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  1. Please, help me! Geocacher NielsoTina from Sweden has my travelbug Panda (reference: TB2J583) in his/her hands since April 2011. She/He is active geocacher, she/he has visited many caches till 9/2011. I have contacted him/her a threetimes (in english and in swedish), but he/she didn't replied! I really don't know, what to do. I found that she/he has one another trackable in hands since 6/2011. Maybe he/she is "trackable robber"... but maybe she/he just don't know, what does it mean TRACKABLE. Could somebody help me? Does somebody know Nielso Tina? Could somebody else contact him/her in swedish? Please help, I don't wanna lost my cute TB Panda. (sorry for bad english)
  2. Yipee! Panda is in hands of another player. Thanks!
  3. Hello, we are from Czech Republic and we love Finland, it's our favourite country . We was on holiday in Joensuu, Oulanka, Koli, Yllas-Pallastunturi... And we placed our first travel bug - panda (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=90270ad6-d34e-4c70-a293-fc3dd30cc91a) in Finland. Someone (MiSa) placed it to the cache Bongaa tipu near Pielisjoki and now we have i big problem. The cache is unreachable. Look on the last logs http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ab-c334f43610bd Nusut told us more informations, here they are: "We saw the cache when we visited in bird tower, but we couldn't log it. We send message to Pirpana and Pirpana told that the cache was in differend place when he / she logged it (under the tower). When we saw the cache, it was under the walking level of the tower (very high) and we couldn't reach it safely. Maybe somebody is joking here, but it's not very nice. It has been very difficult to contact cache owner MiSa. We saw your panda in Kalmanniemi and hope that it's still safe in the cache." Owner of cache - MiSa - is "Not validated member" and we can't contact it. Please, save a panda! If you can, contact owner MiSa or find this cache with some tools and place panda to the other cache. (Sorry for my bad english)
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