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  1. You'd be surprised how much information you sometimes can learn about someone using metadata. Like paths c:\users\John\Pictures\image.jpg (so now you know that the CO's first name is probably John) Computer OS, Coordinates, Camera/Phone model If you want an example of how seemingly little information is needed to track someone down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGqEBvlmFAQ ------------------------------------------------ Won't transcoding PNG to JPEG strip any transparency from the image? I'm not a big fan of the new system at the moment but I get why it has to happen. I'm just hoping that once the transition to the new system is done, improvements can be made in the future adding back some functionality that will be stripped with the introduction of the new system.
  2. Your values just happens to be close together making it confusing. But it is the owner dashboard so everything should be about your owned caches
  3. I like it a lot. I went to check it out and right away I found one of our caches that we did maintenance on after it was gone but forgot to place a maintenance log for after we replaced it. Are there any plans to add a "thin/light" version of this in the official app? For doing disabling a cache when someone reports that it's gone or looking up my own cache details if someone asks for more info about something
  4. Does this mean that once you switch to the WYSIWYG editor you can never switch back to the source editor?
  5. As I'm currently in the process of trying fulfill the jasmer challenge and find as many older geocaches as I can I completely agree with The A-team that this is a great feature. I was also using several PQs to search for older geocaches which sometimes caused me not to notice that e.g. a 2003 and a 2004 cache are near to each other. Vertically it no longer fits on the screen but it looks like a 3rd column to the left or right might be a solution that would still fit on the screen. I don't really care but it seems that the translation still needs to happen for the new fields?
  6. Look nice I went to "Geoaches" > "Placed geocaches" and clicked on "Lab cache" Which resulted in a 404 DNF page It sent me to this page: https://labs.geocaching.com/builder/LoginGeocaching/LoginAndRedirect?returnUrl=https://labs.geocaching.com/builder/ The "Owned trackbles" table seems to overflow from it's container
  7. I would love to see that feature as well. Being able to add a language to a labcache and than supplying the translation for the title, lab description, location description and question I speak Dutch, English and German and now I had to create my own "solution" using [NL], [EN] and [DE] resulting in shorter descriptions due to the field limitations
  8. Hi, I'm currently in the process of creating my labcaches en we're doing a test this evening but I noticed that the layout of the description is not the same in all places. In the builder it's left aligned and has enters In the app it's left aligned and has enters But on the public URL it's centered and does not have enters. I'm guessing it's all supposed to be left aligned and with enters? Builder: Screenshot_20200127_163703.png Public URL: Screenshot_20200127_163834.png App: Screenshot_20200127_160139_com.Groundspeak.react.adventures.jpg
  9. Somewhat related to this. I'm coming to the USA and Canada this summer to visit the 20 year party and do a lot of year 2000 caches. We're flying from city to city and renting a car to get around locally. Last time I was in the USA it was for business so we didn't do stops in random places with our car. Can anybody tell me what the general rules are about stopping on the side of the ride in the USA/Canada or do they differ per state? Stopping for this cache for example: https://coord.info/GC14JJN In case it matters, here's a list of cities/areas we're visiting: Miami San Francisco Salt Lake City Denver Vancouver, CA Seattle Portland Victoria, CA Boston
  10. I had not. But I've added cookiebot.com and *.cookiebot.com to the blocklist and stuff is indeed faster again
  11. Sorry my mistake. Some of them. I shouldn't have said All. But the point still stands. They should not have removed the existing background images
  12. I don't know if it has been posted in this thread or not. But did this update change something to the JS of the entire site? It seems that a lot of "popups" that use JS take a long time to get ready before they respond or they seem to get stuck in a never working loop I often have to reload the cache page and not click anything for a while otherwise it might get stuck in the loop again. e.g. the "Add to list" on the cache page or clicking the GC number on the cache page to copy it
  13. Why was I not informed of this as a cache owner? If you change things that directly impact the cache listings themselves instead of general functionality on the site it seems a email telling cache owners you've done so would be the proper thing to do Why have you removed existing images (All my caches had background images and now they don't) I used to have a cache with a rotating background because I set a directory/index.php as background so it would serve a random background from the list every time you visited the cache page. This is also no longer possible. All caches using the background images as part of their puzzle are now broken And because you've not informed caches owners they might not know that their puzzle is now broken. I use external images in my cache pages (background as well) from my own site because it has happened in the past that GC deleted/lost a lot of images resulting in a lot of banners for caches disappearing so I don't fully trust the GC image storage It might be a good idea when posting release notes to include the reasoning behind them. I can guess some possible reasons but without a explanation they are just guesses. Can you please stop breaking stuff nobody asked you to change
  14. The certificate for secure-stats.pingdom.com get loaded instead of a certificate for status.geocaching.com HTTP Works fine http://status.geocaching.com/
  15. Me and a lot of other people are not a fan of the new search map and rather use the browse map. I wished they never changed it to the search map by default. Why can't it be the browse map by default and only show the search map when I'm using the search function. (I've talked to a beta tester about this after the new search map went live and as far as I know they advised GC against changing the default map)
  16. That "View Browse Map" opens the browse map but not on the coordinates of the cache I'm currently on which is the functionality I'm missing
  17. I would love to see the ability to add your own waypoints to a cache. It happens quite a lot than when I'm planning a day of geocaching that a cache will not include parking coordinates or has a extra point in the text. I know I could manually create the waypoints and add them to the GPS but it would be nice of they could be added to the cache so they are automatically added when generating a PQ or offline list Some possible rules: Only visible to you Included when generating PQ Included in offline download in app Specify a wp type, name coordinates, and maybe some text Premium only?
  18. I'm afraid of that as well but I really hope they never do or at least make the search map better. Every time I'm confronted with that search map I switch to browse map because there are very few use cases for me where the search map is better than the browse map.
  19. I've never used that link before It "solves" my issue. But in my opinion I would like the geoaching map link, linked to the browse map or a second link directly linking to the browse map e.g. Geocaching.com map Browse Geocaching.com map
  20. This has been archived https://coord.info/GC22FB4 So I went to the page of the cache and in the past I would click on "View larger map" to see if anything new had been added to the same location or close by. But because all links have been replaced with the new search map instead of the browse map I get: Ok, I get that because it's archived. But after this the map opens on my home coordinates and not on the coordinates of the cache. I'm not really liking the search map so far but this certainly doesn't help and making it useless in this case as well.
  21. Are there any plans to extend this to the app? I would love for lists in the app to also be persistent in their sort order or have something similar as within the list where you can choose: sort by distance, name I've really like this feature. It makes it so much easier to cleanup my solved puzzle lists after I've done a bunch or if they're archived ?
  22. I tried again at home on my Windows PC and it works there. I had the issue at work on my Linux PC Both using the latest version of Firefox (70.0.1 (64-bit) for Windows, not sure about the exact version on Linux at the moment)
  23. No idea why but when I try to add GC7JQCD to a list it finds it but it won't add it. Same with: GC5B4CB
  24. Adding caches to the list is now really annoying Remove existing GC because clicking in the field doesn't select it so pasting the cache GC code get's you GCGCXXXX I can't enter the entry You have to select from the search result list Clicking anywhere other than the search result list closes it and clicking the the field again doesn't re-open it. I can't click add without selecting from the search result list As the lists are right now there are actually more drawbacks for me in using the new lists page than benefits. So why don't I have the option here to go back to the previous page? Because I'd rather do that at the moment
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