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  1. I've just added a new one today (also sent an email hzoi)- There's a sky train that goes between the airport terminals, the economy parking lot, and the light rail stop (free) and I've put a nice one just a few steps away from the Light Rail stop. https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zbqD7x_vUedM.k7AllYtQh3TI GC61Y33 - Welcome to Phoenix http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC61Y33_welcome-to-phoenix-frequent-flyers-cache-redux
  2. I'm also trying to make a point, it took 19 days for someone to even acknowledge the post. This doesn't exactly help. But, since I can't see the code behind the pages, there's no way for me to tell either way. But.. it is a game, and only a game right? Carry on armchair quarterbacks.
  3. Speaking of jerk responses.... You've identified the problem (which is nothing to do with geocaching.com) and a workaround. Walt and Lil Devil are right here. as an IT person I believe it is a CODING ISSUE where that would be a Groundspeak issue. However their redirect is being done, going from HTTP to HTTPS is probably in violation of W3 standards. Since I'm not the only person affected, but, since it just affect people who plop down the cash to play it may not be as visible as other issues.
  4. / and you are? the HOA President looking for the next person to fine? What an unnecessary JERK response. I have a workaround but, its obviously a way that the website is CODED (wow! Imagine that... a CODE OR WEBSITE ISSUE!!!!!!!) and now that another person can also duplicate it, it Since I can't see the code, I'm going to guess that they are handling a redirect in what would be considered a non-standard way, or in a way that deviates from web standards.
  5. When attempting to edit a pocket query, I receive the error This webpage is not available ERR_CONNECTION_RESET - This is a single PC issue, and is due to an added software from Ford for automotive diagnostics (removal is not an option) - Geocaching.com/Pocket Queries are the ONLY website where this issue has been experienced. - It only occurs when clicking to edit a pocket query, clicking to edit a bookmark pocket query is fine. - Problem started AFTER the new search went live. - I can get around the issue by putting "https" instead of "http" (annoying, but, it is a workaround) It also appears at or around the time of the search change, several pages went to HTTPS rather than HTTP.
  6. Looking for a Noel Jeep Geocoin - Activated is fine! Blue is prefered color!
  7. For sale, two Arizona 10/10/10 geocoins - found these when cleaning out the room - I've had emails with folks looking for them from time to time - and figured I'd throw them out there! Both coins are unactivated! Asking $20 each/shipped in the USA via USPS Thanks! Frank
  8. Beautiful coin that this pair of scuba divers would love to have! (will take it diving in Epcot center this year!!!)
  9. Having found some of your caches today (or maybe more tommorow) I can agree completly for a challeneged area. In most cases at home, I set the garmin down and let it sit for 5 minutes to average, and I am good to go. I will then spot check with google maps satellite imagery to make sure it looks OK (and not way out of wack)
  10. The Arizona coins sold out quickly - I'm completly out of the coins other than the couple ones I kept for myself.
  11. I have both an iPhone 4 and a Garmin Oregon 450 - I've found in 90% of the cases to be reading the same or nearly the same distance to the cache (within 10%)
  12. Completly possible..... and even easier as a team. My thought for doing the series would be on some sort of motorcycle/dirtbike, and then I save the time of exiting the vehicle and just roll up, sticker, and continue on and could probably cut the time to 30 seconds between caches.
  13. I'm not 100% sure of that - as - the stickers themselves are more "permanent" and it changed shortly after the discussion here about the person possibly commiting a "greater crime" than was listed on the first stickers. (Basically goes from the accusation of littering, to theft and graffiti) In my onion, a lot of us have probably already met the person who is doing this, and also feel that they are also reading these threads.
  14. I starting to look at these caches myself now - I'll be caching Central Park somewhere 10/17 to 10/20, and want to solve some of these puzzles to make the grab. Should be interesting! This will be our first time caching a different setting than our own desert one, and should be interesting to see how the cache hides differ.
  15. I submitted to TPTB and only response was "were looking into it" and there have been no additional updates (or changes to the account that are publically visible)
  16. Recieved all of my coins last night, and shipped out all of my trades today!
  17. Maricopa County did a wonderful job on the shoreline cleanup this year at Lake Pleasant - info booth outside the lake entrance, with bags for trash, gloves, pickup sticks, maps for cleaning up the lake. I myself was with a dive group, and group (30 or so) removed about 25 large (20 gallon size) of trash from the lake bottom. As we drove in, there were people cleaning everywhere!!
  18. I have one that is slightly "soft" but, if you stand at the GZ area the cache is "in plain site"
  19. I also have another theory, for any cache of mine that gets muggled with sticker, I will replace it, and place two new ones
  20. It seems as if your area (the gilbert / mesa area) was hit very hard this time As far as we know, there were a few that were "removed" starting in the central phoenix area, then moving along gilbert, and then out along to queen creek area. This is not the first time this has happened here, and last happened was in 2008, and appears to be in the winter timeframe. Here is also additional info on the subject - http://www.calgarycachers.net/azcachers/vi...p?f=3&t=675
  21. In our area, there are 5-6 FTF hounds - and minutes count, and we typically "drop everything" to go run for a cache (unless it is really close) - we make the attempt if we are able to. Most of the time here - you have 15 minutes or less to sign the log after publication, and it is part of the nature of the game. Last year, we made an attempt on a FTF - we were 2 miles away, and arrived at the GZ in less than 12 minutes, only to find the log already signed (and the signers long gone) Our fastest sign of the log from email is 7 minutes. My two favorite FTF's are one that was 2 miles up a trail on the local mountain - I snagged that one within 30 minutes by using a mountain bike, and another one on a lake path that I also used a bike to get to quicker (1 mile from the closest parking) Thankfully, our reviewer is pretty good about publishing at random times, so, the publish could come at any time of the day or night - which does help spread things around a bit.
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