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  1. The list has "last modified" in small text underneath it. The PQ has "last generated" in small text underneath it. (Or whatever the correct English translation is, it says something similar to that in Dutch) That's how you can tell the lists and PQ apart in the official app. The PQ from the list was generated without issues.
  2. I do some geocaching tool development sometimes for myself and for my job I do technical support for our business customers So, I know
  3. I found out it was 1 Wherigo at the top of my list that refused to download. (also when trying to open the cache itself to view the full details) After removing it from the list the rest downloaded without issues.
  4. I've tried last night, several times and I've tried this morning but there is no movement in the download bar. Android 11 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Version 8.60.1
  5. Samsung S21 Ultra Android 11 Version: 8.57.0 To add some: Data usage is high, even when using offline lists The app hangs for a few seconds when submitting a log (To give a idea: I've had a couple of android warnings telling that the app was unresponsive asking me if I wanted to wait or kill it) Even more when there is a image attached to the log The screen might turn black or it will just hang on the "Continue" page after submitting the log Images are rotated by the app when they shouldn't be (e.g. standing images get rotated to be horizontal) The app seemed to be really slow when I had several offline lists stored on my phone (I'm unable to test this and removing all of the offline lists has not solved the "hanging" issue when submitting logs Improved Downloading offline lists has improved, I no longer need to retry 10 times before a list is downloaded Thoughts Would it somehow be possible to share offline maps with other apps? I have OsmAnd+ with the OSM offline maps for halve of Europe. I can load the PQ's into the OsmAnd app to navigate to them. But I would like to use the maps of OsmAnd in the geocaching app. (I have no idea if this is even allowed in the Android access/rights structure) Or when you have a offline map stored in Google Maps, can you use that when you select Google Street in the geocaching app
  6. Same issue here. Using offline lists but the data consumption of the app is huge
  7. I wanted to search for a specific attribute around Antwerp Belgium https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?lat=51.21989&lng=4.40346&origin=Antwerpen,+Flanders&ot=3&g=4599&radius=30km&utr=false&att=44 The preview shows the correct city and the caches listed are indeed near Antwerp in Belgium But when I click display on map https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?ot=city&st=Antwerpen, Flanders&lat=51,21989&lng=4,40346&r=30&u=metric&zoom=12&att=44 I get the map for Flanders, Louisiana and no caches Tested on: Chromium Version 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) snap (64-bit) Firefox 90.0 (64-bit) Kubuntu 21.04
  8. So it seems to be a bug introduced in 8.53.0
  9. I noticed yesterday that the app is displaying a incorrect number of souvenirs. I checked again this morning and nothing has changed The app only shows 50 and the website shows 289 Samsung S21 Ultra Android 11 App Version: 8.53.0 I've tried logging out and back in and pulling down to force a refresh, still says 50
  10. I agree but I wasn't sure if people knew and it will likely take a while before something FP% is implemented in the app so I thought I'd mention it to help people. Just updated the app to 8.51.2 and as usual you have to logout and back in again to see the new feature.
  11. For everyone asking for the FP ratio, you can use the project-gc user script: https://project-gc.com/Home/UserScript Which adds the ratio on the website. You can also use the tool https://project-gc.com/Statistics/TopFavWilson to find caches based on that ratio
  12. I think you might be better of asking this in the PGC Q&A https://project-gc.com/qa/ As GC is leading and PGC just "downloads" the information using the API so they should be able to see why the difference is there
  13. Do you have a paid membership with PGC? because if not, PGC will only update your stats once a week
  14. Hi, Is there something wrong with the website at the moment? It's really slow and keeps logging me out. While writing this I got kicked out again and now it's not allowing me to login at all GMT+01:00 14:18
  15. https://www.geocaching.com/map/ On the bottom left there is a big green button for selecting map types. Google or Leaflet Isn't that what you are looking for?
  16. I just tried to help someone who no longer has access to the original email address and was unable to add a second email address as well. We keep getting a error that the password is wrong even after successfully logging in with said password. We tried on Firefox 89.0 and Edge 91.0.864.41
  17. For me it's: "Paterboärn 2020+1" https://coord.info/GC7Q7Q7 05/06/2021 and "Publish - Das Mega-Film-Spektakel" https://coord.info/GC8CP99 20/06/2021 I'm guessing that as long as they need to archive Mega events, reschedule them because of Covid and than re-publish them. it's not something they are going to look into for fixing
  18. The Dutch translation of the logtype is "Archived" (past tense) instead of "Archive" Or should it be "to archive"?
  19. To be clear. I'm not claiming anything. It was purely based on my feelings. But I will tone down my assumptions and try to stick to the facts when reporting bugs It's just that something similar happened at work with a software supplier who ignored our bug reports and than introduced a new feature to "replace" the old one which didn't have the same functionality which gave us troubles with customers. So Sorry, I might have overreacted a bit.
  20. Week 3 since I reported this bug and the it's still there. It's starting to feel like this is an attempt by HQ to push everyone to the newer search map. Like they want everyone to use newer features so they're not giving any priority to fixing older features which they break when implementing the new features. I wouldn't dare try this at work. To introduce a new feature, breaking an existing feature and than ignore the bug reports for 3 weeks.
  21. Will further updates on the Adventure Lab app be given here or in the release notes section? You mean this? Is the message about actions in the past, even tough the text is in the present? Is it an issue to have a fake gps app on your phone? (I program as well and sometimes need to test GPS functionality in the browser) Wouldn't it be better at that point to completely separate adventure labs from geocaching? Looking at the original purpose when they where introduced and how much labs are not geocaches why integrate this into geocaching at all wouldn't it be better of as a separate game? Some feedback: Add multi language support for both the text and the questions. (I had to shorten my questions/text to have enough room to add English and German to my lab cache besides Dutch) Maybe a different icon for a partially completed labcaches? Notify owners when their lab is played or when a log is placed. I created a labcache last year and have not really looked at it since because there is no reason to. It feels kind of empty to create a labcache because there is no further interaction like with geocaches where you can read the logs
  22. Any update on this? In the hopes that borders will open up later this year I'm trying to plan a geocaching holiday and I can do it but this bug makes the process much slower
  23. Same here. There is a new Geotour in the Netherlands which I want to start with this weekend (72 caches). Because of this bug I tried using the search map to complete my planning which I found to be a horrible experience. Please fix the browse map as the search map is not suited for this kind of planning and it requires more clicks to do the same tasks
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