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  1. So I am right to think there is no way you can follow a route but keep an eye on how close you are o Geocaches at the same time as, whilst quicker, the profiles will need to be jumped between to check at random points. What about getting the name of waypoint to appear on screen? I am sure my old Legend had the compass be replaced with a right/left turn direction arrow when you were approaching a waypoint - the oregon just shows the compass or the map screen which is hard to see at times.
  2. Old thread I know but I thought the compass had two options as a dashboard - Geocaching Nearest and Geocaching Active. I thought that whilst the 1st one would let you navigate a route but tell you about the nearest cache in the small compass at top, you could choose the "actvie" option and still navigate a route but also be aware where a particular cache is from you. However, I cant find anyway to set the active cache without stoping the routing. If you choose a cache both small and big compass point to it (useless) and if you choose the route again it goes back to just navigating towards the nearest cache. Any tips on following a route but knowing when you are close to a cache along that route?
  3. Cant format it from the PC via the Orgegon, just get an error message saying format failed. I can however format it direct when using a card reader so starting to suspect it is the GPS Still does not work after doing that though.
  4. I just got mines on Saturday after deciding the iphone app just wasn't cutting it. Loving it so far however the SD card in mines seems to be faulty, at least I hope it is the card and not the GPS. Sometimes the maps (Discoverer GB) load up no probs, other times there is no sign of them. Plug into the PC and sometimes it comes up with two removable drives and other times one... or comes up with a message that the drive needs formated but then cant do it. Put SD card into a card reader and it seems to work ok which has me worried it is the GPS, however another SD card appears each time ok in the GPS but unfortunately it is too small to copy the maps onto. Anyone else had simmilar problems? Also what batteries are you using? My old Nimh ones are clearly past it (I hope) as they only lasted 2 hours. I put a set of Alkalines in which faired better but only perhaps 5-6 hours. Just thinking about high capacity nimh one a set of eneloops
  5. Cool, thanks guys. Indeed I have it registered but not set up anything yet. Hadnt thought about the mission statement, will need to think of a robust way of managing that. As for heartache, indeed - my last TB only made it down south before it went AWOL.. Can but try
  6. Ok technically I can but just wondering what others oppinions were. I am getting married shortly and have a TB I want to take on honeymoon with me to see if it can get back to Scotland. I am thinking it would be nice to either place it in the GC near the church I am getting married at or in the GC that is closest to my house as a starting point but then take it myself to SanDiego and set it free. Possibly I should just start in SanDeigo but that is 5000 miles that is will be traveling and a log to record its start point. (not to mention my last TB only managed about 200 mils and then went AWOL)
  7. I have the same problem with my Legend C tho I can make it turn of by giving it a reasonable knock. Figured it was just getting on a bit.
  8. My Trial process so far: 1) Create pocket query for 1000 local traditional caches 2) Download to Iphone so I can view details off line, takes about a minute to load up the query though - is the Orgeon this slow. 3) Use GSAK to export the same query to the Legend after applying semi usefull details and cache code to the name. 4) Import original pockey query to Memory Maps and then Export to Iphone version of memory maps - only 1 kind of marker icon here so problems start - cant tell child markers from caches and if I try and put more than 1 type on I wont be able to tell the difference. On the Road) Use memorymaps on Iphone to see where I am and pick a suitable cache based on where I am going, not just how far it is (which is why GeoCach app on its own is no use when off line). Search by name on GPS to find same cache and navigate to. Look up details on Iphone (after delay to load and then search for the correct GC) This is good as it is an OS map and I use to view where I am and going to, pity it is restricted to only one type of cache marker. Also bit of a bind having to switch apps between Memory Maps and GC app to view details with the time it takes... especially if you switch back and forth as I was today since I didnt have my Legend with me so used Memory Maps to get me to the GZ - almos flat in a little over an hour of doing this. So I am wondering -> 1) Does the Oregon display all the local cache locations (like on the googlemap) over whatever map you have loaded or do you have to just choose from the list like the search page on the site or the GC app running a PQ? 2) How long does it take to view and find caches that are stored on the device? i.e. is there a significant delay? 3) What are the UK Discoverer maps like? Notice they are only 50K and also over 100GBP but it would be shame to have a mapping GPS with no maps on it. 4) Have read a few -ve comments on the accuracy and lock which is why I am thinking about a new GPS in the first place so maybe a HCx model would be better (&Cheaper) for me.
  9. Have been thinking about getting an Orgegon myself to replace an aging Legend C but after reading that it is less accurate in a few places and now hear think I will be holding off. Over in the UK so the PN does not seem to be an option and cant find the colardo anywhere eeither
  10. What if you already have an iphone? I am also looking at the 450 and trying to justify it over the Iphone and existing GPS I already own (see earlier post today)
  11. I have used a Garmin Legend C for some time now and have added to that an Iphone with the official App. Tempted to buy a new GPS (e.g. HCx) but since the old one works I am not sure I can justify it for just a little more accuracy. That said I have started looking for something more functional to combine GPS and Iphone such as the Oregon 450 (and possibly the GB Discoverer maps). Lets be honest - the battery and GPS in an Iphone sucks! Today I have just upgraded my membership and created my first pocket query in an attempt to emulate the functionality of the Origon i.e. paperless caching for an entire area without having to have phone coverage or select caches one by one. Initial impressions are good as it has eveything I need and still sorts nearest first. Only negative is it seems to be rather slow to view the list when first opened (downloaded the max 1000), will not have maps off line and still needs some better battery life. So the only reason I can now see for paying 400GBP is to have an all in one device with better GPS accuracy and a map display. Cheap battery things on ebay for a tenner should provide a bit more juice and I can alway fall back to the Legend for navigating (need to investigate uploading a pocket query to that tonight) Anyone in a simmilar situation care to add their thoughts?
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