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  1. sounds like a 1k celebration is coming up. ...ya'll do that in texas? good going, mustard devil. sis
  2. does the local club have an investigative team? to the mischief makers... how 'bout a ransom note?
  3. i was a girl scout...curve bar; and a leader when my girls were young. still buy those cookies any chance i get. "make new friends but keep the old. one is silver and other gold."
  4. congratulations, southpaw...such a gentleman. it's a pleasure to know you. happy trails and here's to many more, sis
  5. ...happening with me too. sis
  6. looks like your in the limelight . your 2,000 has made my 4 or 5 hundred so much more fun with your ingenious hides, organizational skills, and twists you love to put in the game. thanks, joe. sis so sweet.
  7. sunday, july 27th, 2 pm. coordinates aren't out yet. sis
  8. sis

    Nearest Cache Page

    i miss the icon indicating i am watching the cache. otherwise it's working for me. thanks, jeremy. happy trails, sis
  9. ...and up again... i'll be missing this soltice party. hope there are lots of pictures you can share on the web and some good stories told... happy trails! sis
  10. i have a snug abode GCF168 and sidewinder GCF166 in the hamilton creek area of j. percy priest recreational area. on the old hickory nature trail which is part of the national trails system, i have in the pines GCBDA3, under the boardwalk GCBDA1, and pin GC6410.
  11. o.k. well, whatever your caching name is...thanks, harold, that was great. i e-mailed dave. told him to ask you about geocaching...and that i liked your shirt. happy trails! sis
  12. while watching the "dave letterman show" last night, the camera cut to one of his stage men, "harold" (i believe) who had on one of our "cache in trash out" t-shirts! anybody else see that? "harold", are you a geocacher? sis
  13. dang. check it out! i'm seeing an explosion in my playing field. how 'bout you? sis
  14. i have called it all of the above. the gamesportactivity is ever changing, you can play anytime, and such good fun! happy trails! sis
  15. now i love those ammo boxes; but can you believe this..i retrived a film canister while under six inches of water from under the boardwalk and the contents were dry!
  16. and i am in awe. i am html illerate as well. i am so pleased when you all get to sharing your expertise and links...i get smarter every minute. thank you.
  17. i'm getting double e-mails on the caches i'm watching...just started doing that the last two days. at first, i figured their logs where edited; but then i checked. no. anyone else getting that?
  18. we were attempting to mark the coordinates on a cache. the unit said we were at 41° when we were actually at 36&deg. chalked it up to having a banana; but i dunno. sis charter member
  19. ain't life grand? this is an interesting story i've been reading... sis charter member
  20. i have seen 4 web cams...been on one. even though aprjhn's is my favorite...you gotta go for it. web cams are fun for days.
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