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  1. Don't really know why I'm complaining since my 14 trackables are MIA. I liked my trackables to be experienced by more people and to places pertinent to their missions. Mileage to me was unimportant. The one time I had a trackable visiting and visiting and visiting, I e-mailed the person and explained my wish. It was soon dropped off. However, I do like to watch the trackables to see how they are faring. One such that I picked up 2 months ago had FIFTEEN pages of being "taken" to various caches. Really? And I found myself annoyed because it was one that commemorates a place here in Alaska where I work in the summer. I'd e-mailed the owners when I picked it up in Arizona to see if they wanted it to stay in the lower 48 or go back to its place of origin. They preferred it to stay in the lower 48. Now I wonder if they're happy with 6 weeks and fifteen pages of being taken to various caches. Obviously, they must be happy or they would have written to the current holder. Rant complete.
  2. Arrrrgh!!! I have a Garmin Geko 201 (I know...old school). I have GSAK On Saturday morning, I downloaded coordinates just fine. Since then, the only problem I had with my computer is accessing the internet via wi-fi and not my Verizon card. I'm now in an area where the Verizon doesn't work. However, my neighbor is sharing linksys with me. For awhile we couldn't figure out how come her laptop worked at my house and mine didn't show linksys. After pushing various buttons, I was able to access the internet. However, I don't know if that messed up a COM1 port. I'm beginning to consider getting that serial to USB adapter, but where I am it's about an hour to a store. Help! Shari
  3. Ok...now I feel personally assaulted. We found ourselves with a collection of TB's that had been placed in caches with difficult terrain and we had rescued them from languishing in those caches for the Arizona summertime. So, seemed like a good idea to start a Hotel. Didn't know there was attitude against them! So yes, it's close to a road. And yes, we called it a TB Hotel. And yes, it's a lame find. But I could care if there's other swag in it. And if one of my TB's go missing, then that's that. It's a TB, for goodness' sake...not a person! So, hope y'all visit my lame-o Hotel that isn't approved just yet. Makes me feel like I should have just named it Lame-O Cache. Hmmm...is there time to change it before it gets approved? Gotta run and check! Shari of ShaMik
  4. We've been geocaching for over two years and our Geko 201 does just fine for us still! Best $135 plus $25 for the cable we've spent. Now if I could only find an easy way to become paperless for the technologically impaired!
  5. I love the idea of the Ignore List...and was pleased to spend a good bit of time this morning composing mine. It was then that I read that these caches can only be excluded with the use of pocket queries. Most often, I choose caches...laboriously...along a route. So, I frequently use the mapping feature. Is there any plan to be able to use the Ignore List along with a regular search...not advanced or pocket query? Thanks!
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