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  1. Thank you for the replies!!! I forgot about my post as I resolved the problem. It turns out it was my computer. I restarted it and everything worked normally... Odd!!! Thanks again- KN2
  2. Hello, I don't post much but suddenly I'm having an issue with my Garmin etrex 20. When I plug it in, it turns on instead of going to the screen that allows it to connect to the computer. Any advice? I loaded waypoints to it yesterday just fine without it turning on, but now it won't do it. I tried reseting and it didn't do anything... Odd. Any advice is appreciated!!! -KN2
  3. Wow. I think you are confusing "activated" with "placed in a cache." Let's breathe a sigh of relief and then talk facts. Your coin is activated and you are the owner: TB23N0H Yes, I have your geocoin. It is safe. I have prepared a little sheet to go with it stating it's mission (to travel to you), and I will place it as soon as I am able. You are the second person to ask me to please put it in a cache soon, and I promise to do this WHEN I AM ABLE. I beg of you and the other recipients a little patience. Also, your attempt to contact to me did not convey that you were having problems adopting the coin. Rather, it was a message from the "Geocaching Friends" feature on geocaching.com, confirming that you had completed the adoption and for me to place your coin out into the wild. Here is all I received (color added by me): "This is an automated message from Geocaching.com KarateNeko2 (http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=c77b01f4-2160-4af2-99b9-f067417ea036) has sent you a friend request! To add this person to your friends list you can click the link provided below. Geocaching Friends is a feature which allows you to identify other geocachers who share similar interests, while providing new ways of interacting online. KarateNeko2 had this to say: Hey, I adopted the coin you offered! If you can send it out into the wild I would apriciate it! Thank you. KarateNeko2 Click on the link below to either Accept or Decline this Friend invite. http://www.geocaching.com/my/pfr.aspx?rg=d...6e93a3223" (**NOTE: link altered by me for the privacy of both parties) I apologize for your confusion, and again, I promise to send your coin out into the world as soon as I am able. You're welcome, and happy caching. **Edited for clarification OOOhhhh... sorry. Thank you. I was confused. It's good to know you will. Thank you again haha sorry bout my franticness. Plz forgive me. I apriciate this! Thanks. I should have thought about it more. Thanks. ~KN2
  4. Excuse me, Penny and Kona let me adopt a coin, but I want them to activate it because they have it. They were unresponsive, so idk what to do. Can some one please help me? I adopted it and its my only coin so far, but I cant watch it move around the world because its not activated. Please, Penny and Kona, activate it for me!!! Send it out into the world!
  5. I would love to adopt a geocoin! I want to start collecting, but Iv'e found geocoins are quite expensive. So, adopting one here would be great. I also would like to watch it travel! I'd let it travel, then when it comes close to where I live, I'd pick it up, give it a good look, and either release it back to the wild or keep it for a while.Knowing that so many geocachers could have seen it and thought: "Wow! cool, a geocoin!" So if anyone has one up to adopt, email me! Thank you!
  6. That seems fishy to me. And a clear example of why Virtuals shouldn't be allowed. I take the opposite approach -- it's a wonderful example of what a well-done virtual cache looked like and it is one of the most beloved caches in the province. Certainly the most logged cache I know of (just to bring this back on topic!) Woah woah woah now people! This cache was started March 31, 2010! That was five days ago! how could so many people go to that certain spot in five days when regular caches take years to have that many logs????
  7. Hmmm... so something creative... something no one's done before.... hmmm...
  8. I want to put in some more caches near my neighborhood since not many exist. I was wondering if anyone had ideas for some real sneaky caches that you can't just see... You have to look to find. I want something clever as a host too!
  9. KarateNeko2


    No, no, no, mathmaticly pi is 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288...
  10. Hey, after finding 52 caches you may start to realize that just about everything goes geo! Geowaterbottle Geobag GeoGPS Geoshoes Geopapers Geopens Geohat Geobike Geostick ECT!
  11. Keep your dog-worshipping agenda out of the forums, biscuit breath. Most people know not to mix animals and geocaching. Except for that one nut case with the hamsters. I buried my hamster NEAR my cache when he died. Is that ok? I mean, if it's not ok I'm not digging him back up again, but I'll move the cache. Anyway, I guess if i found something religious or political in my cache, it would feel like someone put a dead hamster in my cache. The way I would handle this is I would post a note saying to please not put those things in my cache and throw it away.
  12. Cool coin! I hope to see one of these in the future!
  13. Contact the reveiwer. You can e-mail them and ask for an explination. All the link is saying to me is that an error occured. Try hiding it farther away from the premium cache I guess...
  14. TFTC- thanks for the cache TNLN- took none left none micros should be bison tubes, film cans, ect. smalls should be tupperware, lock-n-locks, ect. larges should be ammo-cans, big peanut jars, big pork-rind jars, ect. Have fun, and try those caches again! Never give up the search for a cache!
  15. Haha that's great! 7 out of 7. It's good to hear kids are having fun
  16. Well, if you want funny ones, then I suggest you cutting out the centers of fake fruits and hanging them on trees as caches. Or maybe a hollow toy that looks like a baby tree. Those are really cool.
  17. Adopting a coin would be very cool. If there are any to give, please PM me! Are these coins activated or are they extras that are still not activated?
  18. Haha, now thats a way to think about things!
  19. Ok, I don't think I'm selling it. Just keep looking in caches! a lot of people leave them as signature items, so don't give up and spend all that money!
  20. Thats exactly what happened to me! I have one now, and I don't know what to do with it! I'll sell it, but I don't know the costs of it... I'll see how much and post back to you on this...
  21. Well, what are the difficulty ratings and how long did you look for each one? Sometimes caches are just really hard. Are they wonder caches? those dont have the acctual coords, you have to solve a riddle or puzzle to get the correct coords. If I could see the geocache links I could answer you better. What are the cache codes?
  22. These coins are so beautiful! They really are something. Great disign
  23. Thanks for all your help and support. I'm proud to be a part of geocaching since you all have great answers. I won't find my own caches, nor be FTF on them. That's for all the other cachers to do, right?
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