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  1. Hahah! I've got some good friends that homebrew, and they have teased me unmercifully since I told them that I ate nettles. I will have to suggest that for their next brew! So, how'd it taste? Seriously. Tastes great, Light ginger taste, with a bitter after taste from the nettles and dandelion. Best drunk on hot days with loads of ice. (like today here.. slurp) Works out about 3.5 alc and at around £0.12 a pint, well worth the effort.
  2. This is what I do with nettles... nettle beer Great stuff.
  3. It is a addiction, and I can stop whenever I like.. Honest. Oh, hold on whats that in my Email? a cache notification? Gotta go...
  4. OOK the Librarian, is a character in Terry Pratchetts diskworld books. I used to work as a librarian years ago... You can just call me OOK.
  5. Welcome to the bristol area Mad H@ter, hope to bump into you sometime. 13.2 miles for me, but a lot of that is the Bristol channel.
  6. I am happy to help anyone in the bristol area
  7. Hi, I havent been doing this geocaching thing for very long (about a week), but I am enjoying it a lot. .. The only thing is that I do it on may own , so I am looking for someone in the Bristol area who would like to team up with me for some serious caching. Drop me a mail if you are interested...
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