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  1. Geocache Navigator needs to have an internet connection to use the quick cache feature of finding caches close to your current location. You could write down the coordinates of the caches you want to look for ahead of time and then enter them manually. I purchased Cacheberry instead. I like the ability to create multiple offline databases that I can use without needing to rely on a stable internet connection.
  2. I use Cacheberry and love it. Since you will use your 60CSX for the GPS, you could load databases of caches in Cacheberry. Cacheberry doesn't require an active internet connection to work. Geocache Navigator requires you to be in an area you have internet access to function. GN does have an advantage for spontaneous caching in areas that you may not have created a database of caches previously.
  3. An amusing use of numbers/statistics. By your suggestion, the other 88% of that 3 to 4 million users should expect Groundspeak to hold back on enhancements or changes that could be implemented with newer/modern browsers because some users can't find the time to keep their systems up to date? The minority of users should be able to hold back the majority of users? Really? I'm both a Windows and a Linux user, and Linux is my primary system, but I would never expect Groundspeak to all of a sudden manage their operations to cater to my desire to use Linux. I know I'm in the minority, and I know that by continuing to use my operating system of choice, I may have to deal with some inconveniences. Users of IE6 should learn to accept that fate as well. Thanks for the advice non-IE6 users (about upgrading) but I’m really only looking for feedback from Groundspeak. I understand my options and also understand why the options are not ideal for me and for other users. The bottom line is: Study’s show that 12-15% of PCs still run IE6. Groundspeak states they have between 3 & 4 million users. Using the bottom end of both numbers this means that 360,000 Groundspeak customers are without critical mapping functionality. If Groundspeak expects these users to upgrade from IE6, that takes some time. Let’s give each user just 30 minutes to get the download, install it, and take a little time to grasp the changes in the new browser; a VERY minimal time investment. That would mean that Groundspeak is asking its customers to contribute 180,000 man-hours because of their release changes on Jan 12. That is 86 man-years or the equivalent of 86 people working 40 hours a week for a year without any vacations, holidays, or personal leave. I would bet anything that Groundspeak could correct the problem in far less than 180,000 man-hours and then provide a user-friendly approach to migrating off of IE6 (such as youtube is doing). MODERATOR: How about an official statement from Groundspeak. Will Groundspeak support IE6 or are your IE6 users suddenly out of luck due to the Jan 12 software release?
  4. I ordered 2 for Blackberry Storm (mine and wife's), 1 for my PN-40, and one for the wife's Zune for a grand total of $29.98 shipped (free shipping). I thought that was pretty reasonable
  5. Zagg is running a 50% off everything sale today only. Great time to pickup an invisibleSHIELD screen protector for your GPSr. http://www.zagg.com/
  6. Even more interesting would be dividing the GPS & Technology forum into sub-forums of the various platforms. Currently, only the Iphone is apparently deserving of its own forum. It would be nice to see a breakdown of sub-forums for Blackberry, Android, Garmin, DeLorme, Magellan, etc. If that were done, then pinned topics that are useful to that platform would seem more appropriate. If every device that is currently discussed in this forum were given a pinned topic or two, you'd have to get to page two of the topics to see anything new, and that would be my guess why this isn't going to be pinned.
  7. If you are on Verizon, GN can be purchased via Appworld for $19.99. This is a permanent license, and no monthly fees. There is also a 7 day trial available through Appworld. However, if you use your Tour browser and go to http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/rim/get/ I believe the trial is then at least 30 days. This would certainly allow you plenty of time to evaluate their product. Cacheberry trial can be downloaded at http://www.cacheberry.com/downloadex.aspx and also allows for a 30 day trial. Purchase price is $14.95, and again, a permanent license. I think GN has the advantage for spontaneous caching, particularly if you are out of your usual caching area. GN does require that you have a data connection available when you run the app as it pulls the closest cache info in real time from the gc.com website. In my opinion, Cacheberry offers more functionality that I use on a regular database. If you are a gc.com premium member, pocket queries can be put to good use with Cacheberry. You have the option to save multiple databases on the SD card, so I have a "home" database which has the closest 500 non-found active caches, another database for when I'm visiting family in Ohio, and a "road trip" database that I overwrite with a new set of caches anytime I'm out on a road trip for work. There are multiple sorting options on the database as well. During my evaluation of these two programs, I made postings to the support forums and found the support on Cacheberry to be much more helpful and responsive than I did with GN. With generous free trials available on both, you really should try both and see which fits your needs the best.
  8. I have a Storm on Verizon and have used Blackstar, GeocacheNavigator, and Cacheberry. Purchased Cacheberry and have been real happy with it. Have a friend also on Verizon that is testing both GN and Cacheberry with his Tour without issue. Under options, advanced options, GPS, you should have GPS data source set to Device GPS, GPS services set to Location On, and Location Aiding set to Enabled
  9. Sorry for another "me too" post, but I would also be interested in any Linux related discussions on geocaching. If it is believed that it won't be a high volume area, I don't see where it would be a big infrastructure investment. Also, with one exception, all of the posts in this thread have been from premium members. Where is the interest in taking care of paying customer requests? Taking this a step further, why not move the technology forum into its own section and break down into subforums from there? You could have Windows, Linux, Mac, then also break down the various platforms such as Blackberry, Iphone (already has one), Android, and also subforums on traditional GPSr, DeLorme, Garmin, Magellan, etc. As already pointed out, the GPS & Technology section has more topics than any other section in the forums. That would seem to make it a prime candidate for further organization.
  10. Not sure where the difference is between complaining and providing the OP some feedback that the unit they are selling is available new at a lower price. Telling the seller that you are interested, but showing them that their price is above what is currently available in a brand new unit with warranty at least gives the seller something to think about if they want to sell it quickly.
  11. What part of Indy area are you located in? I may have a couple of friends that would like some.
  12. I've been using my Blackberry Storm and Cacheberry for a few months now, and am just shy of 100 finds with this combination. A typical caching day for me is less than 10 caches. I've been reading various threads on other "real" GPSr units and their paperless features, and I'm trying to figure out if I'm really missing out on anything. Not only do I have paperless caching with my current setup, it is also cordless. I can create pocket queries and have them emailed to my Blackberry, and Cacheberry will open and import the zip just fine. I also have the option to have multiple databases within Cacheberry, so I have a database for 500 caches not found closest to my home coordinates, a database for road trips when traveling for work, and a vacation database for caches along the route we will take to Florida over Christmas vacation. While Cacheberry doesn't include topo maps, it does link easily to the Google Maps app on my Storm, and I can use the aerial view with Google Maps. I can use the SMSText option to log my finds directly to gc.com. I recently hid my first two caches, and have had comments that the coordinates were spot on, so I believe the accuracy of the Storm GPS is good. So, with all that said, what am I missing out on? I don't do any hunting/hiking where the topo maps would probably be useful. The Storm obviously isn't waterproof, but I haven't been caching in the rain or near bodies of water. I could put it in an Otterbox if that becomes an issue. Battery life is probably the biggest con to my current setup, but I can charge in the vehicle in between caches, and as I mentioned before, I'm typically after 10 or fewer caches in a day. For the cost of a GPSr, I could buy a few additional batteries if needed. If I'm missing out on some features for geocaching use, please let me know. Otherwise I'll probably just put something else on my Christmas wish list instead of a GPSr
  13. I've found 94 with Cacheberry and my Storm. You can download single gpx files from the gc.com website, but typically I download pocket queries with 500 caches in them and load them into a database on Cacheberry. You can have multiple databases as well, so I have my home area database, a "road trip" database when I'll be out travelling during the week, and just prepared our "to Florida" database with caches within a 1/4 mile of the interstate on our way down. With the database features on Cacheberry, you don't need to worry about an internet/cell signal. It is a bargain at $14.95. Try the 30 day trial on it, as well as GeocacheNavigator.
  14. Cacheberry is $14.95, but it does offer a free 30 day trial with full functionality. I started with Blackstar, then used the trial versions of GeocacheNavigator and Cacheberry, and purchased Cacheberry. I think it offers the best bang for the buck in features. I'd suggest trying all three programs and see which fits your needs the best.
  15. I used the trial versions of Cacheberry and Geocache Navigator for a couple weeks, and would suggest you do the same. The interface of GN is easy to use, and works well for spontaneous caches. I ultimately decided to purchase Cacheberry as it has more overall functionality in my opinion. The database functions work nicely with pocket queries. It is my understanding that 3rd party apps other than GN are not supposed to automate the geocaching.com website the way GN does. I guess I don't understand why geocaching.com would show favoritism to one app over another, but I'm guessing that is just the way the terms of the deal were worked out. Cacheberry can use the BB browser and your current coordinates to show you the geocaching.com website and nearest caches, but then you need to select the cache, download the gpx/loc, then hunt. I found the online forum support to be much better with Cacheberry, and mostly non-existent with GN. Again, don't take my word on it. Take advantage of the opportunity to test both apps fully and determine which one you prefer.
  16. I use a Blackberry Storm and Cacheberry. I typically have databases of caches loaded into Cacheberry (created with geocaching.com pocket queries) if I know ahead of time that I will be in a particular area. I have also just downloaded a few gpx files and then email them to myself so I can import them on my Storm. Or I could use the browser on my Storm and download gpx files that way as well. I don't go caching as often as I would like, but have found 75 so far with this combination and have been happy with it. The negative to this approach would be the cost of the Blackberry and the data plan, but since these are provided by my employer, this became a cheap paperless solution for me
  17. I have a Storm, and the things I check are under options, advanced, GPS: GPS Data Source = Device GPS GPS Services = Location On Location Aiding = Enabled It can take several minutes for the GPS to aquire a signal the first time. If your Blackberry is on a corporate BES setup, you may want to check and see if there is a company policy in place that disables the GPS. Lastly, I would also recommend Cacheberry. Great product, and great support from the author.
  18. While not as helpful for caching on the fly, here is what I do with my Storm and Cacheberry: 1) From my desktop, select a number of caches I want to visit. I download each GPX file into a temp directory. 2) After all GPX files are downloaded, I compress into a single zip file. 3) Email the zip file to my Storm 4) Save the email attachement from my Storm to a directory (on the SD card in my case) 5) Open Cacheberry and import GPX. Browse to the directory where the zip file was saved, select and import. I've just started tinkering with the field notes options in Cacheberry. Really like the TextMarks option. I can type up my field notes, then send it directly to gc.com with the TextMarks/SMS option. When I get home, all my field notes are sitting there waiting to be posted. Back to your original question, I just tested a GPX download via the browser on my Storm, and it worked fine. Using version 4.7 of the Blackberry browser. When I clicked the download link, Cacheberry popped up and asked if I wanted to merge or replace with my existing database.
  19. I second the Cacheberry suggestion. I tried Blackstar, Geocache Navigator, and Cacheberry, and wound up purchasing Cacheberry. The recently added radar functionality is handy! Forum support is very good, and the author is very responsive to feature requests.
  20. Received a response today and they activated my premium account. They also set the expiration date based on today's date instead of Saturday when I initiated the transaction. All is right in the world again
  21. My purchase was done through https://www.geocaching.com/Membership/premium.aspx After plugging in my credit card info and hitting the button for continue to next step, I received an error telling me I needed to log in again. It already showed me as logged in, but I went ahead and logged out and back in again. I started to fill in my payment information again, but decided to check and see if the first attempt had been processed. When I checked with my bank website, it was posted as a pending transaction. At that point I used the contact us link to ask if that transaction was complete on Groundspeak's end. No sense in paying $60 for a $30 membership. That transaction has since moved from pending to cleared, so I have a $30 charge, but my account still shows as basic. The purpose for my original post was to try and get a feel for how long I should wait for someone to fix the issue before I contest the charge and start over. The Knowledgebase article covers how to get the S# if you used Paypal as payment, but I apparently can't retrieve that info for a credit card transaction. I will follow up again with the original email I received back when I created the issue, and if I don't hear back from that soon I will just try again after I get a credit for the original charge.
  22. To correct my original post, I tried to sign up on Saturday night 7/18, and have an email from GS from my contact form at 11:20pm EDT. I'll wait another day, but a that point I feel I'm going to have to contest the charge to get my money back, then try again I guess.
  23. Apologies in advance if this is not the proper section. I followed the link to upgrade my basic membership to premium on Sunday afternoon. After submitting my credit card information and clicking next to move to the next step, I received an error box telling me I needed to log in. I was already logged in, but I logged out and in again. At this point I was back to entering my information again, however all my address info was still filled out in the form. Before entering my card information again, I decided to look at my bank account and see if the previous entry had posted. It showed as a pending transaction, and later posted as a completed transaction on Monday night. I followed the contact us link and explained the situation, but still haven't heard anything back. Would like to be able to take advantage of the premium membership features, but don't want to spend $60 to do it. Can anyone give me an idea of how long it usually takes to get a response from the contact us link? Thanks!
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