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    Via MC you don't have a record of any conversations on your computer/tablet locally, you HAVE to go online. Replying will always be easier via mail as not everybody uses "the app". I guess most even just use a GPS instead of apps.


    Official APP is only for newbies. I dont know a serious Geocacher which use this app. Geocachers in my surrounding use either Garmin, or smartphone with Locus or aDrake, newbies yet cGeo. No one can online read "messages", but all who have data connection can read emails.

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  2. For me and for many others it would be useful to the possibility of this pseudo-feature completely blocked. So that no one by mistake used when selecting "Send message" instead of "Send email" could not send such a message to my account. Such blocking feauture would have made me happy.

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  3. For me and for many others it would be useful to the possibility of this pseudo-feature completely blocked. So that no one by mistake used when selecting "Send message" instead of "Send email" could not send such a message to my account. Such blocking feauture would have made me happy.

  4. Der obige Link funktioniert, lässt sich allerdings nicht im Beitrag markieren und herauskopieren, da er von der Forensoftware gekürzt wurde.


    Daher hier nochmal als Code getagt:




    Oder eben oben anklicken und dann in der Adresszeile des Browsers editieren.

    Bestes Ausgangspunkt ist www.project-gc.com


    I am really curious about where you are getting your data that these changes you keep making are wanted?

    This format on us Groundspek long tested within Wymarking. But there we took it as a harmless folklore and so it did not matter.

  6. It is again one of the innovations that shall be issued for improvements but in fact only provide users with problems and worsening service.

    Emails should be simple, clear and understandable. And in this case also easily automatically processable.

  7. Just put the coords in your GPS as a waypoint, and you have it!
    Yeah, except that some of us wipe out the contents of our GPS receivers on a regular basis. If the physical cache locations are stored in the geocaching.com database, then it's easy enough to download the local cache data (found and unfound caches alike) when we're checking potential cache ocations.

    Better Idea is - use GSAK (commercial) or GeoGet (free)

  8. It's not about an experience of geocaching. We're talking about two different hobbies. They are tourism (visiting and enjoying interesting places) and geocaching (searching for hidden "treasures").


    Placing caches everywhere "just because you can" is probably a dark side of geocaching. But simply walking/driving and marking places I visit is in my opinion not geocaching at all.


    So please be careful with your wishes ;)


    I agree. Careful what you wish for.


    We've seen what happens when people are allowed to go for the lowest common denominator - i.e. the easiest way to get a smiley.


    The site will be overrun with virtuals and GS will be pressured to separate the virts from the rest of the caches and probably move the cache type to it's own site...maybe something called "earthmarking" or something like that. bad_boy_animated.gif

    Yes, the site exist, it is a Groundspeak site an its name is Waymarking !!!

  9. [...]

    Unfortunately these waypoint types are apparently not known to other apps that use the API or GPX files. [...]


    You're wrong. Apps that correctly use the sym tag do NOT fail.

    GSAK does import GPX and Api children data with their appropriate types. :)



    Nonsense, you're wrong.

    How should the application to determine the significance of what is stated in <sym>? Where to find that "Virtual stage" has the same meaning as "Question to answer"?

  10. Why Groundspeak dont blocking hackers who intentionally destroy listings of foreign caches and block them against for changes and against for logging?

  11. Too bad that the Hungarian geocaching community can not solve problems with maintaining the listing gc.com, so many will disappear by the very old and rare cache, perhaps working only a few meters away.

    I preparing to search for old GC-hun checking its cache coordinates on gc.hu server.

    And yet in a situation where in many areas of Hungary is a great lack of caches.

  12. Share Cache Logs with Facebook and Twitter


    In this release we have added a widget to the log confirmation page that allows you to quickly connect and share cache logs to your Twitter feed and Facebook wall.



    I've tried clicking the "No Thanks" link, but it just takes me back to the cache listing and the widget is still there the next time I view a log. Is this supposed to hide the widget? If not, what IS its function? I've chosen not to link my account to Facebook or Twitter, so I'd rather not have to look at a useless widget every time I view a log. Yes, I know it's at the bottom of the page, but why have it if I've chosen I don't want it? If it's there just to remind us that we can link the accounts, a small "Connect to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to share with your friends" link would work just as well without being as intrusive.

    Minor, so please fix the other bugs first. Bug fixes should always come before tweaks or additions.


    PLEASE HOW TO PERMANENTLY REMOVE THIS ADVERTISING for F....Book ? Unfortunately, I cannot use Gresemonkey under IE :-(

  13. Conoces esto ??

    You know this?




    Me temo que esta página sólo se puede utilizar si se trata de la TB o la GC insertado en el geocaché.

    Cuando se ha iniciado la sesión geocacher el uno al otro, por lo que no se puede insertar una solicitud de ayuda en la búsqueda.


    I fear that this page can be used only if it is TB or GC inserted in the geocache.

    When he has logged geocacher to each other, so there can not insert a request for help in finding.


    Malamanta = geocacher !! Do you know someone?

  14. [ES]

    Usuario Malamanta tiene desde hace varios meses, mi (e incluso una diferente) geocoin.

    El email de responder no. Si alguien sabe, podría advertirle que

    y pueden tener a largo y que tiene un instante hacia adelante o hacia adelante a otra persona?


    (google translation from Czech to Spain)



    Malamanta user has for several months, my (and even a different) geocoins.

    The email does not respond. If someone knows, it could warn him that he

    and may hold long and that it has an instant forward or forward to someone else?


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