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  1. 3 MN LEFT To TRADE, 1 Harlequin 10-10-10 I already have NY FL Space Coast FL Emerald Coast NC Australia Utah Pretty Pink Harlequin
  2. I Have 7 extra MN 10-10-10 coins to trade for other 10-10-10 coins 5 Left
  3. Liberty!


  4. Wow been at this along time, when i put any of the templates in paint or my photoimpact i can either only change the metal or fill is only b,w and grays, I dont know why, help me please anyone
  5. would that be your midnight or mine Congrads winners.....ty for a fun cointest!!!
  6. would that be your midnight or mine
  7. A nocturnal creature it be, A gold muggles racoon I see, On its way to me,
  8. I released my 1st TB last week, unfortunately it was picked up by a newbie, they dropped a TB when they picked up mine plus a geocoin. The newbie has entered no cache finds, or that they drpped 1 off. Seeing that they had not logged any caches or pick ups on cache pages, I sent them a nice letter(e-mail) welcoming them to geocaching and if I could help them in anyway to log caches and TB's coins etc. I would help them all I could. The TB they dropped was picked up by a seasoned cacher, who set the TB back on track. I was told my TB would be dropped over this weekend. I have had no responce to my e-mail. I can only hope that my 1st TB gets in the hands of a seasoned cacher.
  9. Payment made Transaction Date: Jun. 28, 2009 Transaction ID: 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx TY Received GPS and love it!!!
  10. Payment made Transaction Date: Jun. 28, 2009 Transaction ID: 3xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Liberty!

    TB Race

    I Have a few ideas for races eg; I live in minnesota, a race down the mississippi would be fun, I need to find a southern point of destination, with most cache visits. also anyone in mn that might be intersted? I was hoping your site would be more active, as many people were interested; my TBs are trained and raring to go....
  12. Liberty!

    TB Race

    www.TBrace.com I signed up today at above site, I noticed the upcoming public race Holland2009. is this a Holland race only? Is there a place where we can find info. to races and can I start 1 with spacific goals?
  13. I just realized I posted this wrong......My bad
  14. Hi , I just joined your site, and noticed that there is no way to look at description of the races. I see a race titled Holland 2009.....Is this an Holland only race? I have 2 TBs i would like to release soon.
  15. What are u asking for this unit?
  16. A Bit disheartening, It reminds me of a prison chain gang, that I'm looking at through barred windows and doors. Unfortunately these measures need to taken, but I have several great ideas to help ensure[a lil bit anyhow] that my next TB and coin may be safe. TY All
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