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  1. Being that it's been almost a year sice you made the post, I guess you never heard back from Bushnell?
  2. Just bought one. Looked like a great deal since most web sites selling this model are asking $350-$500! Can't wait to try it out. Does anyone have any hands on experience with this thing? I pulled down the manual for it but there aren't any specific instructions for using it to geocahce (other that it's on of the six user modes you can set it to). I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the unit's accuracy and its ease of use (or lack of).
  3. I have been using the GoTo homebrew app and it is really good. The satelite view in google maps is sweet! However, I would like to know if Groundspeak is developing an "official" geocaching app for the Pre. I thought that I read in the release notes for GoTo that the developer asked Groundspeak for some specific content for obtaining the geocache locations and they told him no becasue they had an app in development already. While GoTo is working, it's not fully integrated like other apps are (iphone and blackberry). I'm looking for a stand alone product that shows caches closest to me, provides tools for finding the cache (maps, compass, etc...), lets me view cache details (like size and difficulty), lets me view recent logs and allows me to post a log. All without having to upload GPX files or having a premium Groundspeak account. GoTo is almost there but there is too much back and forth between the app and the web page.
  4. Looks like the WebOS SDK has leaked out... http://forums.precentral.net/web-os-develo...k-download.html Get busy man, we need an app like fast! I'm jones'n bad!!!
  5. According to an article I was reading, porting web based iphone apps over for the Pre is suppose to be an easy thing... http://www.prethinking.com/home/2009/5/15/...os-is-easy.html I can't seem to get the folk in the iphone app thread to bite on this so I'm hoping that there may be some WebOS developers looking around in here for some ideas. I just paid $20 for a 1yr. subscription to Trimble's Geocache Navigator for my Blackberry. Now that I have moved to the Pre (which is way better!) I am stuck in no geocaching mode (which SUCKS!). So, please, please, please, at least port the iPhone app over so we have something. I would easily pay another $10-$20 to be back in action and it sounds like others are willing to pay as well. While free is always better, I would rather pay for something quality.
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