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  1. I don't know how to check to see what software I'm using... Tell me! I just went to the Garmin website to download the most recent update 2.4, but I'm embarrassed to say that I don't know how to do the update! (Also, it could be that the 2.4 is already in the GPSr.) So, I don't think that one got loaded onto the GPSr, it's just stuck in the computer, waiting to get out...
  2. Got the same problems. I'll keep checking back. I bought a VistaC at REI about a month ago, and the joy stick was loose, so I brought it back and exchanged it for another on. However, the first one's Geocaching pages, 'found', etc all worked well. This one's doesn't. And the compassed 'froze' on me last evening. At least the joystick's OK... I started using GSAK about 3 weeks ago. Don't know if that matters.
  3. Ah Ha! Me thinks I figured it out. The first set of numbers did not work on Geocalc, but the second set did. If at first you don't succeed... Now to get to work.
  4. OK, I've tried Geocalc, but nothing happens. The Lat/Long were as follows: 48[degrees] 52', 2[degrees]13' 48.867, 2.227 (no degrees at all) What gives?
  5. That may be why when she entered the coords nothing came up. I just thought it was because she enter 'W' and not 'E'. At least I think Europe should be East, because it's east of Greenwich... Now I'll try the converter. Thanks.
  6. [Mom talking now] Thanks for all the good info. HockeyChik is going with a group, and I'm not sure how much free time she'll have, but I'm going to enter waypoints for her near her hotels, and if she gets the chance, I hope she goes caching. The leaders know about it, so if might be interesting. And at least she'll have a GPSr, so the lost-factor should be nil. Maybe... Thanks again...cachers always come through!
  7. ooh very good idea for the internet point! thanks everyone for the great tips!
  8. thank you so much!! (this is the daughter, btw) that worked perfectly! i cant wait to get over the france and get some caches! thanks again!
  9. HockeyChik, my daughter, is going to Europe, and I have the addresses of the hotels she will be staying. How can I get the longitude and latitude of the hotels, in order to narrow the search for caches? I tried Mapquest, but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. Is there a way to do this on another site? She's going to France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. It would be awesomely cool for her to get at least a couple of caches there! I wanna go...
  10. Thanks for the info. Sometimes I delete all the old records on the Palm and then download the new PQ, other time I just let it overwrite. I'll be sure to delete the pages from the Palm and the Waypoints from the GPSrs and see how that works. Some of the logs on the various cache pages had been from about a month ago, including my 'finds'. But I would've thought that the new overwrites would update the log page on the Palm, including my smiley. I just sprung for GSAK, too. Now I just need to figure it out! Many thanks, Jeremy and SBell. Sometimes the 'duh' factor gets the best of me.
  11. No, I use Cachemate with a Palm m500, eTrex Vista and eTrex Vista C. I've been prodded by Robert Lipe to try GSAK, but when I did about 6 mos. ago, I had trouble figuring it out. But now that I'm more technologically adept...
  12. Go to 'My Account Details' page and click on 'Manage Bookmarks' , under the 'Run Pocket Queries' line. That should take you to your Bookmark list and the Edit and View buttons on the right.
  13. I should add that I don't want the Ignore-Listed items on either the Palm or the Gpsr, as I want to ignore them...
  14. I have an Ignore List of 16 caches. When I run a PQ, 3 of them (2 regular caches, 1 CITO event) show up on my Palm, but not on my GPSr. What am I doing wrong? I deleted the PQ and made a new one, including 'Are on my Ignore List' (as I had previously), but they still show up. Help!
  15. I took a baggie with 2 joint 'roaches', a lighter and an empty gum pack (guess they didn't want their parents to smell the pot on their breath) from a cache the other day and didn't have anything to trade. I didn't feel bad, because the stuff just didn't belong. The kids who had smoked these (one was the size of a cigar) wrote in the log, using the 'f' word. Since other legitimate cachers had also written on the page, I left it and emailed the owner. Some things just don't have to be traded. edit: sp.
  16. I cache for all of the above reasons and because I love the rush I get as the miles turn into tenths of miles, which turn into feet, which turn into 'Arriving at Destination'. I LOVE destinations! Wish I could get my husband into it. He used to think I was nuts; now he just shakes his head, smirking. He's coming around, I can feel it!
  17. Found this one recently in a park in Franklin, TN near a couple of caches. Sorry about it being a bit illegible; it says: CAUTION UNSUPERVISED WATER MAY BE HAZARDOUS Does that mean that supervised water isn't hazardous? Oops, how do I get a pic on here from My Documents?
  18. I had to send my GPSr in for repairs yesterday, and I'm glad I'm able to read all about the VERY COOL new features! I love the Ignore List, and will have to play with the rest of the stuff until I get my Vista back. It'll keep me busy... ~~Not as bummed as I could have been.~~
  19. I used my GPSr recently going to Colorado. I only turned it on after the Flight Attendant announced that personal electronic devices could be used, and I turned it off when they directed that those devices be turned off. It was interesting to mess around with it on the plane, and no one said anything to me. I never even asked, just figured that since it only receives, there wouldn't be a problem. We made it safe and sound. I don't know what the actual rules/laws are, though...
  20. My first post ever. It says it's my 2nd, but my memory doesn't serve me well... I've been lurking for a while now. Feels like I know some of you very well, after reading the different forums. I'll keep lurking, and maybe posting, prn.
  21. smallest ive found in a while was a magnetic thing on a post. cut off the tip of your pinky right below the nail, and it was about that big, maybe bigger, maybe smaller but a great cache nonetheless
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