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  1. With the number of caches that are muggled, stolen and/or destroyed, what makes you think the trail camera will survive for long?
  2. I'm not sure what this means, but you don't have to put USA in your address when you register on the WSGA site. We do validate all new registrations before activating them, however. Normally, this is done within 24 hours, and you can then order coins, become a member, etc. It let me place the order. Thanks.
  3. I registered in order to order a coin. Sadly, I forgot to put USA in my address. I suppose I will have to wait a bit before I am allowed to update my profile.
  4. I hate puzzles (probably because I am no good at solving them) but this solution jumped out at me instantly. Go figure
  5. TPTB have mentioned previously that cache pages are not to be used as a forum. I suppose archiving the cache might be a response. COs should clean up the logs as quickly as possible.
  6. I just tried it and it didn't work. I unchecked my downloaded PQ file and it then functioned normally. Sadly it does show the caches about 300+ feet displaced.
  7. Minimike2


    How about a tyvek envelope with an attached cachkin? I suppose a rite-in-the-rain letter could be inside.
  8. You could always wear a TB t-shirt and be discoverable, along with whatever travelers you have in your pockets.
  9. I voted again. It doesn't seem to matter.
  10. I voted. Your's is the monkey in the foreground, right?
  11. It is apparent you have been a lousy spouse. The ex is using the kids to punish you beyond the normal court period. It doesn't matter what you come up with, the ex will find innumerable other things to hit you over the head with. Eventually the ex will convince the kids you sexually abused them and go to the cops. You haven't got a chance. Can I have your stuff before the ex gets it all?
  12. Because the 'regular' isn't hidden - it is out in the open. What is the GC number? It needs a SBA log because the CO is knowingly allowing armchair logging.
  13. X marks the Spot is a common one. X for an alphabetical challenge.
  14. A shaped coin perhaps? A fish with legs?
  15. The imposter cache is clearly labeled as such. Those that signed the log, also marked as bogus, did so knowingly. Delete the finds.
  16. You need to download the GPX file, not the LOC file. A PQ will be a zipped collection of GPX listings and contain the information you want.
  17. A quite, cute cache. But, I wonder about a couple of things. I suspect the door and hinges would be quite fragile and wouldn't hold up to FTF frenzy or multiple children. I also think the fairy door would be quite visible to muggles and the first 12 year old boy that passes would kick it in.
  18. I was outside a local Golden Corral today and decided to try out the GPS feature. I turned on the GPS and it locked on in seconds. Looking on Google Earth, it showed me in the proper place. I walked out into the parking lot and GE showed me on the correct painted parking line and in the proper place. I am certain aGPS was in effect and it won't be this accurate without cell tower coverage, but I am on Verizon and coverage in my area is 100%. I will have to try it in the woods.
  19. Take a kid with you and let them have the GPSr to lead the search. You might give them a stick if you feel guilty, but kids generally find walking into spider webs enjoyable.
  20. Let a small amount of air out of your tires and the car can travel the RR tracks easily. Of course it would have to be abandoned tracks and not overgrown with sequoia trees.
  21. Counting - subtracting - adding - googling = 2 PM EDT Friday
  22. I leave the GPSr in place, averaging, and walk away for 5 minutes. If you hover over it, you will block quite a bit of sky. That is why it sometimes helps to approach a GZ from a different direction. Your body will mask a different, and hopefully empty, portion of the sky.
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