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  1. I totally saw that! I was casually watching while on the computer. I had to rewind and re-watch like three times to see that it was a Signal and it had the TB. I was so excited. Nobody else in my house was excited as I was. It was a lot like seeing a TB in the wild, only I didn't get to discover it. So glad you posted about this. It is way more fun to not be alone in being excited.
  2. Hi Dane! I am interested in caching with you. I also cache with my other half. Maybe we can go out on a Saturday? A half day all four of us? I'm in Akron but it's not that far and we can maybe meet in the middle.

    Ohio Cachers

    To Oxford Comma, Fingerstink, We should plan to go caching together one day on a warm weekend! If we drag my other half (CLBRocker) we make on full car!
  4. Agreed. I have also used these books in the development of my ECs. I have used both the Ohio and Death Valley Books.
  5. I like to think I am flexible. I do need to get answers sent in. I always ask a question that "proves" you were there. Something that shows you read the description and looked at the spot. I have another one that asks for an elevation measurement. I accept something close, I don't have a tolerance that it has to fall within. On the other hand I have tossed in a few "trick" questions too. I have one EC that I ask if there is a smell associated with the location.....and there is not. So when they make something up it's really obvious. I have let some folks log an EC that is at the Gateway to Death Valley that did not answer the questions. This area is quite famous and gets A LOT of foreign visitors, I often get requests for questions be translated or what some words mean. My feeling with these is they are making an effort I am going to meet them at least half way (maybe more). Sometimes they just describe the area as best as possible that works for me. Saying all that, no contact = a deleted log. <<Really if you SAY you didn't do the cache in the log how do you expect that log not to be deleted?>>
  6. I think we are getting a bit off topic on this. Seebee89, I have spend more time thinking about your question. I thought about how would I approach it if I were you. This is what I would do to start down the exploration road. Head to the library to see if there is a book about the tornado. Research if there was any lasting geological effects. The best lead I think would be erosion (mechanical - wind, rain, etc) that caused a slump block (fallen rocks). You will have to do a bit if research to present the erosion portion (possibly the types of erosion chemical vs. mechanical). If you do develop this, I am open to helping with resource material, ideas, or even helping with some text even. Ok that is my last 2 cents on the subject. Best wishes in your research and development. **NOT a Geologist**
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I will be out running a half marathon next weekend. I see there is plenty to keep me busy for the weekend. If you think of anything else to add, please feel free to add!
  8. I don't know that this would work as an Earthcache, however this would be a great series. If would be great to follow the path of the tornado with a groups of caches or even a multi. Remember that Geocaching should help you see something or bring you to a place that a player may not have been to without "caching". Just because it's not an Earthcache doesn't mean its not worth doing. Don't be discouraged!
  9. I will be in Erie, PA for a three day weekend in mid July. I have only been there to run a half marathon on Presque Isle State Park. Ok I went to Sheetz too. Help me not miss some of the cool caches. Don't get me wrong, I love a LPC (or 12 per day ;-). I would like/things I am interested in: * a strong numbers showing (25-35 day) * Earthcaches - need two more working towards my EarthCache Master Platinum (these don't have to be done on this trip, But I do like these) * I will have a car * I'm running a half marathon Sunday morning * Looking for fun above all * Going to MidWest GeoBash the following weekend. Thanks for your thoughts!
  10. Just as a side note, there is a underground nuclear test detonation site that you can get to just about 100 miles from the Alien Head site. You can drive right up to it and find three nearby geocaches. The fragileness of the desert in this area has "left the building". Also in this very area they filmed ID4 a few years ago. Can't tell now can you?
  11. I would like to see a souviner for 11-11-11 AND 09-09-09!
  12. #1 Are vehicles allowed off road? ------------Yes they are. There are dirt roads, and new dirt trails made in the area all the time #2 Are any vehicles specifically banned? (Usually motorcycles w/out spark arresters are banned is a common boilerplate for desert areas.) ------------Nope. There are all types of trucks, suv's, Atv (horses too) that run this area. It's one of the few things the locals have to do for fun. #3 Is the area habitat to a protected species? (I.E. Desert Tortoise) If yes, who/what agency manages the protected species in that vacinity? ------------No this area is open range for cattle. Local ranchers pay a fee to the BLM to let there cattle range for about 150 miles in (almost)any direction from Rachel,NV. Cattle is regularly creamed on the hwy (Paved rd) totalling cars. Just what I know from living in the Southern NV area, before moving to Ohio in Nov 2010. I did the Alien head the night it was published. Great night hiking.
  13. Pastor_B is there a chance that I could buy the Akron, Ohio coin? What woiuld you ask for it?
  14. I need to be on a wait list. Is there one list or do you have to go to the maker/event orgainzer?
  15. I'm attending my first Ohio Geocaching event on 11-11-11. I have to drive to Cleveland, but it's gonna be fun!
  16. How do I get one of these coins? I have moved to an new area, and my coin connection has moved across country too. I am going to attend and 11-11-11 event, but am next to positive that we don't have NEOhio coin. Any help is appreciated. Thanks AHOLLYS

    Ohio Cachers

    I'm in Akron, near Tallmadge. I am recently become active geocaching after moving to Ohio a year ago. I have alot of Nevada (desert) caching experience, but this ground cover business is a challenge for me. Happy Cacheing!

    Ohio Cachers

    I'm moving back to the Ohio area. I will be in Akron, Ohio (and Portage County areas) after the 20th of November. Is there any semi-organized groups of cachers in the area?
  19. I am in the Akron/Canton area on vacation (visiting the fam) and would LOVE to find some GeoPeeps to cache with! I am here untill Sept 1(ish). I am avaliable weekdays no problem, and some weekends if we schedule.
  20. I am in the Akron/Canton area on vacation (visiting the fam) and would LOVE to find some GeoPeeps to cache with! I am here untill Sept 1(ish). I am avaliable weekdays no problem, and some weekends if we schedule.
  21. I know that here in Southern Nevada Mojave_Rattler and Me & Bucky are both Earthcache Masters. Still working towards mine.
  22. I have no backround in Geology. I just like Earthcaches.
  23. Wow. I am impressed already with the new system. This is good news!
  24. I am curious to see who they are too. They seem so mysterious.
  25. I have to appoligize, but the intention of the fact that I have copied the announcment which I read on earthcache.org was just because I thought that you might be interested in this information. I have not written the announcement and I am not responsible for its content. Therefore I can not answer your questions. I feel sorry that you got a different impression by posting this information here. This was never my intention. Especially I never wanted to annoy any of the honorable earthcache developers in this forum. Big sorry to all of you. But I have learnt my lesson: I will never publish an announcement in this forum which I have not written myself. Do you mean that I have said that? I would never say somethink like that! "Do you mean that I have said that? I would never say somethink like that!" Heavens no! I would never imply that you would say such a thing. You are one of us! That is a quote from someone else who has posted on your thread. I am sorry that you have had to take ownership for something you really didn't start other than advising us of the changes. Anyway, I want to thank you for the notification because if you had not done that, many of us would have missed the dramatic announcement. Now to TPTB, someone is making the changes (Geoaware?) so why not take ownership and answer our questions? Thanks. Thoto, If you would not have posted that notice, who knows how long it would have been before I knew about this. I find reposting this information to this forum is totally approperate. Sorry for my bad spelling.
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