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  1. I'm having the same problem - can't enter launch date, country, or state, and when I try to submit it goes to a generic error page...
  2. Doh! I missed your message while traveling and decided against paying to log on at the hotel! See my log entries for a few caches that I visited. I too had a travel bug! Darn! ppro
  3. I am traveling to the Dominican Republic on the wee hours of Friday July 8. I can't find any detailed maps for my Garmin GPS V and so I am hoping to find someone who may have traveled to Punta Cana and recorded tracks while they were there. Any format/gps brand will be fine. I have identified five or six caches that all appear to be sporadically maintained and have been placed in vulnerable places (beach sand, bus stop roofs, etc), and while I am contemplating placing a travel bug in one if it appears stable enough (and large enough) I may just be doing some sight seeing. Of course the other problem is our plane leaves on July 8, the day after a topical storm (hurricane) blows through there so it is even "iffy" that we'll be going. Weather notwithstanding, any track data from DR would be most welcome. I am willing to trade data that I have for Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, PA and ME. See my web site for trip details (topo map graphic) http://4x4icon.com ppro
  4. Gee, any chance you saved your tracks from your trip to Punta Cana? I bought the Garmin WorldMap and while it is better than a blank screen it's pretty close to that for what little it has to offer. Not a criticism as I knew that going in. But if you happen to have any tracks or waypoints, I would love to have them. ppro
  5. I made some images of the Jeep TB. Fun stuff. Here's one with a Yellow Jeep Club. Bunch of poseurs!
  6. This looks great! Thanks very much. I found my next problem last night working with GPS Utility. It does convert (text export version) Waypoint+ and allows saving to PCX5. Then loading to the Garmin V I discover the track gets broken into 250 point segments... and some segments got truncated because there were more than 250 points... This tool allows me to reduce the number of points in the track. I am very grateful for the advice. A little frustrated that Garmin changed the track support in favor of something that seems at first to me to be a step backward. I foolishly hoped they'd increase the number of allowable track points from 1024 (GPS 12) to something that would give me greater track size, but not by breaking it up into 250-piece segments... It would have been nice to see an option to either store the 10 segments or one large segment. DOH! It seems for my purposes, my original idea to run two GPS 12's on the trail (to get twice the track log and waypoint capacity wasn't so dumb after all. The GPS V is a great "road" GPS but I am starting to have my doubts about it as a "trail" GPS... Maybe I need to play with it some more?
  7. I finally decided to update my gear somewhat. I have two GPS 12's that have served me very well. Decided to try a Garmin V. I like the autoroute feature. I discovered that I cannot directly load tracks saved from my GPS 12 using Waypoint+ to my Garmin V!?!?! Not really too surprised but I have many tracks that I want to use with the Garmin V. I think what I need to do is convert them from Waypoint+ format to PCX5 format before I can upload them. I am guessing this has already been done before... Did the search, didn't find anything. Is there anybody out there who can point me in the right direction from their own personal experience? Thanks!
  8. Yes, it does. It's located in Virginia, spread out over a few counties. Here's a small area here.
  9. On my way out for a weekend of wheeling in GWNF. Looked up some caches (CCrew put a few out there that coincide with my planned travels). I'm not new to GPS (or map and compass for that matter) but have just started looking for caches with my kids. Here we are, on the trail... (the guy next to the tree is my good friend and spotter) And for those wheelers out there, my site: 4x4 Icon.com Lots of GPS stuff there for responsible wheelers. ppro
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