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  1. How bout FASTFRANK&WANDA or FF&W. Thanx. FF&W
  2. How bout FASTFRANK&WANDA or FF&W. Thanx. FF&W
  3. How about FASTFRANK&WANDA or FF&W. Thanx. FF&W
  4. I posted this note after checking on one of my caches . Cache Logs April 15 by FASTFRANK&WANDA (554 found) I stopped by to check on the cache today and peered into its hiding spot. I could see part of the shiny plastic jar and started to leave when something else caught my eye. It was an ammo box sitting next to the Cache Road cache. Upon further inspection I saw another plastic jar that was obviously one of my caches. It had a note in it saying; "let FASTFRANK know that Battlefield Cache and Saluda River Cache have been moved to this new location." The caches were sitting right next to the Cache Road cache. I have already replaced the Battlefield Cache because it was missing. I had no idea that the Saluda River Access cache was gone too. This had to have been done by someone with a geocaching account. Why? I don't know. If anyone can shed some light on this, please send me an E-mail Has anyone else had a similar experience? What do you think is happening? FASTFRANK&WANDA
  5. One of my pet peeves. A cacher looks for a cache for five minutes then opts for his "Phone a Friend Hint". He calls someone who had logged a previous find for the cache and gets additional hints so he can find the cache quickly and move on to the next "number". Is this ethical caching?
  6. It is funny that you brought up Oscar the Grouch cache because I was involved in that one also. We were in Las Vegas shortly after 911. New to geocaching and wanting to log a cache far from our home in S.C. This was the only cache we located while we were there. When I was replacing the cache after signing the log I noticed a woman sitting at a nearby picnic table watching us curiously. When we got back home the cache was missing from the site and I found it on the archive listing. I remember the cache had some sort of computer game in it. Something with transistors that was visible thru the tupperware sandwich container. I think that was the reason the bomb squad blew it up. Small world after all.
  7. Recently my Mini Geo-Spyglass cache (GCQ3KO) was found by a muggle and reported to the police. Because of the police policy, any unidentified object must be treated like a bomb. The cache was identified, but because of the way it had slipped from its original hiding spot and wedged itself against an i beam, the identification was not visible to the officers. The cache was a tiny black plastic tool box with a cheap combination carabiner lock. The police cordoned off the street and closed down the parking garage where the cache was hidden. The FBI investigator would like to get the word across to hide caches in clear containers so the contents can be judged harmless without causing unnecessary alarm. I told him that most of my caches are in clear plastic jars, but some of them are in ammo cans. He said they would have freaked out over an ammo can. What I am trying to say is to use clear containers so this wil not happen to you. Especially in an urban surrounding. Thanx. FASTFRANK&WANDA
  8. Installed Cachmate, downloaded pocket querys. Works great. Thanx for the help. FASTFRANK&WANDA
  9. I have ordered Cachemate and will attempt to give it a try. Thanx.
  10. Yes. Those are the instructions that I have been trying to follow.
  11. I am trying to start paperless caching with my IQue3600. The instructions I have suggest Plucker and Spinner programs. When I try to add Plucker to my IQ3600 it always sends an error message saying there is no application to support this program. What should I do? Please reply in layman's terms as I am computer ignorant.
  12. Now the Pigman has taken to cleaning out entire caches.He took the contents of the Upstate Cache Grande that was placed after the first meeting of the Upstate S.C. Cachers.All he left was a note.What can be done about rogue cachers? FASTFRANK&WANDA
  13. I have seen a couple of caches where TB's have been collected from all the local caches and placed all together in a Travel Bug Depot.Where you visit the cache and trade one bug for another. This seems to me to be restricting the movement of the bugs and keeps them from their respective quests.What do you say?
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