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  1. Good morning fellow cachers. I was looking to see if someone can assist me in finding some caches in the DFW area while I am there on layover. I will be in DFW for a few hours on lay over and was looking to see if anyone local would like to assist me in locating any local caches. Not many, at least 5. Since I am in TX, I would like to find some in this state. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. I forgot to mention that I won't have access to ground speak... so if you do want to contact me, please do so by calling or e-mailing, thank you. Gary (253) 961-4002 or badboygary29@yahoo.com
  2. Hello my fellow cachers in London, how are you? I am currently in London, I visited London with the hope to find some nice caches, but I left my GPS on the Air plane (Ryan Air) and tried to go back and get it... and was told I can't... I will have to wait until the cleaning crew found it (I realized about 5 minutes after I was inside the terminal) and turned it in to lost and found. Ryan air really frustrated me and is the reason I don't have my GPS. I could have simply went in and got it, but they said NO! Anyways, Sunday is my last day, I was wondering if I can accompany anyone that will be caching or if someone would be so kind for me to use their GPS for a few hours (I would leave a deposit, my passport of my credit card) so I can at least find a cache while in London. I do have a local cell phone or I can be e-mailed, thank you for your assistance in advance. Gary +44 7985729852 or badboygary29@yahoo.com
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