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  1. Thanks Hans, that solved the problem. Don't know how it got messed up but OK for now I hope!!
  2. Thanks for the reply. The unit is showing the actual location. The filter is set to show all caches. Caches are within 5km of location and are not showing. The icons show up when I change profiles. So, how do I correct the faulty geocaching profile?
  3. I have a Montana 650 with software v7.10. I have been using this unit for a number of years now and have always placed my pocket queries on the card in the unit by moving them from my mac to the GPX folder on the card. When I open the map the icons for all of the nearby caches have always appeared on the map. All of a sudden none of the geocache icons are visible until I chose a cache to see from the "find a geocache" dropdown list and then only this cache's icon is visible on the map and none of the other nearby caches. Does anyone have any ideas as to what caused this and how to fix it? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  4. "Why? The reviewer said it was a mistake and you're okay to enable it. If you didn't feel it needed to be checked on before, this minor mix-up shouldn't change that." The cache was last found 10/02/16 which is over 2 months ago. How can one be sure that it is still there after that time period? Did the newbies with the DNF's not find it due to their ineptness or was it actually missing? So, how can I in good conscience enable it without first checking on it? Just saying!
  5. The problem is that I don't know with 100% certainty that the cache is there without going to check on it so I am loath to enable the cache until I physically check on it which I am now bound to do since it was disabled. This puts an added burden on a cache owner that may be indisposed for one reason or another or whose cache is some distance away.
  6. Just received the following email response from the reviewer. "Yup! I agree! No idea why that one was caught in the list; please feel free to Enable if it's good to go." Don't they check the status prior to taking an action like disabling a cache.
  7. I received an email this morning stating that one of my caches had been disabled by a reviewer for the following reasons This cache listing has been Disabled due to: - Issues raised in previous logs and/or - There being a lack of visible actions by the cache owner after emailed maintenance requests from Geocaching HQ My problem is that the issue raised by previous logs were Needs Maintenance Needs Maintenance 07/31/2016 I think the location might be moved slightly by a previous person because of the failing magnets. It is now resting somewhere that probably wouldn't be reachable from above at all. Was it magnetised to something before? This cache gets moved around a lot and I have replaced it many times as I walk past the area of the cache a few times a week. The last two DNF logs were from 2 newbies, 1 with 5 finds and 1 with 19 finds. As for emailed maintenance requests from Geocaching HQ I did not receive this email I emailed the reviewer the following -- Copy of email sent to CacheShadow -- "Re my geocache Stairway to ... (GC2PYBF) I think that it is ridiculous for a cache to be disabled due to 2 DNF's on the same date probably by the same group, 1 with 5 finds and 1 with 19 finds, esp when one of the posts stated "We had a crew of newbies and we're unable to find it." The container for this cache gets moved around a lot, which is why the hint does not always apply, even though I replace it in it's original location often ." This is a bit of a rant and I hope that the powers that be see it and stop this sort of nonsense. I'd be interested in what others think.
  8. "If seasoned cachers can't find it, I'm wondering if the D rating is too low" Over the years that I have been caching there have been a number of caches with D rating of 1.0 and 1.5 that I either didn't find or had a lot of difficulty finding, esp those hidden in prickly trees or in rock piles. If and when I did find them I didn't move them more into the open.
  9. First of all if it is a swallows nest and I'm not saying that it isn't, it has been inactive since before I placed the cache there. It looked like a clump of mud to me. As for the D rating, it's dark under the bridge even on a sunny day and the hint is pretty specific and does say that "a flashlight would be a great asset" The cache is just a small lock-n-lock container painted with cammo'd paint so people may not see it easily but it's not really that well hidden either, you can see it without moving anything just by shining the light in the right direction. I think that I will increase the D rating to a 2.5.
  10. So, I placed a cache in an out of the way location but there is a gravel road going past the area back in August 2011. It has had 9 finds and 6 DNF’s since being placed and some of the DNF’s were by some pretty experienced cacher. It is fairly remote so I didn't expect too much traffic to it. The cache was found recently and in part of the log was the following: “Was definitely more hidden than it need to be and the swallows nest in front of the container wasn't helping with spotting it. I left it more exposed to hopefully cut out the DNFs” Cachers that I have cached with and myself have always made it a habit of replacing a cache as found or hiding it a bit better if it is too exposed. Why would a cacher with over 1400 finds to their credit, therefore not a newbie, move a cache so that it could be found easier by the next cacher?? What is your opinion?
  11. On the other hand, the fact that the new hider knows that his original location is within 161m of the puzzle cache gives him an advantage in solving the puzzle if he so wishes.
  12. I find that caching is not what it once was. Cachers are less likely to go after multi's or puzzle caches since there are so many caches available to them. There are 1226 caches within 10km and 6120 within 30 km of the puzzle cache that I was referring to in the original post so why bother solving a puzzle when there are so many other easier caches out there. BTW, I have always helped people solve my puzzle caches when I was asked for help.
  13. Thanks for all of the replies. To date I haven't had an answer to the message that I sent him March 30th (see post #22) FYI there are two other caches in the park the closest being 150m from my cache final and there are no other stages to my cache. I'll just bide my time and see what happens.
  14. As an update. Last night I sent the cacher in question a message stating that he/she should solve the puzzle and that I would help him with it or barring that I asked for his proposed coords so I could help him with the placement of his new cache. As yet I have not received a reply.
  15. I recently received the following message asking for the coords on my puzzle cache that has only been found 32 times in 6 years and those that have solved it often need hints from me which I gladly provide. "Hello! I am trying to place a cache in ***** park and was informed by a reviewer that my cache is not 161 metres away from a hidden stage in your mystery cache "***********" . I was hoping to get the coordinates from you so I could move my cache the appropriate distance to make 161 metres in distance between the two. Thanks so much!!" I found it a strange request and was wondering if others had ever received this type of request and how you would handle this type of request? 1) Tell the sender to solve the puzzle - I am leaning towards this 2) Ignore the request 3) Give him/her the coords 4) Other Thanks
  16. Thanks for all the replies and an update. I have reported the accounts to headquarters and they have replied that they will take action accordingly. I have also changed the cache to PMO. Had not thought of doing that so thanks. I will check on the cache this weekend and disable it for a period of time if it is missing, before moving and enabling it again. It's just a very annoying situation.
  17. How would you handle this I have a cache that I placed to replace another cache of mine that had gone missing a couple of times so I moved it to a new location close by. After 10 finds I received the following two messages from two different cache names "Regarding (cache# and cache name removed) Bye bye cache" And "Regarding (cache# and cache name removed)” and a photo of the log sheet with the written message "Muggled in the name of Gerald Roman [blue Hood]" After 2 DNF’s I checked on the cache and the cache was indeed missing and I replaced it logging the following note on the cache page. “When by to check on this cache early this morning and it was indeed missing. Replaced with a new container so it's ready to go again. Hopefully the jerks who took the last one will leave this one alone.” Last night I received the following message "You called me a jerk, yeah eh? Gl finding the next one" One of the senders has logged 2 finds including mine and the other has no finds logged. So I suspect that the cache is missing again and it gives them some kind of perverse pleasure in ruining the game for others. I will check on the cache within a few days when I am in the area again. If it is missing again, I will archive the cache and forget about replacing it and not place any new caches in the area. My question is Should I report this to the powers that be or just forget about it and move on?
  18. "Bookmark list of solved puzzles becomes its own PQ. Other PQ's leave puzzles out. That way I only have my solved puzzles with the corrected coordinates with me." The only problem that I see with this is that there are many caches listed as unknown where the cache is at the posted coords, such as challenge caches.
  19. Thanks for all the responses. I didn't realize that when you used the pencil to change the coords that they would remain changed for your account. Seems like the way to go as I have over 100 puzzles solved that I haven't found yet.
  20. This is a question for those that know about and/or download the GPX file directly to your GPSr by copying the files to the correct location on your unit. How do you handle the corrected coords of say puzzle caches when you have quite a number solved but not yet found? I have used GSAK on a stand alone old windows computer running XP, but this is a bit of a nuisance as it is very slow. I have been using an iMac for a number of years and have found that the copying of PQ's directly from the computer to the unit (Montana 650) saves a lot of time except for the solved puzzle caches. Any help here will be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. I have a Montana 650 and use GSAK and macro to transfer caches to my GPS. I use a mac computer and most ofter safari. On occasion I also use the "send to GPS" function for an individual cache Question is, how do I include the photos from a cache description that are sometimes needed to solve the coords for a given cache when sending to my GPS? I've searched and cannot find the answer so any help is appreciated.
  22. So, how exactly do you put them on an sdcard? I have been using the Colorado/Oregon export macro for years and that is the only way that I know to get them on the unit. Thanks
  23. I was just going to post about this problem when I came across this thread. Today, nice and sunny so decided to take the geopup for a long walk and grab some caches along the way. Checked my Montana 650 before I left and saw the caches that I wanted to find. When I got close to the cache site I turned the unit on and lo-and-behold, "no geocaches found" message. Came home and plugged the unit into my computer and there was 20mb in the gpx file but still no caches showing when using the unit. Changed the name of the gpx file as Dr. House suggested and all the caches were there again. Thanks for the heads up.
  24. So, I opened the copy of Bruce Trail Magazine that I received today and there is an article about geocaching on the Bruce Trail. It states that only Geocaches on BTC owned or managed land 1. The BTC will allow virtual geocaches on BTC owned or managed land. Physical geocaches of any kind are not permitted on BTC owned or managed land. 2. Virtual geocaches must be approved by the aTC, located on the Bruce Trail and accessed only by the marked Trail route. 3. The BTC will request that a virtual cache be de-listed if it is located off the Trail route. If the cache owner does not de-list the cache as requested, the BTC will notify the local geocaching administrator to request immediate de-listing of the cache in question. Since there are no longer new virtual caches caches on the geocaching website other than earthcaches does that mean that there will no longer be new physical caches on the above mentioned lands and what about the ones that are already there?
  25. "My question is, whose responsibility is it when a cache placement breaks a local by-law? This is a general question but it was triggered by a specific situation. Is the onus on our community, cachers and reviewers, to police a situation like this or just to let it go by and either get the cache or ignore it? If we know of a cache that contravenes a local by-law should we report it to the reviewer and should a reviewers be told not to publish caches that knowingly contravene local by-laws? " The above was really what I wanted to discuss. Not specifically about trees or the City of Toronto but in any area where a by-law has been broken or leads one to break a by-law by the placement of a cache.
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