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  1. Link Try reloading the chipset. I had this problem, it even showed signal strength for the satellites but would never get a lock.
  2. I've noticed the road data for NB usually seems incomplete, no matter the mapping product. At least the Metroguide Canada v4 did a pretty good, I wish they'd come out with another version using data from dmti. I notice that even Navteq doesn't seem to know about the new location for highway 2 south of Woodstock, even thought it's been at least 3 years since that section was opened. I guess it's time to start using the map reporter and hope that it's fixed in time the next version of City Navigator.
  3. I have a collection of 300+ Tim Hortons sites from a drive across Canada (Ontario to BC). S&T map Currently the listing is in an Excel spreadsheet but I can change that. If anyone is interested let me know an I'll make the data available.
  4. It appears that Garmin Geko's have the same problem, link. My Geko 201 is an hour off, I suspect it might be a programming error in the unit's firmware.
  5. I'm not overly impressed with it. It has pretty well the same old road data as mapsend S&D Canada. They did update a few Highways, like in New Brunswick they updated Route 2, in Ontario the 407 is complete and the area around Perry Sound is now 4 lanes. As to the topo data, in Ontario you can't tell a hill from a cliff by looking at the elevation lines on the map. But it will show you the elevation changes for roads, so it might be good for bicycling. Lots more waterways displayed, a few major named and searchable. Two bugs I noticed is that half the Confederation bridge between NB and PEI will disappear if you zoom too close, when running mapsend on the PC. Another bug is the Topo data in a box (N53, W68 to N52,W66) near Labrador City is completely missing. It's nice to have the additional data displayed on my Meridian, but it just seems so incomplete. Maybe I've been spoiled by paper maps and using Garmin's Topo Canada. This version of Mapsend has the same copy protection as DirectRoute, so you need to keep your CD handy in order to run it.
  6. Yep, I get the same thing. I'm glad I don't depend my Geko 201 as a clock.
  7. Geko 201 and 2 from M. Picked up the Geko because the 10,000 track points, for trying to geolocate my photos.
  8. You could also add in nroute 2.0 from Garmin for free and have it speak out the turns.
  9. from this webpage about using GPS with Streets&Trips 2005. I find the use of the word "automatically" a little misleading. You still need to press a button to recalculate the proper routing from your current location, it's not like it keeps track of where you are along a route and re-routes if you go off track. If you turn on the 'Create gps trail' it uses the draw tools to create the lines, and you can extract them using the st2gpx. But you only can extract the location of each point, no other information is saved list speed of altitude.
  10. It looks like Ontario was updated some from 04 to S& 05. But I'm not too happy about where they've dropped road names or complete roads in the rest of Canada. Look at Jasper(AB), Shediac(NB), Lunenburg(NS), Golden(BC) to name a few. These have road names in 04 but 05 they do not. Roads in other places have be completely dropped, Vermilion is just off the Yellowhead Hwy in Alberta. But now it's roads have all disappeared from S&T05. It also looks like they total dropped Labrador in regards to roads. Too bad they dropped the parks/green areas shown on the map for cities like Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Halifax. Looks like I'll have to keep both version on my system, I wonder if there is anyway to get the updated streets.exe to use the S&T 04 data?
  11. You could also export the track from mapsource as .mps, then run it through gpsbabel. gpsbabel -t -i mapsource -o s_and_t drive.mps drive.csv And finally import it into S&T.
  12. The Magellan 315 doesn't send out NMEA signals until it has a sat lock, unlike the meridians. So the software wil not see the gps until it has at least a 2d sat lock.
  13. From what I can see in the manual, you have to go to the BIOS and under "Integrated Peripherals" find "Init Display First". Change that to PCI SLOT from AGP, to run the 7000. But from what I can see in the manual it doesn't make it clear if both the agp and pci card will run simultaneously.
  14. Datasend is for changing the POIs of the 315. Here is the manual. You can use other programs for to upload/download the waypoints and routes, a free one from magellan is the Datasave. One thing with Datasend is that you can change the POIs and add the smaller Ontario towns with that data that is included with datasend. I believe using other software you can also create your own POIs, of say caches and not have to use up your waypoints.
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