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  1. I came off the interstate and pulled off to the side of the road to get my bearings. I had a cop pull behind me. He came up to the window of my car and told me not to get out. I explained what I was doing, showed him the app, explained the game. He was very leery. He asked me if I could step out of the car and show him what I was looking for. We walked to the cache. I was off at first (thought it was in a tree). When I told him I was wrong and that we had to go back towards the guardrail (showed him the app), he acted almost angry and told me to 'slow down'. (I was slightly afraid of him pulling a gun-ha!) funny thing was I was in my work clothes, so I should have looked slightly respectable. I had a moment of thinking that if the cache wasn't there, he might take me to jail or something. Luckily, it was there. When I found the cache, a swag item said, "New Orleans" on it, He picked it up and asked, "Did this come from New Orleans?". I said, "I guess" or "I think" or something like that. He looked at me suspiciously and said, "You don't know?". He spent about 2-3 minutes looking through all the swag and finally turned me loose. Kept his eye on me all the way back to his car. ha! The whole thing was really creepy! When he drove away, I saw the name of the town. He was a small town cop, seemed very insecure, so probably not much experience and leery of "strangers" off the interstate. I definitely don't want to relive something like that. I was glad we were in a public place, as he seemed a little off. In your case, I might do a little digging to see if that was public property in the woods. Not that I would confront the police, but I would want to know for myself if it was a legit thing or not. If it is private property, you might send a private note to the cache owner to address. Try not to let it get you down and happy caching in the future.
  2. I lost before I even realized it. That really does not hurt too bad. Thank God I can relax now!! ha. ha
  3. Thanks! Also, I just noticed this was asked on another thread. Sorry, I didn't notice before posting.
  4. Has anyone tried the apps to locate trackables? if so, which do you prefer?
  5. Hi, I believe I saw something a year ago or more---that would notify you of new caches in the area & maybe a list of recent ones. A place where you can put your email in to be notified? I cannot find it, and was hoping someone could tell me quick. I noticed a new cache in an area I covered earlier, and was curious how many new ones have appeared in this area.
  6. I have the same philosophy. There was a cache in St. Louis that led you into an abandoned factory area (or, what looked like that to an outsider). I was like "no way!" for this girl-looked like a good area to get jumped. I just went onto another cache. As I circled around, I saw what appeared to be another cacher coming out of the area, happy as a clam. So, I think it is an individual preference. As far as area where someone who is homeless is living, we just had this experience. Looked like someone had a fishing area all set up and a tent nearby. I never saw them, and I assume maybe they heard me coming (?). I believe, in this case, the cache was there before the settlement and it seemed relatively safe. I guess maybe a private note to the CO might be okay, since they can decide to check on the area in more depth. Decide if they want to keep the cache there, as it will probably go missing fairly easily.
  7. Yes, perhaps the 35 caches annoyed me, because I don't cache that way. I find the string of caches, every .1 mile, along a trail or road really annoying and I have an aversion to constant micros. I am not judging this type of cache as wrong for everyone. It is just not my bag-like fingers on a chalkboard to me. So, when I read, "35 more caches", it seemed really, super tedious per the way I like to cache (lazy day, exploring, hit a few caches). Racking up numbers is just an annoying way to cache for me, personally. I can see this aspect of the game can be exciting or challenging for other cachers and not judging. As I said, I really liked the creativity and use of imagination in most sections of the promotion. The 35 caches, honestly-it totally burnt me out for awhile. I have been working on designing some new caches, which has helped my burn out. : ) In retrospect, I guess I am saying my personal preference would have been another challenge similar to the jewels---like, find 4 combination locks or what-have-you. Keep with the theme. I did like the final clue thingy for the combo. And, someday, I will get over the trauma of the "35 cache surprise" and continue to live my life (hee hee hee )
  8. It’s a lot of caches, and kind of a tedious, momentum-sucking step. I loved the entire game except this aspect. It seemed tossed in and not associated with the flow of the other more creative elements.
  9. Yes, the prep work is easy with the clue filter option. It would be fairly easy planning for you.
  10. I’m visiting relatives, and just finished. I’m happy to report complete satisfaction with solving the case. Haha. I picked a fantastic cache for my final 35/35. Put the jewels back in the parking lot! They should put a warning on this promotion, though. I’ve managed to totally annoy multiple friends and family members while traveling since this promotion began! Fed my addiction. ?? my poor husband is probably SO glad this is over.
  11. Thanks for the replies! Sounds interesting. Love the idea of handing something out or exchanging TBs.
  12. Thank you. I’m admittedly not a social person or a hostess personality...but, isn’t it awkward to meet 3-4 people? I’m trying to picture what is planned for these small gatherings? The legit effort ones.
  13. I’ve zero experience with events. I assumed they were all large, multi day events-not sure why I pictured this. Question: if you attend an event, it is logged as a normal find?
  14. Unless I am playing a game like the Jewel Heist, I usually skip over micros in search of other caches. So, I don't think skipping other caches, by itself, means anything. However, if it is impossible to get to caches, even being a pilot...then, well...not sure what the reward is in just clicking through caches for an unearned souvenir. I have not had any problems with the functions on my laptop/phone for the game. Guess I have been lucky, but the electronic recording has been totally smooth for me. I do like this game, overall.
  15. Yes, I understand. I just don’t know if I’ll have time to find the 35 caches in the time frame
  16. I’m so glad I checked the message boards! I’m just starting on the gems and thought the ending would be some type of puzzle. Honestly, I would have been seriously pissed if I got to the end and surprisingly found out I need 35 random more caches. I really liked the concept of finding the detective and clues and then the gems. Agree that the ending is not related, a letdown and tedious finale. It was fun finding the detective and clues anyhow. I’ll probably find the rest of the gems. Even an easy puzzle at the end would’ve satisfied me. Hope I’m not being overly critical, because I’m sure this is tough to develop. This quest took me to some unique caches And pushed me to find some tough caches to meet the goals. I had a fantastic caching day today!
  17. Obviously, it’s a personal choice, but really wanted to emphasize the bad diseases ticks can carry. I typically don’t use chemicals but take precautions against ticks. You can prevent a lot of latch-on by just understanding tick habitats, local tick season and dressing like I stated above in those areas and during that tick season.
  18. We have a local cache that is set up to be difficult to access(although you can see it). I can’t believe the number of people who log “found it” and say something like, “ I can see it, so counting it”. ??
  19. Since you mention freezing, IF you have a tick that has latched on, I always put it in a baggie and freeze it. If you have any signs of anything of disease, the tick can be tested. At least, that is what I heard. I did this religiously when I found one latched onto my kids when they were little. I overheard one of their friends ask my son what that was (when they were snooping in the fridge/freezer). My son said, "Oh, that's our tick.". ha ha. Gotta give the neighbors something to talk about, I guess.
  20. As a camp counselor, we were taught to avoid tweezers as the head tends to stay in. Giant no-no for camp policy guidelines. Guess it is six of one and half dozen of another.
  21. I agree with the Permethrin-treatment. Also, light colored clothes, socks tucked into pant-leg and long sleeves. Light colored bandana or hat. (So you can see them asap) Tick check immediately when at the car and then again at home. At home, all clothes off and into the wash. I have had ticks "hide" in the seam of a shirt or pant and crawl out later. So, all in the wash. Then, I comb my hair with a fine comb because I have removed some like this before they latch on. As others have said similar, I heard that a good rule of thumb for disease transmission is remove the tick before 24 hours of attachment into the skin. Too many funky tick diseases, so I take ticks super seriously. Where I live they are most active in early Spring and in long grassy areas. So, I avoid those areas in April-May-early June. I was a camp counselor, and we used to get attached ticks off with an open scissors. Now, they are making on this handy, cheap little tool. It is called Ticked-Off and works like a charm. I have these in the car, in the house, on my bike pack. Same concept as an open scissors, as you gradually move up to the head and the head withdraws. The head is as bad as the whole body for transmitting disease. You have to get it all. https://www.lcsupply.com/Ticked-Off-Tick-Remover/productinfo/TO/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvrmX6O374gIVF8JkCh1ZGwIHEAQYAiABEgLA6PD_BwE
  22. I'm thinking of just printing the code on card paper and putting inside, back window so people can see it.
  23. Thanks for sharing! I really like these sentimental bugs. I have thought of releasing one in memory of my brothers, but know I have to have thick skin when I do!! : )
  24. Just an update...I had a super time in the Netherlands during my conference. I loved the country and the caching. Thanks for all the suggestions.
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