Viaduct AU NSW x ed GC10740 Rob's micro AU NSW x ed GC1074D Razorback X AU NSW x ed GC12HZW Urban Jungle AU QLD Xixau & Shenzi GC13EH7 Nanorial AU VIC Xesist GC18DAH Once Was Firetrail AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC18FT1 The Anomaly AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC18J9X Sixpence None The Richer AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC18NXE The Monolith AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC191HV A Waterworks Quarry AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC19225 Get On Your Skates AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1922D Currawong View AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1978P Bill's Hill AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC19GE1 Goanna Rock AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC19KYX Aggie the Panther AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC19NEW Waterfall and ??? AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1A0DD Harveys Creek Spur Hauler AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1A6T3 Witches Cat AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1AH75 Dundowran AU QLD xaviergeo GC1AHJ5 Jackson's Ferns 'n' Logs AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1K9GY Confluence AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1KRMV Jackson's Tunnel AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1M51Y Aqueducts AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC1NWB0 Lover's Lane AU SA xx4evermorexx GC1Q1G5 Adelaide Coastal Radio Station VIA AU SA xibat GC1RTZC Thomas's Beach AU SA xx4evermorexx GC1RV03 Bus Stop AU SA xx4evermorexx GC1RXNZ Bridge To Nowhere AU SA xibat GC22HJQ Mangrove Jack AU QLD Xixau & Shenzi GC22NDZ Another Dirt Road AU SA xx4evermorexx GC22Z62 Spring Four Fishing AU TAS xr400sim GC231KR Freshwater Creek AU QLD Xixau & Shenzi GC23BWD Mangrove Maze AU QLD Xixau & Shenzi GC259HC Mary Kathleen AU QLD xr400sim GC25BDM Australia Remembers AU QLD xr400sim GC25DPP Razorback AU QLD xr400sim GC266ZF Sunset Lawn AU QLD xr400sim GC26B1X mitakoodi AU QLD xr400sim GC26FEV Moonrock AU QLD xr400sim GC26FFN Peace Keeper AU QLD xr400sim GC27Q4D But Daddy, I Want A Pony! AU VIC XD1 GC2897J South Gippy Stroll 1 AU VIC XD1 GC28KRC Man Flu AU VIC XD1 GC29BKR Make Tankers 20 AU VIC XD1 GC29HYC On The Road to Fame AU QLD xr400sim GC29HYQ Outback at Isa AU QLD xr400sim GC29XX8 The Eye Of The ISA AU QLD xr400sim GC2BVY1 CRRS - Meeting With Murray AU VIC XD1 GC2CYHG Blue Waters AU QLD xr400sim GC2HATW XIAN 01 AU VIC xian_44 GC2M3AK Career Path AU TAS Xorg and Pixelwarrior GC2NTNF Family View AU VIC xambo4u GC2RBDH Head Out To See AU NSW xaxisycross GC2T5J3 Burning desire AU VIC X Sig GC2WEM2 Railway Madness AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2WVZG Bush Bashin' AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2XP0V Park Rd. AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2Y05V Peek Tfel AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2YC61 Keating Park AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2YJ77 Graceville Avenue AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2YTHF Plug The Holes AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2Z0CT subURBAN Rippers - #1 AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2Z3C1 subURBAN Rippers - #2 AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC2ZHZ1 subURBAN Rippers - #3 AU QLD x RazzBerry x GC33BER Out of Place AU VIC xambo4u GC33KQT CRRS - Numurkah Lurker AU VIC XD1 GC33P61 CRRS - Trees 4 Farms AU NSW XD1 GC33P7M CRRS - On the way FROM Queensland AU NSW XD1 GC354Y4 Where On Earth Is Lawgi? AU QLD xusia GC354YC Just Shoot Me! AU QLD xusia GC35506 All Aboard! AU QLD xusia GC3566Y The Quarrymen AU NSW Xaibagh-fam GC356K5 Place It, And They Will Come AU VIC XD1 GC356KR Industry's Edge AU VIC XD1 GC35EB4 Queue Jumper AU NSW Xaibagh-fam GC36C0 Xan's Gaze AU SA XanBrother GC39AP7 Rock AU NSW Xaibagh-fam GC39EGN Spock AU NSW Xaibagh-fam GC39G3R Paper AU NSW Xaibagh-fam GC39JA1 Scissors AU NSW Xaibagh-fam GC3A8A7 Forest Challenge 6 AU QLD Xixau & Shenzi There are 498 with the owner starting with z. If you are looking for cache OWNERS starting with those letters and number, there are heaps. You need to look harder :-)
  15. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/www.geocaching.com
  16. I'd dispute that comment about Internet Explorer in general. IE7 and above all support min-width and max-width as part of the CSS 2.1 declarations. IE5.5 does not support it. IE6 supports it but in a non-standard way, so it's best to say it doesn't. This is not an opinion or a supposition, it is from the MSDN. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms530811%28v=vs.85%29.aspx In general http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_explorer.asp IE6 consumes 2.5% of the overall market for browsers. This a generalisation and GC may have a different ratio. So the description as provided by OpinioNate caters for 2.5% of the browser community at the expense of the remaining 97.5% of the browswer community (again, GC may not be the same ratio). It is not a browser issue (IE6 and lower excepting) and if it is perceived that IE6 and lower need to be supported, it would only impact "wide images flowing off the page" on around 2.5% of the browser community. The page would still render, just wider than expected. So a small number of "wide pages" would show as "wide pages" on 2.5% of the broswser community. This is probably < 1%. So I dispute the reasoning behind the decision to go fixed width.
  17. <Groundspeak:log id="135224880"> <Groundspeak:date>2010-11-09T20:00:00Z</Groundspeak:date> <Groundspeak:type>Write note</Groundspeak:type> <Groundspeak:finder id="230070">caughtatwork</Groundspeak:finder> <Groundspeak:text encoded="False"><p> This is a test log</p> <p> <strong>This is a test log</strong></p> <p> <em>This is a test log</em></p> <p> <u>This is a test log</u></p> <p> <strike>This is a test log</strike></p> <p> <a href="http://caughtatwork.com.au">This is a test log</a></p> <p> <img src="/images/icons/tongue.gif" /><img src="/images/icons/icon_smile_kisses.gif" /></p> </Groundspeak:text> </Groundspeak:log> The image source is referenced locally in the GPX files and should be absolute referenced when you're not on the GC site.
  18. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC1T6GE Tada :-)
  19. If you grab the .kml file for your coin / tb and save it to your website you only have to use a .xml parser to get the last co-ords and plot that point on a map.
  20. Most (if not all) GCA cachers are also GC cachers, so someone will find the coin and move it along. It's nearly 1,000km from me so I can't help, but someone will surely see it and move it.
  21. <a href="www.devils-punchbowl.com" target= "_blank">Devil's Punch Bowl.</a> Add the http:// to the front. ie. <a href="http://www.devils-punchbowl.com" target= "_blank">Devil's Punch Bowl.</a>
  22. Yeah, Peter mentioned he was upgrading the site but ran into some gremlins. Site should be back up. Apologies for the downtime.
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