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  1. No Coins. No money back. We are waiting now 8 month. Jack is a big big liar.
  2. We are still waiting to get our money back. Just want to say we don't wish you the best !!! Because you bought a lot of people about their money, I orderd Sep. 2009 but i am still waiting for it !!! You lie and lie hopefully you never get a new buisness
  3. Hello, we have also lost our money. We have ordered on the 02nd of September, 2009, till this day no delivery and no money back. Also about the GC profile ,,Team JSAM,, we have already tried to get in touch, up to now without success. We have informed Geocaching and Groundspeak, because these make advertisement still for Coinswag. Hopefully he does not make in future under another shop name the same play. Dajana
  4. Name of coin: Order number: yhst 20873468203138 3202 Name of Vendor: Coinswag.com Date Ordered: 02. Sept 2009 Shipment Due Date: never we are still waiting for the order. The homepage is down from the shop, no answer from them.
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