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  1. I have FINALLY received a reply from the vendor! Requested Refund on all above orders 11-26-09 via email. I received this same message regarding my order for several personalized Glass Travelers (ordered, I believe, in May). It followed previous messages about suppliers not getting their material on time, Jake recovering from an illness, etc. etc. I immediately requested a full refund, which has never been provided. The follow-up email I sent was bounced back, and the last time I checked, the website had been taken down. Today I got a message from the woman who he contracted with to make the Glass Travelers ... guess what? He sent her the orders, and she never heard from him again. The personalized coins are made, but have no tracking numbers as he didn't provide them. She also never got paid. She is very generously offering to send the coins anyway, for just the cost of shipping. They will still be unique enough to make good signature items, even if not trackable. But what a rotten deal from Coinswag.
  2. Problem solved ... hubby emailed on my behalf and got your reply with code, so I'm all set to bag 9 more caches and send the coin on its way. Thanks for all your efforts ... I'm sure there are other things you'd rather be doing 4 days before Christmas! 8-)
  3. Contacted but got no reply. This morning the website is back but sends me to coincodes.com, which doesn't find my tracking number. My 250th coin is engraved, my 250th find will be within days, but still can't activate.
  4. Yes, that's the one, and I've successfully retrieved the code and it's activated! YAY!! Thanks so much for your help. I should've thought to check there ... I love that site. They have beautiful coins, and get such joy from celebrating other countries' people, places and events!
  5. I recently purchased a trackable geocoin on EBay ... it was described as Norway 2008 Viking GOLD LE. It came without an activation code, and neither the seller nor I have been able to determine where to get the code. It apparently was sold in Norway ... I've looked through all the Norwegian geocache supply sites listed on the Geocaching/Shop for Gear/Distributors, found it for sale on one site, here, but as nearly as I could translate, there was no information there for retrieving an activation code; another site had a page to get codes, but didn't recognize the tracking number (and yes, I tried every possible combination of Q's, O's and 0's!). I'm stumped. If anyone is familiar with this coin and/or has other ideas of where I might go for the code, I'd be ever-so grateful! Thanks!
  6. I'm afraid I don't agree. I recently went on vacation with more than 50 trackable items to put out, and came home with only 9 found. Out of 60 caches that were shown to have trackables, only 6 had any, and only 1 had more than a couple (and that one had the rule posted on its page, and in the cache ... TAKE A BUG, LEAVE A BUG). Overall, it was extremely disappointing. I'd looked forward to having loads of cool new things to discover and pass along. I kept wondering, 'where have all the trackables gone??!!" Well, in one local instance, I know. A new cache was published, with 25 or 30 trackables to start it out. The third person to find it took them all and left nothing in their place (a notorious area hoarder), so the fourth person found nothing. I realize that not everyone has trackables to swap, but finding empty cache after empty cache can be very dispiriting. I did my part by leaving 1 or mroe trackables in nearly every cache with space ... and most of them have already been picked up and moved on, so apparently I'm not the only one who likes to find them. Personally, I'd much rather find a beautiful coin, or fun travel bug, than a packet of salt, some cotton swabs, or loose buttons.
  7. I have a long history of 'leave the place better than I found it', starting with my first camping trip at the age of 11, and through many years trailers, tents, and kayaks here, there, and other places. I have to say that I've never found anything particularly nasty, and now I feel rather left out! On my first-ever geocaching outing with my (only slightly more experienced) hubby, last weekend, we did find something totally unexpected amongst the cans, bottles and week-old newspapers ... the remains of a computer monitor! It was a fair distance from the parking lot, so somebody had done some heavy lifting to haul it all the way out there. Especially sad, since our area has implemented a free computer drop-off program for people to get rid of such things safely. It was left near the remains of a campfire, and I'm still trying to figure out what one had to do with the other. I get very distressed over the amount of trash that dirties up beautiful, natural places, but I've learned that it's not always people who are to blame. I've seen crows break into a garbage can, and try to carry away the whole liner, resulting in a trail of trash behind them. Just don't think it was crows with a computer monitor though!
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