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  1. Here is the Phoenix, AZ final version - Colors are transparent, metal will be antique copper.
  2. Still waiting for invoice and artwork on mine! Can't wait!
  3. I've got 10/10/10 - Papago Park Phoenix, AZ all set to go for Arizona (actually published it last week!) Its also my first event and I want to make sure it is a good one!
  4. If I am going to be holding on to a trackable for an extended period, I will always let the owner know, and also post something on the trackable itself. Of course..... I've got a couple that have been sitting in some bags for a few months now (and one I'm slightly worried about) As far as size goes - as long as its not a 5 gallon bucket, I have a couple of nearby "safe" caches where they can be placed without much worry.
  5. Maybe I'm a little late to this game (or too late at all!) but - I am hosting a 10/10/10 event for the Phoenix AZ area - and wanted to see about some coins.
  6. We have definatly seen our fare share of "geo junk" in caches - sometimes we will remove the trash if it is completly torn up/etc. Normally for us these days, it is TNLN SL - but - we do have a large bag of dollar store type items (disney hackey sacks - all new of course) which we will sometimes leave. Of course - as far as removing items - we actuallly found bullet casings in a cache last week (which were promptly removed) and have found a lot of pocket knives and matches lately.
  7. I am noticing it myself (both at home and work) since the update yesterday.
  8. Well, if you are staying in Tempe, you should be able to cache to your hearts content no more than a few miles around you! Weather depending, there are a few good ones that can be had. There is Papago Park, and South Mountain Park, and a plethora of urban hides just about everywhere (this is my local stomping ground) If you go east a bit, you can make a find for GC57 (a little tricker this time of year - it is open desert, and you need to be prepared for that type of hike - about 5 miles round trip)
  9. I was going to attempt a reply to this, but others responded much more eloquently than I would have. Plus, it's very hard to take seriously anyone who can't spell CACHE. ~The NJ part of our team
  10. One excellent drive is from Sedona up 89a to Flagstaff is also excellent! In the Sedona area - some of my favorite finds have been: November Juliet Echo Romeo India GC17EC9 Home On The Porch GC19CXD Red Rock Ohana GC1TDX3 (One of our hides) 10th Anniversary St. Patrick's Day Cache GCTZQ3 (In Jerome)
  11. I have a few "rotating" dipping coins that I use. When I am doing the coin for mileage (typically during caching runs) I use the following method: 1. Drop the coin during cache log. - or - write note (stating dipping coin for mileage) then delete note 2. Retrieve coin in trackable page. The coins details also state that it is a personal trackable and it will not be found in any cache.
  12. Ordered a couple for my collection!!! Thanks!
  13. Boy, it is such a shame to see this happening to some of these coins- I do have a couple of the "original" templar coins (no, they are not for sale) and I can see the difference from mine and the ebay ones.
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