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  1. There is a Unit Software upgrade for the Colorado 400t to version 2.3 (I purchased mine today from REI with v2.2 installed.) The software upgrade is not on the Support page. You need to go to the Products page, to to the specific GPS model, and you will see the Updates & Download link. The update is only for the 400t. None yet for the 400c or 400i, but I don't think they are even out yet. Enjoy. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/downloads...5&pID=11022
  2. Anyone else having trouble uploading waypoints from Garmin Map60CSx to National Geographic Topo! v4.1.5? I have all of the current software updates possible. I can download from Topo to the GPS, but not the other direction. Works fine with Mapsource. I work at REI (Hillsboro, OR), and have had several customers with the same problem. Looking for a fix. Thanks,
  3. WELL, THIS IS ACTUALLY A DIFFERENT PROBLEM, PROBABLY MORE SIMPLE turns out the waypoints are being transfered. The problem turned out that when I went to look at the waypoint list, it only showed my local waypoints (I live in Oregon.) Did not show the waypoints in New Mexico. I had to change the reference to get them to show up. Is there anyway to get the GPS to show all of my entered waypoints without moving the reference? Whew, at least I found out the waypoints were being transfered!!! thanks,
  4. HELP ---HELP---HELP I can't get my 60CS to receive waypoints. Can't figure out why. It has worked in the past. I've tried both USB and Serial connections, and tried MapSource, EasyGPS, and TOPO. All three identify the GPS with the connection, and say they have successfully uploaded the waypoints to the GPS. I have version 3.40 software on the GPS. I'm leaving for NM tomorrow morning on a 12 day backpack trip and need the waypoints. THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP WITH THIS...I'M STUMPED!!!
  5. Thanks for the help. It sure is nice to be able to get answers like this. I really appreciate the info. I'm taking my GPSr (and 10 boy scouts) on a 100 mile backpack this summer...just waiting for the opportunity to "get lost." Kinda want to know most of how this thing works - before I need to.
  6. SATELLITE PAGE QUESTIONS: 1. What is the little circle silver with red dot bug that travels around the outer ring with N/S/E/W? Does it represent the sun location or what? 2. Once in a while, one of the satellite bars has a "D" on it? Is it related to WAAS? This stuff appears to be undocumented in owner's manual. Thx.
  7. I am about to make a new GPS purchase (once I finally pick one). Considering buying from OFFROUTE.COM. Seems to have pretty low prices, and supports Geocaching.com financially. QUESTION: Has anyone had any negative experiences ordering/customer service from them? THX!
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