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  1. 4 hours ago, Goldenwattle said:

    There is another reason; the challenge of finding an archived caches. Nothing to do with the statistics. Or if accidentally finding it, then the challenge of working out which cache it was. I have had several of the latter. It was fun working out which cache it is.

    1) YES !!!!

    2) If we have a good offline database and information from the bookmark, there is no need to look for what it is.

  2. For caches that do not have a filled territory (state) , the API now returns the value "None" (in GPX and on the web, this information is still empty). This innovation complicates the work with caches, because the programs are designed for an empty value. Is there any hope that it will return to its original state?


      "terrain": 2,
      "hints": "the olives are wise \/ Maslinite sa madri",
      "location": {
       "countryCode": "BG",
       "country": "Bulgaria",
       "stateId": 1,
       "countryId": 37,
       "state": "None"


  3. On 8/13/2019 at 5:00 AM, funkymunkyzone said:


    Just to add a couple more questions...  Is it really an issue?  Yes Flash is software that needs to be downloaded at some point, but then so is a browser.  Many people optionally download Firefox to browse cache pages themselves (and obviously the rest of the internet too).  Flash is just something that people can optionally download too.  So is it an issue, and if so, why, what makes it different to other internet browsing software and extensions etc that people download onto their computers in order to browse the internet the way they want?

    I think it's time to outlaw Flash. It was officially announced that the function of all flash players will be forcibly terminated at the end of 2020. This means that on January 1, 2021, it will not be possible to solve these mysteries. Although it is a long-known fact, why are new and new caches using this technology still being


    Some browsers are already blocking Flash and these animations cannot be run on them.

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  4. What are the rules with the initial coordinates of the caches at present? I thought there was a rule to prevent the icons on the map from overlapping. But now I have found a series of 36 caches that have the same opening coordinates. Why did this change happen? These are geocaches in Poland, GC codes from GC7KYD0 .. GC7KYHP

  5. On 5/16/2019 at 9:39 PM, arisoft said:


    This is allowed as long as you can not be recognized from the picture. " a face cannot be required in the photo "

    I think some rules and bans are stupid. How can someone delete my face or punish me for posting my photo? Where are we ?

  6. This step affects thousands of geocaches who have their statistics in the profile. Although they can still upload them there, most of the improvements they've been working on for years have stopped working. It is not even possible to switch between different statistics sections, so there is a risk of returning to the old way, when everything was on a very long page. Additionally, some statistics generators are no longer supported by their creators, and this means a lot of work on switching to another system.

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  7. On 10. 12. 2017 at 2:40 PM, TriciaG said:

    ...which doesn't show on the map, to make it easy to plan a trip to find all those solved caches. An experienced cacher might be able to with other tools, but a lot of cachers have no clue about plotting final waypoints on a map elsewhere.

    I see all waypoints on map. I dont use GC.COm map, but use external geocaching database programm - GeoGet. I think, GSAK know the same...


    And in mobile phone application is also all visible.

  8. On 8. 12. 2017 at 2:30 PM, TriciaG said:

    If someone has solved the puzzle, they need to be able to see where the cache IS so they can find it. So the icon moves to the solved coordinates.

    But when the person has found the cache and logged a "found it", the icon will move back to the posted coordinates, so the Geo-art will show.

    This makes sense and is how the system is written.

    Moving icon is nonsense. For solved finals is "Final waypoint".

  9. This checker has two serious negatives that prevent you from using:
    1) There is no information in listing about use of checker, perhaps even an HTML comment that could be decoded by third party programs
    2) In case of successful verification, it will irreparably damage the cache information (overwrite coordinates) so I'm afraid to use it. For the purpose of finding a cache there is a substantial Final Waypoint and not some modified heading coordinates.

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  10. Hi,
    We look for polygons for sorting caches according to the Finnish provinces (maakunnat) and then for viewing in statistics maps. Is there any such data file available or will we have to click on the map (about OSM?)?

  11. x- (x={Czech, Slovak, Polish, German, Austrian, ...}) Wood Geocoins (xWGs) are non-trackable sigitems, despite the confusing name "geocoin". They were created a few years back to improve quality of trade items, and they evolved into an obsession for many Czech cachers. The Wood Geocoin is a small (diameter 35mm and thickness 7mm) wood knot with laser-burnt geocacher's or team's or event's logo; on the back side id the Geocaching logo (used with permission from Groundspeak). People collect them, trade them, there are xWG exhibitions, etc.

    When you find one in a cache you should trade it, ideally for your own or any other xWG. If you don't have any you should put to the cache another item of the same or higher value. To give you an idea, the exchange value of one CWG is usualy 10CZK (e.g. 0.35 EUR).

    Some CWGs are really nice.


    In german you can see information on YouTube:

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