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  1. Thanks Blorenges and Bear and Ragged. I've sorted the USB drivers. You've been more help than Garmin!! Cheers.
  2. Hi Mr B. Thanks for your email. The lost data is a mystery to me as the unit wasn't touched at all. I hadn't taken out the battery or the memory card so ..... I have downloaded Easy GPS and have also tried GSAK but they cannot link with my Legend. Apparently you need to install the Garmin Communicator Plug-In for the computer to communicate with the gps but this software is not compatible with my O/S - Windows 2000Pro. Thanks for replying.
  3. Hi. I've had a Legend for a few weeks and had a list of about 20 geocaches in it, 13 of which I had found. I picked up the unit today after not using it for a week and have found that all the cache entries have gone. The Waypoint file was empty as was the Geocache file and the Recent Finds. Has anyone come across this problem before or know what may have caused it? I have not been able to download coordinates from my computer so have been putting them in manually which takes a fair amount of time so this is a bit annoying. Any theories? Cheers
  4. Thanks Martin. Used 7 Zip to extract the files and now have mapset installed on my Legend. Great stuff! I don't know why WinZip didn't work. I also tried WinRar and that didn't work either. Never mind. All's well that ends well! Cheers, Paul
  5. Hi Everyone. Firstly thanks to Martin (and others), for all the work on the maps. Secondly, I am having problems downloading the latest OpenStreetMap (UK + contours) onto my new eTrex Legend HCx. I have saved the zipped file on my computer and have used Winzip to extract it but the file that I end up with is still a .zip file. Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong? Does it have to be a IMG file to work? Big "Thank You" to anyone who can shine some light on this one.
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