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  1. I have been experincing burnout for probably 6 months now. I'm just looking for motivation. I skipped the MNGCA spring event. Ive found other hobbies, I'm even studying for a amateur (ham) radio tech license.
  2. lilbeardy

    etrex tracklog

    Got one, its too complactaed. But i got this one to work with ez gps and it worked.
  3. lilbeardy

    etrex tracklog

    You can use Mapsource. Basecamp does not work with serial devices. Tried downloading mapsource but t wouldnt exteract, any oher suggestion
  4. lilbeardy

    etrex tracklog

    i tried using basecamp but it it didnt recognize the device do i need drivers
  5. lilbeardy

    etrex tracklog

    I got an old etrex h, and i wanted to upload the traclog to my computer. How is this done, I have the serial cable. I am planning on using GPS Visualizer. The owners manual didn't cover this topic.
  6. lilbeardy

    etrex tracklog

    I got an old etrex h, and i wanted to upload the traclog to my computer. How is this done, I have the serial cable. I am planning on using GPS Visualizer. The owners manual didn't cover this topic.
  7. Yes. Point? it worked for some reason it said that the 64bit installer doesent werk
  8. my computier is a 64 bit
  9. Sent it thru mapsourse
  10. I downloaded a topo map from GPS FILE DEPOT and loaded it to my etrex 20 and all it shows is a gray and white grid. Do you know how to fix this, or is this normal
  11. The main problem that if face is that i'm a poor student. Parent's aren't cachers. And i'm still in JR. HIGH.
  12. replying to all of your comments where can you get more stuff like this: http://project-gc.com/Profile/ProfileStats?profile_name=lilbeardy&getprofile=Get+profile for basic members I was also unaware that it was soo expensive to run this system, guess i'm just your run of the mill cheapskate
  13. Everything I see that i think is cool such as http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/. I need a premium membership for, and that's soooo annoying. Seriously $30 a year, what is Groundspeak doing with all this money. It's not that i'm cheap but i think this turns away a bunch of cachers, and is somewhat stupid.I think geocaching.com should not charge anything for preimum features
  14. why would you want to hide caches in rat poison containers, they dont even have lids
  15. A tadpole wrote this: "I believe the Burnsville Police and Bloomington Bomb Squad have disposed of this cache on 4/21. Did it occur to you that placing a pipe device in a public park on/about the anniversary of Columbine might generate an emergency response if found by a muggle? If they haven't contacted you already, you might want to be proactive and contact the police to let them know your innocent intentions." Crazily enough a cacher reported this to the police. And the bomb squad blew it up. I know when I started caching I wasn't this stupid. What is geocaching coming to? LOOK FOR YOUR SELF: http://coord.info/GC3HBEF
  16. My laptop has VERY LOW MEMORY like 30gb for a hard drive, the model is a Compaq Presario 2135US. It is made with a floppy and a cd rom, so it doesent have much space for memory. Ubumto is WAY DIFFRENT than windows. Its got IE6 but i maybe can upgrade to IE7.
  17. My laptop has little memory, so i dont want to upgrade the browser (for speed issues). There is this toolbar for GC.com that's from Fuzzy's Geocaching Page o' Wonders, but it is only compatible with the older browser. Here's the Link: Cache Simplifer
  18. I am thinking about getting a Palm IIIxe, because is cheaper than a PPC. It is also very basic, Grayscale Screen, 8MB Memory + another 2MB. There is quite a bit of software for them out there anyway. This Geocacher University link says it is basic geocaching equipment. Basic Geocaching Equipment
  19. no this one is diffrent, its like a german magellan eXplorist 100, but cheper
  20. If thats a loc file i need to know how to download it, onto the eTrex H
  21. My brother had a eTrex legend and it stored them as waypoints, with the GC# for refrence.
  22. A couple of years ago i got a garmin etrex H, Then I bought a eTrex 20 for paperless. Now I know that i can have paperless on my eTrex H. BUT i am not a "paying user" of gsak, plus i dont got the money. TOO EXPENSIVE!!! So can I upload them into GPS Babel or BaseCamp?? How can I do this??
  23. Site Descripton: I translated this because it was in German Compass GPS 100 Unit price: € 69.95 Prices are including VAT plus Returns Contents: 1 piece Add to Cart Product description: The new SiRF Star III receiver makes navigation safer. This is already the waterproof GPS WAAS / EGNOS compatible, the positional accuracy is thus less than 5 m. The operation is to be handled with 9 buttons and joystick self-explanatory and easy. The high-contrast LCD display has a two-stage backlight. Only 2 AA batteries allow operation up to 30 hours. Specifications: • 1024 Waypoints • 64 Routes with 1024 waypoints • Position cold start about 38 seconds. Display dimensions: 4.6 x 3.6 cm Dimensions: 5.6 x 11.9 x 3.3 cm Weight: 165 g with batteries I was looking for an online store to buy one Link To German Site:http://www.compass24.de/product/20763011/compass-gps-100
  24. I'm starting a geocaching class but I want a cheap gps but the delorme pn series was out of reach
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