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  1. First make sure your poi file is in the right place (USA_and_Canada directory for me). Then check to see that the "geocache" poi is checked off in the poi settings. Also make sure that the poi and the icon have the same name ie geocache.ov2 and geocache.bmp (caps count) so it shows up on the map. Oh YES! I did it! Thanks so much! I realize now that I did not send the filet to the right place on the tomtom drive. This always happens to me - I make some small error, but then suddenly I see the light! Happy geocaching! CCC in Fort Worth,TX
  2. I followed all of these steps - I see that the info has loaded on my tomtom, but I cannot find the POI's. when I tellit to find POI in my geocache category,it syas there are none; what am I doing wrong? Thanks Camp Chaos Clan
  3. This is very cool- I have this on my blackberry, but havingthe info on my tt720 is way cool! Now I need to get the poi/waypoints downloaded! camp chaos clan
  4. Thanks! I have looked into both. It seems that mapoplis is good because it works directly from teh PDA, but TOPO looks more user friendly and detailed. thanks for the info
  5. Putting in my 2 cents - I do most of my caching with my 3 year old, but sometimes I can get my older ones, 12 and 15, to go - the goodies are a big draw. My first cache I got snowman soap - I collect snowmen, so I figured it was a great sign! For us, it is not what is IN the cache, as long as there is something to trade just for the fun. But having said that - I think items related to the cache or area are the best. Camp Chaos Clan
  6. I have ben geocaching (sporadically) for a couple of years now, and one of my frustrations has been getting to a place and not having a map of the cache area. Sometimes coordinates are just not enough, especially when I take my 3 year old. Is there map software out there for the PDA's My PDA's are a Treo 650 and a Palm Tungsten E, and my GPSr is a Garmin etrex. Thanks Camp Chaos Clan
  7. I am using cachemate for my Palm and GSAK for the GPS. I have a Garmin etrex and a Palm Tungsten E. I have never noticed this problem before, but I have not really checked.
  8. The other day we became very frustrated trying to find a cache, and when I checked, the coords on my Palm were different than on my GPSr. I changed teh GPS coords - but never did finsd the cache (it was a micro container). Has anyone else noticed a difference when they download teh coords in the 2 different formats?? thanks, Camp Chaos Clan
  9. Our local paper, the Fort Worth Star Telegram (Startlegram we call it), had a Great article, and I thought it would be fun to do wiht my kids. Unfoortunatley there is never enough time for everything!!
  10. Thanks, I got it ot work - I think my gps batteries were too low!
  11. Hi, I have not cached for about 6 months, and I now have a usb for my garmin etrex. I have forgotten how to do all of this stuff! Anyway, I ran a PQ and got the info into GSAK, set up my GPSr, but I when I try to send teh waypoints, I get a message "error sending waypoints blah"!!Any ideas?? Thanks,
  12. Terra cachers, thanks, okay maybe I was on a few tracks at once! But you pretty much answered my quesitons. My laptop has a serial port, so i will skip the usb (I just thought it might make it faster). I think the car adapter runs the gps in place of batteries, but of course won't charge it. I jsut keep xtra batteries with me. Thanks
  13. I may have missed something previous to this discussion - but I think someone can help me. I have an etrex and was all prepared to buy a cable to download waypoints, then noticed it is a serial port. So i looked into buying a usb adapter. And that is how I got here. I have cable modem, so I like things fast. Should i get teh cable and the usb adapter? and what about a car or home adapter, has anyone bought one and found it worthwhile? Thanks, CCC
  14. I hadn't thought of a category limit. I really like being able to open cachemate and immediatley see where the caches are (the ones that tell you in their descrip). S for now I just manually enter it right on the info page!
  15. thanks, I sort of knew about the search feature, but have not had time to try. And I started with categories, then switched to individ notations - think I will go back to categs!
  16. I have just started, but since I began this game to do something special with my kids, I love the caches with trinkets. I have a bag of different kinds of trinkets, for different kinds of caches. I am especially looking forward to the trinket specific caches in my area, like coffee mugs and beer! I ususllay let my kids keep a trinket, but my first cache I found a snowman soap and I collect snowmen, so figured it was a !sign! Keep 'em coming! ccc
  17. How do I enter my own notes in the cachemate program. For example, on the 1st page, the info page, I wnat to note that a certain cache is in a certain park, can I do this somehow without having to make a note on every single file? Should I make a new folder for each geographical location? This way we can pick a spot, like a certain park, and find all the caches that day. Thanks
  18. I would love to join you! but I am in Fort Worth! Bummer.
  19. Thank you to everyone who took time to offer help and suggestions! I finally got GSAK and cachemate to work. I do have 2 questions: 1. when I download my next PQ, will it write over my existing one in the PDA? 2. How do I note where the cache is on the title page without having to manuaklly write it on each one? Thanks, ccc
  20. Jeepcachr, thanks, somehow with all of my fiddling I managed to load a PQ into GSAK. I just moved it there - do not know if this was right or not. i will continue to play around w/the software, and hopefully I will get it all to work! ccc
  21. Deckyon and totemlake, thanks for the replies. I will use cachemate. But so far my computer says it cannot open .gpx files. also, when I used gsak, it asked if I wanted all my downloaded gpx files turned into gsak files. I figured out the gps so wuickly, I thought I was a genius, LOL. Pride goeth before a fall!
  22. I sent a message to totemlake, but I meant to post it as a reply, oops.
  23. I have not gotten my husband to go w/me yet; he barely understands it! But i take my 3 boys, including the 19 month old, trying to get my daughter to come along ....
  24. So, I have downloaded mobipocket and tried it, and found it very cumbersome. Now I downloaded plucker and gpx spinner, tried another PQ asking only for gpx, not ebook, and my computer says gpx is not recognized by win32. So, firstly, why won't my computer open the gpx file, and secondly, should I plunk down my $7. for cachemate????? Thank you - I feel SO stupid!
  25. Thanks for all the help! I will try the gpx format.
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