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  1. I don't think that you had a choice in that matter. For doing what is required doesn't mean that you deserver prompt positive feedback.
  2. Did I say FLORIDA GEOCOIN to loud! oops Yeah I'm pretty sure that you did.
  3. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I think I needed to read that. I was starting to lose hope. I also got outside and went geocaching. Remember that? So I feel better now. OK, couple of things I did wrong. It should have been flat rate shipping. I was trying to be a fair as possible but as it turns out, shipping is pretty much the same, or very close, anywhere in the US. It's was around $1.70 (which includes packaging & handling). (BTW, who said they didn't get a break when they bought 5 coins and the shipping was $5.63? $1.70 x 5 = $8.50.) As far as the over seas shipping. It's definitely going to cost more than $4 but I'll eat that. No big deal. The next thing I did wrong, even though you all KNOW this is a pre-sale, I don't think I posted whne these will be shipped. Some of you read the DELIVERY time on ebay. I have no control over what that says. That is determined by what shipping method is used. Delivery time is from when they are actually mailed. I'm sure 99% of you all realize this is a pre-order and it will be a few weeks before these go out. Next problem with doing these on ebay is that almost everyone has one name for geocaching, another name on ebay and yet another name for paypal. Listen folks, I've got a touch of the ADD as it is but I don't think anyone can figure this one out. If you know you ordered too many coins, the only way for me to know is 1: Wait until they actually ship or 2: PM me (don't email me I've got like 500 emails in there right now) and tell me how many coins you ordered, how many you actually want, your geoname, paypal name and ebay name. We'll work these kinks out and get it better next time. Thanks again to those who were understanding and to those who aren't... you can still kiss my a$s. (side note: I notice that the person who accused me of blatantly ripping people off removed that comment from their post and I appreciate that.) I think that JMBella did (and is doing) a heck of a job. I have sold many things on Ebay, but never this quanity and in such a short time. I had many issues selling 45 items in one day not alone 400 in 40 minutes. So GOOD JOB JMBELLA!!!
  4. Deleting Post, No longer need to be on the list!!
  5. PLease let my voice be heard. I was not trying to cheap the system. I only was doing a favor for a cacher. I contacted Joe and said that if it's going to be and issue send Team Snook his 2 coins and not mine. HOwever I wouldl ike a coin if possible. If I really wanted to I could have used my acount on my laptop and my brother in laws on the PC and done it that way with the same result.
  6. Hey Atlanta Girl I will take full blame for that. I was contacted by Team Snook about the sale of these coins. He told me that he wanted 2 gold and 3 bronze the max that he could buy. He is on the road to an Event and after I saw the coin I asked Joe if He would mind if I bought 2 for me and 2 for TS. He siad that it shouldn't be an issue. I assure everyone there that I am mot trying to cheat the system. That's why I am on here telling everyone the situation. I didn't even buy one of the Bronze coins for myself cause I don't want coins to trade. Only one for me and one for my best caching friend BoltsFan, and of course the 2 that Team Snook asked me to get fot him. So I appologize if this makes anyone mad but I wanted to do a favor for another cacher plus I would like one for myself. Sorry if this confused anyone. Dan DBA/cixelsyd
  7. Here's my stats. Would like to add at least 400 more 2004 - 600 finds (since May) 2005 - 1000 finds
  8. Man I really would love to go on that trip with you JO but it appears as if funds are a little short and I don't want to cut into my snowboarding funds for this winter. So I guess Quantum Leap is just going to have to wait a little. But I hope this wait time will allow Snoogans to make a special mission for me. Oh and if you're reading this Snoogans make it a extra tuff one . I like the challenge. Oh and i plan on flying out to Colorado this winter and I think that my layover is in Dallas, so maybe if I can "miss" my layover I might just be able to spend a little time there looking for QL. And if my mission ends up taking me to some remote snowboarding trail that would be even better. Just a thought.
  9. I've had QL on my watch list for some time now. I at first thought it insane to spend all that time in hiding just one cache. But after hearing somethings at GW3 and spending hours trying to decrypt stupid codes (which by the way I hate) I now have some coords that make this cache seem all that more possible. Now I don't know when I will get time to get out that way to find this cache but armed with coords I'm sure that it won't be long till I put down the cache (lol bad pun I know)and fly out there and rent some kind of SUV to find the cache. I'm hoping htat maybe Snoogans will meet me out there since I didn't get to meet him at GW3.
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