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  1. Cheekybaldy

    Satmap SD Maps

    Can any Satmap users help please ? I've recently bought a full UK 1:50000 sd map for my Satmap. I load it on and everything zooms in fine on the West of the country. The East half will only zoom to the pre-installed base map. When I connect the unit to Satsync it says there's two parts to the card, but I cant seem to get the second part (If that's the East Half) to work. I've contacted Satmap, but waiting for a reply. Just wondered if anyone could tell me where I'm going wrong.
  2. Cheekybaldy

    GSAK to GPS

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone can help. Being quite new to geocaching I'm having trouble working out how to edit pocket queries and send them to my satmap. I create a pocket query, and then want to take out the caches I don't want, then send to my satmap. At present I can create all my finds and then load them onto GSAK. I then run a micro to update my profile finds charts. So can anyone explain in simple terms how I firstly edit the query, and secondly get it onto satmap. Cheers all, Cheeky
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