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  1. I am no longer a Premium member, with all its perks. And I really need the PQ perk for this weekend! I am paid up through May 2012.
  2. By chance, you haven't exceeded the waypoint count limit of your device have you? For a 60CSx, I think that is 1000 waypoints. Is there a way to get a count of how many waypoints are on the 60csx? I have recently had the 'Waypoint Memory Full' thing come up, even after I deleted all but about 2 waypoints (home, a puzzle cache with a different symbol). I deleted all the 'Geocache' treasure box waypoints, then all the 'Found' waypoints (I use the Small City dot for those), so I should be able to add about 990 Geocache waypoints, with a few extra places for marking where I parked, the trailhead, etc. So, when I shoot the GC waypoints fron GSAK, I really have no idea how many have actually been downloaded into the GPSr. I have Software Version 3.50, GPS SW Version 2.90, if that's any help. Thanks in advance for your help! I'm not sure how to do the Quote thing correctly, sorry...
  3. Oops about the above post. I wanted to add that I have my home coords and the kids' school's coords in my 60CSx, so that I can route back to either of those places. It's handy if I've been caching all over, say southern KY, and haven't a clue as to how to get back home! And I'm hoping that if I ever lose it, someone will bring it back home to me! ;-}
  4. I think most have already answered your main questions, but another good use of way points is to get you back to your car. If you park your car at X, you store that as a way point. Then as you trapse through the woods, you can store locations along the way as waypoints. That way if you've been on a long hike and get lost, the waypoints can help you re-trace your steps and get you back to your car. Its a huge safety benefit.
  5. BSN in NICU: 12 yrs, Plastic Surgery: 2 yrs.
  6. I have to agree with EnergySaver about having the OPTION of only showing 'Not Found' and/or 'Not Mine'. That would be particularly helpful for new caches in a cache-rich area where I have found most of the older caches. It would be nice to have both the option of filtering out the 'Not Founds' and also have ALL of the caches appear. As my dad would say, 'Piggy, piggy!' That having been said, a MILLION thanks for all that is done in the upper left corner of the Lower 48 to help make caching a FUN thing to do.
  7. Wow, I was FTF waaaaaayy before anyone else. I'm not sure how I would've chosen 1997 as a date, or why it's an option, as Miragee said. So, now I'll be more careful and I'll go back and change the dates. Good thing it's not too many.
  8. What the heck? I saw the above last night and again right now. [i hit the Enter button before I could add any comment to the above Copy-and-Paste.]
  9. Found it 3/24/2007 You found we can see you, can you see me (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 3/24/2007 You found oh my ""MAGNET"" (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Write note 3/24/2007 You posted a note for Two Half’s Same Rock, yep am over here (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 3/24/2007 You found The Best From The West (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found Miller Heritage Micro (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found Chief Black Fox (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found SEBC (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found Jaycess Passive Park (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found Wally's World (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Write note 4/11/1997 You posted a note for St. Rose's Silver (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found History of Overalls (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found Uncle Dave Macon (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found The Dixie Dew Drop (Traditional Cache) Tennessee [visit log] Found it 4/11/1997 You found Chaos Mart Park and Find (Traditional Cache)
  10. Thanks, I'll add the address to my list! I'm SOoooo happy now! (It's the simple things...)
  11. (Thanks for telling us what the problem was) I would think that would be sufficient since there is nothing about the PQs that Google would flag as spam without you saying it is spam. However if that doesn't work: If you find that some senders' messages are consistently being mislabeled as spam, you can prevent this by adding their email addresses to your Contacts list. Gmail will always deliver messages from members of your Contacts list to your inbox.
  12. I haven't changed anything on my gmail account. Today I deleted and readded the account on my account page and tried a PQ without success. I have had the same gmail account associated with my GC account for a year or so. I always run a fresh PQ, as I have been for probably close to a year. OK, I just checked my Spam list on gmail, and there is my new PQ! So, how do I change the settings so the PQ won't automatically get dumped into the Spam folder? I guess I must have accidentally hit the Spam button. If I mark the PQs as 'Not Spam' will future ones be considered as Not Spam, or is there a mysterious place to change the settings? Edit: I just ran an 'Owned' PQ and it went right to my Inbox. Boy do I feel like an idiot! Thanks to all of you who responded. That's why I love cachers...they're always willing to help! THANK YOU!
  13. I know this was discussed just a while ago, but for the past few weeks I haven't been able to get any PQ via my Gmail account. I can get it through my Comcast account (which I change to at the end of the PQ form), but I'd like to get it through Gmail, as I have been for a year or so. I've contacted Gmail, but have no response. It seems like this all happened when the PQ form changed... I receive emails, the Weekly Notifications, etc, but not PQs. Anyone else??
  14. Does it count if you don't feel as old as you are? At least most days...
  15. Don't you just hate it when you have a bunch of free time and a PQ loaded?? You'll be glad to get a PDA. And new comfy hikers are good, too! Cache on.
  16. I hope you're taking it on vacation! Those away-from-home caches can really bring you to places out of the ordinary, and you'll get some practice using the GPSr. You're just beginning to have the time(s) of your life!
  17. You'll find you're not as brain-dead as you thought you might be, if you're like I was before getting into caching. Caching opened up a whole new way of thinking and doing! And that includes 'scary' things like downloading stuff and GSAK and paperless caching... I'm alive! Now when I come home with mud on the Rover, my kids say, 'Holy carp, Mom! Where've you been??' I like being not just wife and mother. I like finding a whole new way to express myself, and get a little mud on the Rover! Welcome to the club.
  18. I have a photo that was taken using my phone. It's one of those yellow 'WARNING! NO TRESPASSING! This is private property. ->Geocachers welcome! <- CRIMINAL TRESPASS' signs. It's on my computer, but I don't know how to put it in a post.
  19. So, is the Palm pda card the same thing as my 'palmOne 128MB Memory Expansion Card'? If so, how can I get music on my Palm?? Just as I master one new technology (for my needs) something else comes up... If it weren't for caching, I think my brain would be partially dead!
  20. I tried to call Garmin today, and had to hang up before my 20 - 30 minute wait was up. So, I went caching instead and left the Etrex Vista in the car. I am now home and am back on hold with Garmin, so I thought I'd try to turn the Vista on and low and behold! the darn thing turned on! It's slow, but seems to be OK! I'm still going to talk to them... and I just did. They extended the warrenty for a year and gave me a new return number just in case it messes up again. Sweet. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for the replies!
  21. Excellent! I'll research it tomorrow...it's my bedtime now. I might just call Garmin tomorrow, too. A new, undinged, unscratched (and not yet loved) unit would be cool! Thanks for the quick reply. [My hubby was a Ft Lewis for 8 years a while back!]
  22. Last year I upgraded to a VistaC and the old Vista had its batteries removed and was put in a drawer. Tonight I put in fresh batteries and turned it on. And off and on again a few times. Each successive time there was more action on the screen: horizontal lines, then slow screen flash, then more lines. The last time I turned it off and then on the lines were vertical and then the screen turned a blue color with some shimmering of the screen. And so it has remained for about 30 minutes. I have a friend who would like to borrow it, but I don't think so. Anything I can do before I call Garmin to send it in?
  23. 6.5 miles, bottom of page 10. 11.2 miles, bottom of page 20. 15.2 miles, bottom of page 30. Edit to add: Filtered: 16.9 miles, bottom of page 10. 20.6 miles, bottom of page 20. 24.1 miles, bottom of page 30.
  24. I had looked at the Garmin site and their descriptions of the roads/streets detail on the maps was a bit ambiguous; are there smaller roads only in the bigger cities or would he be able to get off the main roads and still find his way? I'd hate to never see him again! I'm thinking the autoroute feature would be good for him, but you never know. Sometimes the coolest things are off the beaten path, as we know! Thanks for the info.
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