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  1. About a mile. One hider here put out three caches at the same time, and one was about a mile away from the others, but no one could find it. I had to figure out which number was wrong on his cache submittal so I could find it.
  2. I agree the FTF is controlled (somewhat) by the CO. If I wanted my kids to get FTF on a cache I hid, I would probably let them sign it when I hid it. But, to me, that would be giving them something they didn't earn. If I wanted them to get a smiley for a cache I hid, I would just let them log it as a find without making them sign the log (as long as they helped me hide it). Technically, their name is not on the log, but I am the one auditing it anyway, and who else is going to know (or care)?
  3. I have a cache that uses a screw to hold it together, but I drilled out where the threads go so it acts like a pin more than a screw. If the wood swells or something like that, a screwdriver COULD be used to get the screw out, but usually isn't required. On the cache page, I mentioned that a screwdriver may be necessary, but haven't gotten any logs saying that they needed one.
  4. There are 143 within 10 miles of my home. 24 of them are mine.
  5. I have often wondered how many cachers there were per state, but never found a listing to compare them. I went to cacherstats and compiled this list. These are only the cachers with over 200 finds, but thought the list was interesting. There is probably a program out there somewhere that would tell me this, but I haven't found it yet. 1. California 7754 2. Texas 4157 3. Pennsylvania 3770 4. Washington 3652 5. Florida 3518 6. Michigan 3052 7. Ohio 2989 8. New York 2521 9. Oregon 2493 10. Illinois 2304 11. Wisconsin 2290 12. Minnesota 2146 13. Arizona 2142 14. Indiana 1885 15. Colorado 1817 16. Virginia 1805 17. North Carolina 1766 18. Georgia 1710 19. Utah 1492 20. Tennessee 1447 21. Missouri 1327 22. Massachusetts 1175 23. New Jersey 1137 24. Alabama 1014 25. Iowa 1003 26. Maryland 996 27. Idaho 956 28. Nevada 950 29. Kentucky 867 30. South Carolina 823 31. Arkansas 790 32. Oklahoma 756 33. Kansas 741 34. Connecticut 668 35. New Hampshire 654 36. Maine 626 37. Nebraska 579 38. New Mexico 573 39. Mississippi 512 40. West Virginia 474 41. Montana 456 42. Louisiana 429 43. Alaska 377 44. South Dakota 361 45. Vermont 277 46. Hawaii 255 47. Delaware 242 48. Wyoming 239 49. Rhode Island 231 50. North Dakota 142 51. District of Columbia 47
  6. I think it is a platinum member perk.
  7. I am so glad this topic came up on here. I find it very interesting, and started looking up the ones on the list provided by secondgunman. There is one here in Minnesota that is still there,(44 49 08.04329 -092 54 42.46978)near Cottage Grove. It looks like the property owner of the arrow has a sign of some sort erected near the arrow, but no listing of anything about it on the Cottage Grove website. Very interesting!!! I am going to have to try to visit the arrow the next time we get down there.
  8. Try this: http://www.menards.com/main/tools-hardware/hand-tools/accessories/tool-bandit-magnetic-arm-band/p-1494582-c-9120.htm It is a band that goes around your arm supposedly to hold tools. There are like 15 rare earth magnets inside. I found them on sale for about $3 and got 3 of them. They work great, and you can fit them in the bottom of a film canister.
  9. Why not just use a battery device on the top for whatever you need. Or a glowstick if there is supposed to be light on the top.
  10. I wonder what the difficulty on that would be?
  11. Both of the ones in Minnesota are currently not active, and neither link works for their web pages.
  12. You can check out this series: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=6a172b99-a4fd-44e4-8c79-71b8406b0959 There are 5 all together, but they are all connected. Took me about a year, on and off, to solve them all.
  13. I'm kind of surprised the reviewer let you get away with mentioning the name of the shopping center in the description. We can't do that here.
  14. Go to your local electrical contractor. Most of the time, they will have a junk disconnect laying around. Some of these are designed to be raintight, and all will have a place to lock it shut. Depending on the contractor and the condition of what they have, you should be able to get it cheap or free. I have used one that is about 10 inches wide,about 16 inches tall, and about 5 inches deep that I got for free. The bigger one in the above pictures may be hard to find used, and are very spendy (over $700) new.
  15. I have never tried this myself, but you may want to check it out.: http://www.geocoindesign.com/wrr.htm They have geocachers listed who will release your coins for you, listed as to locations. I tried to sign up quite a while ago, but nothing ever came of it.
  16. As a member, you should be able to look at the Geoaching.com maps and find out which cache it is. Then you could tell the reviewer exactly which cache it is and get even quicker action taken. You can also put a "Needs Archived" note on the cache page as well.
  17. And here I was thinking this thread was going to be about someone wanting to sell their souvinier and icon.
  18. I tried it, but the map didn't look like that. The zoom in thing was kinda wierd though. It looks like it does that on all the trackable maps though.
  19. The best way is do a pocket quiry with the "recommended at night" attribute checked. I tried one in your area, and the only ones I came up with for sure was GC396B5, GC3AXEA, GC2K9V2, and GCPT2G. There may be others, but it seems like a lot of people around there put the "recommended at night" attribute on their caches even if they aren't night caches.
  20. I would venture to guess that it is actually the Bison Trace. Which is a trail that migrating bison used to get to the Mississippi River (according to what I read) Not sure why they wouldn't go to the Illinois River, but I guess I'm not a bison. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Trace_(road) This is about all I found on it.
  21. check with a painting contractor about the lid.
  22. Maybe you could talk her into a short trial period. Then she could see what she is in for, but has an opt out option.
  23. There's a minute and a half of my life I will never get back. Kept waiting for the big finish.
  24. It looks like they did almost all of the states in alphabetical order. Maybe someone really likes souvenirs.
  25. I can't believe this one hasn't been suggested yet :
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